walt disney cosplay

“The sad thing about 2014!Aurora’s costumes are that they look generic. People who cosplayed her wouldn’t be recognized without her co-star Maleficent. The costumes in 2015 “Cinderella” are pretty much memorable & eye-catching. Even the costumes in the 2017 BatB film are just as iconic as the 1991 classic. With the upcoming remakes of “Mulan” & “Aladdin”, I hope the costumes will be similar to their animated versions but with their own distinctness.”

“I’m afraid to wear my Elsa cosplay, not because of people who don’t like Frozen, but because so many people cosplaying as her have had people tell them they’re too fat to be Elsa. I already went through that once when I cosplayed Belle, I don’t want another day full of people commenting on my weight from the second I go to the con to the moment I leave.”

“Hello Everybody, I’m the person who sent in a confession about my Haunted Mansion cosplay which was recently submitted, I did it! I cosplayed as Emily the Beating Heart Bride and my friend even went as Gus! It was probably my best time at a convention, nobody knew who we were we were given so many nice comments! Emily was my favourite cosplay this year and I never expected a simple, obscure Disney character to give someone on the other side of the world such a confidence boost.”