Street Art: Disney-esque Pet Adoption Mural on Building, “Recycle Life Adopt Rescue,” Phoenix, AZ by Classic Film
Via Flickr:
This mural and sign for pet adoption, borrowing from Walt Disney’s “101 Dalmatians,” is painted on an old building located on the southwest corner of Pinchot Avenue and 16th Street in Phoenix, Arizona. The speech bubble over the smallest dog says, “I need a family.”


~My official ranking of the studio’s 54 films~


36. Fantasia
35. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
34. Alice in Wonderland
33. Winnie the Pooh (2011)
32. Meet The Robinsons
31. Melody Time
30. Lady & The Tramp
29. Cinderella
28. 101 Dalmatians

Quiz: Which 101 Dalmatian Are You? | Oh My Disney
A “ruff” estimate of which 101 Dalmatian you’re most like.

Okay, so Lady and the Tramp week I found out I’m Dug from Up of all the Disney Dogs. This week it’s which 101 Dalmation are you…

You’re Perdita!

You are elegant, gentle, and loving. Everyone adores your classic style and sweet personality. You’re a pro gift-giver and love taking care of people (and animals).

I like this result better I think…