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“Remember … Dreams Come True” Fireworks Spectacular at Disneyland 

Photographer: George Landis


Partners in the Morning by Matt Stemerman
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Golden Afternoon by Jackie Nell


Partners and the Matterhorn 3_7_2017

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The Hub 1_20_2017 by Dominick Tabon


110 Years 

Photographer: Tom Bricker

Kiss The Girl (Steve x Reader)

Got this request a while back, so sorry it’s late. But honestly I was so excited to write this and I hope I do it justice!! I hope you all like it!


You could count on one finger the number of times the Avengers had all had a vacation. There was always a mission to go on, recruits to train, supervillains to stop. The list seemed endless. And every time the team thought they were getting close to being done with every thing a new threat would appear and they’d start the process all over again.

After months of fighting and training and never catching a break for more than a few days the Avengers were more than a little stressed. And Nick Fury knew that. He called in all of his favors to get the whole team two weeks of vacation to do whatever they pleased which is how you ended up stuck with Steve who hadn’t moved in 10 minutes.

“Steve! Come on!” You had one of his large warm hands grasped in both of  yours and were tugging on his arm with all of your might. “We have to hurry!”

Steve just kept staring in front of him with awe and amazement until you threatened to leave him like the rest of the team already had. “I’m sorry (Y/N) it’s just… This place is nothing like I imagined it’d be. It’s a lot different than Coney Island ya know?”

“And you’ve barely even entered the park! Now let’s go before the line to Space Mountain is an eternity long!” You once again grabbed Steve’s hand and ran off with him chuckling behind you as he finally tore his gaze away from the iconic image of the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue that was placed perfectly in front of Cinderella’s castle. 

Everyone else on the team had scattered throughout the park, planning on making this vacation memorable as there was no telling when they’d get a new one. But even as your team had run off in a flash as soon as they were in the park you couldn’t just leave Steve by himself. Sure he was your fearless leader and a very capable man, but you couldn’t deny that you had always wanted to spend more time with him and now seemed like the perfect opportunity. 

“So Space Mountain?” Steve asked as you two waited in line, the cool room along with Steve’s hand still in yours causing goosebumps to crawl up your exposed arm. 

“Yeah. It’s a classic and definitely not too scary so I thought it’d be just your speed,” you gave Steve a quick wink as he scoffed and playfully rolled his eyes.

“Oh ha ha!” He nudged your side before stepping into the ride and helping you on beside him. “If anyone’s going to get scared it’ll be you.”

“You wish Rogers,” you teased back as the park employees checked everyone’s seat belts before staring the ride. “Now try not to scream too loudly!”

And you thought that’d be the last of it before the ride took off, but suddenly there was a warm pair of lips pressed to your right cheek. Of course they were gone before you could properly react and then the ride had thrown you into darkness before you could check to see if Steve was blushing as much as you were. 

“So… How’d you like Space Mountain?” Steve asked as you walked back into the daylight, acting as if all that had just happened was that you rode Space Mountain and he hadn’t just placed his lips on your cheek. 

“Oh you know… it was okay,” you played along, hoping to get a reaction from the super soldier, but he just nodded his head and kept walking along.

“So what’s next?”

What was next was Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin where you gave Steve a quick kiss on his cheek for luck before the ride started. Then there was Peter Pan’s flight where Steve kissed your cheek under the “moonlight”. Every ride you guys went on was a race to see who could kiss the other person’s cheek first. And it was getting intense.

Honestly at this point is was less about being sweet and more about seeing who could win the fierce competition of who could kiss who’s cheek most. 

By the end of the day you guys were tied and there was only one ride left to go on- The Little Mermaid ride. As you took your seats side by side in one of the shells you scanned Steve from the corner of your eye. His hands were fidgeting and his shoulders were tense, he was ready to pounce and you knew it. You both knew this was your last chance to make a move and win the unspoken competition that had been going on all day. 

You were only half paying attention to the ride, humming along with the familiar tunes that filled the air as you continued to watch Steve from the corner of your eye. He tried to seem interested in the ride, but every so often you would lock eyes for a brief second before quickly looking away. 

