July 3rd - I was wiped out. I’d had to sit on the floor all the way back from London, and my back was aching, and I hadn’t eaten enough - but New Street, for all it’s faults, welcomed me home with it’s hard surfaces and contrasting lights; and 30 minutes later, a real Late Night Feelings moment at Walsall.

Home is where the heart and teapot are. Oh, that first mug of tea!


July 4th - Independence day, but sadly not from work. To my annoyance, called in on a fool’s errand at 12 noon, my plans for R&R were scuppered. However, taking the slow way back to Walsall, my weariness was cleared by the bright sun, azure sky and pleasant atmosphere.

Walsall has many faults and far too many detractors, but it’s not a bad old place.


   One of my two favourite things about England (the other being the architecture) is the gardens, a rightful national pride and joy; the medieval abbey gardens, the cottage gardens, and the wildflowers in the graveyards. **longing-desperately-for-spring**

(images: top Mottisfont Abbey Gardens, Hampshire, Sheepdog Rex flickr; left Mottisfont Abbey Gardens, Mark Wordy flickr, right: private garden in Walsall, fourseasonsgardens.co.uk; bottom Kensal Green Cemetery, London, Arg 768 flickr)