October 19th - Ostensibly asleep, but wide awake and studiously ignoring me, this spendid striped character spotted in North Walsall presumably waiting for their owner to come home. Snoozing on a garden wall, with a clearly well-used carpet atop for comfort, this seems like a regular haunt for a watcher of the world.

What lovely markings and what a delightful puss!


   One of my two favourite things about England (the other being the architecture) is the gardens, a rightful national pride and joy; the medieval abbey gardens, the cottage gardens, and the wildflowers in the graveyards. **longing-desperately-for-spring**

(images: top Mottisfont Abbey Gardens, Hampshire, Sheepdog Rex flickr; left Mottisfont Abbey Gardens, Mark Wordy flickr, right: private garden in Walsall, fourseasonsgardens.co.uk; bottom Kensal Green Cemetery, London, Arg 768 flickr)