Songs for the Inheritance Cycle | vol.II: Eragon [listen].

1. Shade of Fear (Durza attacks Arya & her companions): Flight to the Ford (Howard Swore) | 2. Palancar Valley: Wildland (BrunuhVille) | 3. Brom, the storyteller: Winterfell (Ramin Djawadi) | 4. Fate’s Gift - Awakening (Saphira hatches for Eragon): He’s the Giant (Two Steps From Hell) | 5. Eragon & Saphira’s first flight: Beyond the Clouds (Audiomachine) | 6. The Madness of Life (Garrow’s death): Walshingham Death Bed (A.R.Rahman & Craig Armstrong) | 7. “I am one who is here to help you” (Brom approaches Eragon): Journey to Kattegat (Trevor Morris) | 8. Brom and Eragon’s journey: Now We Are Free (Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard) | 9. Eragon’s visions of Arya: Twilight & Shadow (Howard Shore) | 10. Saphira’s theme: Undying love (Two Steps From Hell) | 11. Legacy of a Rider (Brom’s death): Death Favors No Man (James Newton Howard) | 12. Eragon & Murtagh’s journey: The Sword & the Seeker (Joseph LoDuca) | 13. “I didn’t choose this!” (Murtagh reveals his true identity to Eragon): Legacy of the Lost (Audiomachine) | 14. Farthen Dûr - Meeting the Varden: Fire & Blood (Ramin Djawadi) | 15. Ajihad’s theme: Becoming a Legend (John Dreamer) | 16. Battle of Tronjheim: The Battle (Hans Zimmer)| 17. Eragon Vs Durza: Hell’s Army (Epic Score) | 18. The Mourning Sage - “Come to me, Eragon”: The White River (Jeremy Soule)