You were working up the courage to finally make your move when a certain song started playing in the background that made you start to blush furiously. 

“There you see her
Sitting there across the way
She don’t got a lot to say
But there’s something about her
And you don’t know why
But you’re dying to try
You want to kiss the girl”

As the song continued floating through the air you looked over to see Steve already looking at you. His blue eyes were sparkling in the dim light as they locked with your (E/C) ones. He moved in slowly and you did the same, your eyes fluttering close and lips locking as the music faded into the background. His lips were soft and you moved in perfect sync until a loud throat clearing broke you two apart. 

“Please exit the ride that way and have a magical evening,” the ride worker refused to look at you and Steve (whose lips were swollen to a pretty red hue) as they pointed you off the ride.

As you stepped back out into the warm summer air, the nightly fireworks started going off making you laugh softly as Steve put his arm around your shoulders and kissed your temple. 

“What’s so funny?” Steve smirked as he looked down at you, happier than he could ever remember being before.

“This really is the most magical place on earth,” you answered looking back at him, unable to stop your smile as you kissed Steve once again as fireworks literally went off overhead.


Okay guys. So I finally got everything done that needed to be done and was ready to start writing again  when BAM tumblr decided to delete ALL of my messages. I honestly cried I am so upset. 

If you had requested a fic or preference please send those in. I have a list on my phone but they don’t have any of the details you guys sent me so please resend them to the best of your knowledge. I’m also going to take new requests right now in order to fill the time until I get the old requests sent back in.


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See Ya 2016! by Cam

ogguerra2003  asked:

Can you write an AU of feysand going to Disneyland with the whole squad🙏🏻

This ended up being wicked fun to write. I live in California, so this is based off of Disneyland in Anaheim and not Disney World in Florida, just for clarification.

California Screamin’

It was a hot, sticky summer day. Mor was glad of her choice of khaki shorts cut high on her thigh as the California sun beat down on her skin. As she finished rubbing the sunblock over her reddening arms, cringing at what this would do to her perfect skin, Amren clicked her tongue beside her, waving for the bottle.

“It’s hot as balls here,” Amren said. A blur or tiaras and screaming whipped by nearly knocking the sunblock out of Amren’s hands. Her lips went tight. “And there are miniature monsters everywhere.”

Mor rolled her eyes. “Have a heart, Am,” she said, slinging her arm around her shoulders even though Mor knew she hated when she did that. “This is supposed to be the happiest place on earth! That’s why my dear cousin brought us.”

“Then where is the little shit?” Cassian demanded as he took the sunblock from Amren. A mother wrangling twins at the pretzel cart narrowed her eyes at Cassian. “Sorry,” he said with a shrug, before turning back to his friends. “Seriously, he and Feyre have been gone for two hours. I think they’re getting laid. Ouch!”

Mor’s hand met the back of Cassian’s head with a hard whack! “Really, Cassian? At Disneyland? Honestly.” But despite her reproach, Mor still pulled out her phone and texted Rhys for about the dozenth time.

Where r u 2?? Cassian’s lost it, Amren has started complaining, and I’m scared for the children! TEXT ME ASSHOLE.

Mor looked around and sighed. They stood in the middle of Disneyland at the central hub connecting the various lands of the park. A statue of Mickey and Walt stood in the middle where tourists flocked to take pictures and pose with goofy faces while people tried not to walk in front of the cameras, holding up the crowds.

Frontier Land had taken all of ten seconds with Big Thunder Mountain broken down again. The lines for Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean were long, but they moved fast, so they’d had no issues there. The boys had wanted to skip Fantasy Land altogether, but Mor insisted they go on Peter Pan even if it was the shortest ride ever created. She cuddled up to Az who was the only one to oblige her.

And somewhere around Astroblasters in Tomorrowland, the gang lost track of Rhys and Feyre. They’d peeled off, not wanting to fight out a fifth round against Cassian who’d they’d already bested each time, and had claimed they were going in search of churros. But two hours later, they were still nowhere to be seen and Mor was starting to worry. It wasn’t like either of them not to pick up their phones.

