July 18th - A pootle up the canal to Walsall Wood on an errand in a glorious golden hour. The hottest day of the year so far, the water bubbled as unseen creatures walled in the cool water, and grasshoppers, bees and birdsong filled the air.

An absolutely wonderful evening that shows that while people seem to think this area is ugly, it’s actually beautiful.

Just a the highlights to go!!!
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rufnut  asked:

7. Do you have any pets? // 63. Biggest fear? // 8. Where are you from?

7. Do you have any pets?

I have an Arabian Mau called Pippin and a Golden Retriever named Samwise! Pippin lives up to her namesake, Samwise is just fat and likes to eat his feet when he thinks we’re not looking

63. Biggest fear?

Mm spiders? They freak me out, and also the dark, which is lame af

8. Where are you from?

I’m from Walsal, UK ^^

Thanks! ~


July 19th - I’ve been largely ambivalent about the odd project to resurface the canal towpath between Walsall Town Wharf and the Bentley Mill Way aqueduct. It’s a decent enough job, I guess, but I don’t feel the surface is that much of an improvement, and the loose gravel and untreated under bridges are problematic. But there is something that’s beautiful.

When the contractors remade the retaining walls to the steps at the Scarborough Road Bridge in Pleck, they planted wildflower seeds down the embankment, and at other spaces on the towpath.

This has resulted in stunning little urban patches of sunshine like this, so wonderful on what was the hottest commute of the year so far.

Thank you to whoever, for the act of beauty and foresight.


July 15th - As a good pal said to me a few days ago, some plants would be really cherished if they were harder to grow, and I believe this to be the case with ragwort. Deep yellow and orange, this dweller of scrubs, verges, hedgerows and fallow ground flowers profusely throughout the summer, largely ignored because it’s so common.

Scourge of horse-owners due to the toxic effect on their steeds, it’s not a well liked plant.

Which is a shame, because when you stop to look at it, it’s rather beautiful.


July 19th - Oh, hi pals. Where have you been? Not seen you for a while.

Near Bentley Bridge, just near the nest where they hatched their single cygnet, the swan family were moving purposefully towards Darlastoin.

Their single offspring - very attentively looked after - is growing large, and doing well by the looks of things. 

They stopped briefly to see if I had food, then scooted on, little one in the classic ‘resting foot’ position, leathery limb tucked high on the back for rest.

A lovely sight.


July 18th - I like this a lot. On Catshill Junction Bridge, just on the Walsall Wood side, there is a very healthy teasle plant growing from the brickwork.

It’s now tall, and in bloom. It looks fantastic, and slightly alien, as these plants always do.

A migrant from the wild sowing of nearby Clayhanger Common, we never would have seen these kind of plants here in my childhood. A wonderful, life-affirming thing.