walt disney's mulan

“While having more Mulan merchandise in general would be awesome, I wish there could be more Mulan stuff of her in the dress she wore at the end of the movie, because after spending most of the movie pretending to be someone else in one way or another, that’s when she finally gets to be herself while kicking some serious “Hunny buns!” Besides, I’d love to have a plushie of her in that dress.”


Disney princesses painted in art nouveau style 

Artist: Hannah Alexander : http://neverbirddesigns.tumblr.com/  ->check out her stuff!

I sketched the Mulan movie poster yesterday just for practice. I suddenly remembered that I made a drawing of that same poster back in the day.

I rummaged through my files and struck gold. The date reads “7/16/98”. That’s around a month after the movie was released.

Quite clear that I’m a fan!

“ It often trips me out how well known celebrities were often grouped together to star in a Disney film, like how Atlantis had Michael J. Fox, Leonard Nimoy, exc., and how Mulan had George Takei, B.D. Wong, and (obviously) Eddie Murphy. Just knowing a star studded cast is behind a production trips me out. (And knowing at least two Star Trek alumni started in a Disney production is pretty cool.)”