“What next?” Mor asked sliding up to Azriel. His map of the park was out and full of little tick marks, a battle plan to get them through the war efficiently.

“We’ve covered most everything here that we wanted to do,” Azriel said staring intently at his handiwork. “Only thing left I suppose would be to head over to California Adventure and hit the big stuff while we wait for our Space Mountain fast passes to validate.”

That ride never had a pass available before 7:30pm and it killed Mor every time, being her favorite ride and all.

“Alright, team!” Mor shouted. “I don’t know where the hell my stupid cousin is, but we’re going to the other park without him. If I don’t get on something fast and long that makes my heart drop into my stomach soon, I’m gonna die.”

“No wonder Azriel wants to go,” Cassian snickered. Mor glared at him, her renewed joy instantly gone, but was saved the trouble of walloping him a second time when Azriel pointed over her shoulder.

“Oh there they are,” Az said. Mor whirled around to find Rhys and Feyre walking out of Fantasy Land, goofy grins plastered all over their faces and cinnamon sugar lining their lips as they munched on churros.

“Where have you two been!” Mor demanded.

“I told you,” Cassian said. “They were getting laid.”

Rhys looked utterly affronted. “Oh get over yourself, Cass. Just because no one’s banging you doesn’t mean you have to rain on everyone else’s parade. Feyre and I were just on Space Mountain.”

You what!” Mor crossed her arms. She couldn’t believe it. “We were supposed to go on that together! We have fast passes!”

“Whoa, whoa,” Feyre said, holding her hands up. “We can still go together later. Rhys and I just needed a break from Cassian’s personal vendetta on Astroblasters. There’s only so much Buzz Lightyear a person can take.”

Mor seethed, but as she looked from Feyre to Rhys, her cousin shrugged as if to say, See? No harm, no foul.

“So what’s the game plan,” Rhys asked, brushing past Mor towards Cass and Az even as he knew it would egg her on more. Mor went to chase after him, but Amren cut her off and addressed Feyre.

“You didn’t go on Space Mountain,” Amren said flatly.

Feyre stiffened. “W-what?”

“Your hair is all windswept.”

Mor took a further look at Feyre and saw that indeed, the strands her friend had so carefully tucked into braids earlier that morning were coming undone.

“So?” Feyre said. “It’s a roller coaster. It happens.”

Amren looked at Feyre dead in the eye, an amused self-satisfied smirk tugging at the corners of her lips as she pointed to where Rhys and Feyre had emerged from moments ago. “You and Rhys came walking out of Fantasy Land where I happen to know It’s A Small World broke down about an hour ago.” She then pointed over her shoulder in the complete opposite direction. “Space Mountain would be that way.”

Mor gasped and turned in time to see Feyre turn a shade darker than scarlet. “No way!” she said in the loudest whisper only Mor could ever pull off.

Feyre didn’t move for several seconds, her eyes darting from Mor to Amren and back. Finally, she took a deep breathe as if deciding it was no use fighting.

“I’ll buy you both ice cream sandwiches if you don’t say a word to Cassian,” Feyre said.

Mor threw her head back and roared with laughter, throwing herself at Feyre until she was reeling with laughter too. “Done!” Mor shouted, pulling the attention of the boys back to them.

“What’s done?” Cassian asked. Rhys looked at Feyre, a wicked twinkle in his eye asking the question. Feyre smile knowingly back.

“Nothing!” Mor snapped. “Come on, guys. I’m suddenly very in the mood for some ice cream.”

“What about California Screamin’“ Az  whined. Mor knew he’d been looking forward to the monster roller coaster in the sister park. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.

“Trust me, love,” she said into his ear with a smile playing in her voice. “This is so much better.” Az returned the kiss, giving in with an amused sigh of his girlfriend and her spirited personality.

Disney had never been more fun.



Make it Pink! Make it Blue! by Jackie Nell