Pages 7 & 8 of my BH6 fancomic, “TEST #84″.

(Please read from LEFT to RIGHT!)

Summary: This comic is my re-imagination of the happenings in and out ofTadashi’s laboratory, during the process of Baymax’s creation from the first to the last (84th) Test, in the perspective of Tadashi.

I will be posting pages weekly, under the hashtag #TEST84 Fancomic!

Some bonding time for the Hamada Bros~!


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Tadashi, Hiro, Baymax © Walt Disney Animation Studios

Art by Fuyu


The Walt Disney Animation Studios films- (1937- present)

“I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing- that it was all started by a mouse.

>The year 2018.

>Frozen 2 is releasing on November 18th.

>Kids and their parents crowd in to the theater.

>The pixel Disney logo from Wreck-it Ralph shows instead of the normal one

>Ralph shows up

>All the other WIR characters show up

>There’s no Frozen-related content in the movie whatsoever.

>Frozen 2 ends up actually just being Wreck-it Ralph 2

Dwayne Johnson had his first recording session for Moana as Maui yesterday. 

‘’Our goal is to make DISNEY’S next classic animated musical #MOANA something cool & special. We may be on our way… #StudioSessionDay1#BringinThisFunCharacterToLife #HisNameIsMaui#AndHeKindaThinksHeCanSing ‘’

Via Dwayne Johnson