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Happy birthday, Walt.

Thanks for all you did and what you inspire others to do even now, years after you’ve left us. We know we’ve gone astray right now- some things aren’t going the right way- but we’re gonna get on the right track. We’ll keep moving forward.

Thank you for making your name such a beloved name. Thank you for the magic and the memories and the love. We miss you.

December 5, 1905 - ∞


Walt Disney and Mickey, Partners Statue by Super Silly Fun Land
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Walt Disney World

“I’ve posted a confession here, and I was overwhelmed by the support I got. Over 100 people liked the post, with several people reblogging and one person giving me some words of advice. I honestly think that the Disney community is one of the nicest and most supportive out of all the fandoms. We’re just there for each other, even if we don’t them. I think if Walt saw our community, I think he’d be proud, as a bit of kindness can make one’s day a little more magic.”