walt disney conefssions

“My semi-manipulative-&-abusive ex and I said (while we were together) that we would go to Disneyland and Disney World. We only ever made it to Disneyland and even then we had broken up so I enjoyed the park by myself, but it reminded me of him in a way that he built himself up to be: a great person, when really it wasn’t so special to me, as well as unfamiliar. I think I’ll stick to Disney World, my second home, and be glad he never made WDW seem strange and sad for me as he did with Disneyland”

“A lot of people complain that Hercules isn’t faithful to Greek mythology. Now, I’m not saying they’re wrong, but it makes me feel like they’re unaware that Disney HAS been faithful to Greek mythology before. Doesn’t anyone remember the Beethoven segment of Fantasia? For the most part, it was spot on! Hopefully Greek mythology fans will find solace in that segment.”

“I love the Kim Possible series. Right now I am stupidly ill, and watching some KP brings back nostalgia feels (still can’t believe it first came out like 10 years ago) and I just remember how insane all of the villains were. But most of all, poor, poor, Mr Barkin. He got mutated, spliced with Rufus, and attached to Ron, amongst other things. He was probably happy to still be alive once Kim and Ron graduated!”

“When Bolt came out, I made sure I saw it in theaters, and I got the DVD that year for my birthday. At first I liked it because I love dog movies, but after my dog died the year after, I started watching it weekly for several months until I was able to stop. It was a major part of my healing process, and it hurts to see people complain about the movie for stupid reasons (like casting.)”