walt disney and mickey mouse

New Art at TVA includes some Disney TV Animation characters hugging you

Photo: Nico Colaleo

New Wall Art 

Photo: Bob Schooley


Record album covers for the soundtrack to Walt Disney’s Fantasia (1940).

The top cover is my favorite. It comes from the original 1957 release. The art on the last cover is super-cute, and also the most recent. It was done by the always amazing Lorelay Bove for Disney’s Legacy Collection soundtrack series.

I was bored, so why not make a Picture with all the toons we know already

*Bendy and the Ink Machine
*Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
*Mickey Mouse
*Felix The Cat

Credit ther owners to make them special for us ❤

A cheap debt.
A cheap debt.

Poor Bendy can’t ever get a break. 
I’m still working on finding a voice for Bendy, so sorry if the audio’s a bit offkey in some bits. 

Bendy and the Ink Machine belongs to TheMeatly (@) 
Mickey mouse belongs to Walt Disney. (@) 
Comic created by @atomi-cat