walrus calf


I am so, so fortunate to be a part of this animal care team. Today was my first shift at Wild Arctic since Kaboodle gave birth to her perfect, precious calf on June 3rd. It’s the first walrus calf for Kaboodle and the Orlando park. I’ve never been so moved by the sight of a baby animal. Given the current state of the Pacific walrus’ natural habitat, this calf is all the more a priceless gift. I can’t wait to see what mama Kaboodle and nugget can teach us…and daddy Garfield, too (Happy Father’s Day, Garfield!) I just love you all so much. (These photos have appeared on SWF’s official Instagram. It’s okay, I know about it.)

anonymous asked:

And so here I am sitting down pondering what the fuck is happening? First I hear about this aggressive walrus and a short-tempered talking stick with a bush and the vocals of a cockatoo? Then I hear about walrus calf and a twig... with another calf coming. Since when did walruses have relationships with small parts of a tree? Dumb Star + Happy-go-lucky Sponge = Clams I guess. Very interesting... I could kinda see why some people don't ship you and Kyle.

Damn, you’re not the only one who uses that spongebob analogy on us, bro. It ain’t news to us. People ship me and Kyle since we’re made for each other, bro. We started out as hating each other but damn, over the years we’ve grown into can’t living without each other.
Short tempered talking stick is true about Kyle though. He’s super thin but I like it.~
I’m not a walrus, dude. Far from it. I’m just more of a thick boi.