walt bb

a little thing i like about breaking bad: the characterization of skyler as a “storyteller”. it’s touched on in the first season that she’s an aspiring novelist, and her talents at this come in when helping walt with the cover up- it’s her who is dedicated to the story, making it true to life down to the details, even writing up dialogue for them both. this fits in so perfectly with her writing hobby. it’s like she’s telling a story, except now it has real life consequences.



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Balloon Boy wonders when will his life begin and people in this fandom will begin to like him. 


“The writers and I went through a lot of permutations for the very ending moment of the story. And we went through the many months, probably we started talking about this a year or more in advance of us actually conceiving it and writing it. Do you actually see him expire, do you not? Do we go out in a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid kind of a moment? Is it suicide by cop? Is it this is it that? What we finally landed upon was the basic question of ‘what does Walt want? Where is his head really at in this given moment?’ And we said to ourselves, wouldn’t it be kind of poignant  in a weird kind of ‘only Breaking Bad can pull it off’ kind of a way, that as precious as it were, to spend his last moments on earth with his his meth lab. His lab that he designed and brought to fruition.” - Vince Gilligan

“The lab equipment became like a talisman. He’s touching, he’s remembering, he remembers his tutelage of Jesse…this moment gave him just enough adrenaline to last, to be alive for an extra couple minutes. And put one final touch on your existence before you go.” - Bryan Cranston