One of my two favourite things about England (the other being the architecture) is the gardens, a rightful national pride and joy; the medieval abbey gardens, the cottage gardens, and the wildflowers in the graveyards. **longing-desperately-for-spring**

(images: top Mottisfont Abbey Gardens, Hampshire, Sheepdog Rex flickr; left Mottisfont Abbey Gardens, Mark Wordy flickr, right: private garden in Walsall, fourseasonsgardens.co.uk; bottom Kensal Green Cemetery, London, Arg 768 flickr)


July 29th - Sorry, more cygnets. I didn’t know about these, but taking a desperate dive onto the canal to avoid traffic madness on my way to work, I passed this family of three and parents in Pleck, Walsall. 

They interested me particularly, as the young are clearly starting to develop white plumage, yet look younger than the Catshill brood (they’re smaller, too).

The adults don’t look any different, though…