walt disney confessons

“Disney is supposed to be a place of magic, joy, and love. To see people getting so violent and downright nasty over a simple difference of opinion is heartbreaking.”

I’m gonna use this confession (which I did not make) for my own personal pedestal, because I wholeheartedly agree with it. I see so many of our followers reblogging and saying such nasty, spiteful things; as the person who creates a lot of these graphics, do you know how frustrating it is for me (& my other mods) to make confessions that we don’t agree with? We don’t delete them, we make them AND post them. But I don’t tag my posts or add my own posts to them that I disagree, even if I do, and let alone I don’t tell someone’s they’re a “F—ing idiot” for believing that. Is there anything wrong with reblogging the confessions we post and disagreeing? Absolutely not. Does it get frustrating that you can’t personally ask the person why they believe so, because the graphics are anonymous. ABSOLUTELY. But that’s no reason to tell someone to go “f— themselves” because they have a different opinion from you. I’m gonna man up and say the confession “I like Flynn, but I hate the ‘Eugene Fitzherbert’ backstory” was my own personal confession. (don’t worry, I’ve only posted about 3-4 of my own) “ And seeing people reblog with such anger telling me I don’t have a right to believe that, well, it bothers me. If you want to message me personally about that confession, my personal is here. And from now on, I will tag all other confessions I personally make as my own submissions, as well as try to re-tag the ones I’ve posted.  But when I see confessions being reblogged thousands of times being constantly insulted, I feel bad for the person who anonymously sent it in, seeing their opinion getting insulted over and over, it must be hurtful for them, I know it is for me.

On a happier note, our ask box has run out but we’re going to let the queue run down a little first (and take a bit of a break) before we open the ask box back up! But it should be back open soon, keep a sharp eye out! :3

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“I have a Minnie mug that my sister in law got for me when our family went to Disneyland last year. It’s my favorite mug and because it’s big, my mom offers it to our guests to use but I get really upset because it is mine. It sounds childish but I am territorial and since we don’t go to Disney often it holds a special memory for me. I never use it anymore since other people started using it.”

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