walrus selfie

meeting dan and phil!!

my friend and i made dan and phil a crazy calendar so we both went up to present it to them. they both greeted us with “hellos” and took the calendar. at first they went “aw” but after they started going through the calendar they both began to laugh like crazy. dan did his little happy dan chuckle (if u know what i mean). they pointed things out and complemented our photoshop skills. then phil turns to dan and goes “we could put this in the toilet.” he then turns to us and says “i think we could put this in the toilet (it’s a room btw) with all the other crazy stuff!” we both laughed and i said “sounds great”. then phil turned to me and said “i think you need a hug now.” phil gives the best hugs. i swear to god. after the hug i went over to dan and said “DAN” and he was like “HEYYY.” I asked him for a hug and he said “of course.” his hug was great too. then i took my ‘ugly’ selfie with them, EXCEPT THEY STILL LOOK GOOD and i look like a fucking walrus. after the selfie dan looked at the photo, he laughed and said “oh my god this is great, i love it!” then i took my professional photo (which isn’t available yet) with them and waved goodbye. THEY ARE LITERALLY AS SWEET AS I REMEMBERED. So worth getting up at 2 am