(VIDEO) Stopped by #AyalaHighSchool in #ChinoHilld to see @djeman of @power_106 ball up at the #power106allstars basketball game and watch @mydiveo August 2015 #ArtistOfTheMonth perform. Catch them performing at various high schools throughout SoCal & take a #mydiveo photo with them every Thursday! #power106 #jakeandpapa 📷 @jonisdee #walnutgirls (at Ruben S. Ayala High School)

#FBF #DressForSuccess Day 1994 #SuzanneMiddleSchool. Teachers asked us to dress what we thought future success would be for us, I wore a tie to signify equality in the workplace as hopefully a future boss. Looking back not sure if that even made sense, but gave me a reason to wear a tie as a tomboy. 😂#womensequalityday later post. #walnutgirls (at Walnut Valley Unified School District)


GIF fun: #22HoursInVegas speaking to the kids x celebrating @kitch38 being a fancy boss lady/speaker at a great & fun company with @maudeek & Belle. Thanks @skamartist @ericdlux of @power_106 for the good music at @thelightvegas. ❤️hearing Hip Hop in Vegas. #WalnutGirls (at The Light Vegas, Mandalay Bay)

22 years ago on the day before #Thanksgiving the #walnutgirls wanted to go to LA for a flyer party but we didn’t have a ride or couldn’t drive so instead we started an annual All Girls Thanksgiving that we knew would grow more meaningful as we got older, busier and with 24 #miniwalnut children between all of them. Blessed to have this 2nd family. Thank you @margiedizon for being the best hostess with the mostest & thank you @e40 for making my yummy alcohol contribution #earlstevensmoscato 👌👯 @echohattix I found it! (at Walnut, California)


#WalnutGirls vs. #miniWalnutGirls at @skyzonecovina. I think my birthday niece #KeiraLee & her super gymnastics skills beat these ladies. 😂👯👯@kitch38 @maudeek @ames_2 #skyzonecovina #WHScheer (at Sky Zone Covina CA)

Happy Birthday to our @maudeek forever our #modwiththebod 😂 one of my favorite people in this world that I’ve also been around the world and then some with me & someone I always look up to as a business owner, Milf & Super Wifey to @cameronek 😘 #walnutgirls (at Wang Cho Korean BBQ)

Anyone else feel uncomfortable & start laughing when the airport #TSA makes us stand like this when going through security check in? I always take a second to get my hands up, look up at the person awkwardly then they make me turn them around and make me throw our diamond in the sky. 🙌 All this pressure when we have no shoes on? Illuminati maybe? ;) #24HoursInVegas w/ the #walnutgirls 👯👯👯 (at LAX to LAS)

2014 brought forth new experiences, a new company, new clients, a new love & many new challenges but it was the same family, same crazy friends & same belief in God’s plan that made this the best year yet, excited for what 2015 holds, not only for me but YOU (yes, You) too! #happynewyear Spend it wisely! 😊🎉🎊#dontdrinkanddrive 👌#thirdfloornetwork #FourXample #walnutgirls #albafamily (at New Year’s Eve 2014)

#WCW @desireeamagno one of the lead designers at cousin #jhoannaalba @albalegacy bespoke clothing company. Constantly globetrotting & designing custom styles for our favorite NBA, NFL, NHL, Baseball & athletes of all sports. With a second hand in marketing & her own line, she has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen, helping to create #weheartLA for our @laleela1210 & annual warmth drive, follow the awesome hardworking Mom, learn the secret to how she does it & thank me later. 😊👭#walnutgirls #destiny 👌#thirdfloornetwork (at WCW - Woman Crush Wednesdays)

No better way to kick off the bday week than having @thepharcyde surprise me w/ this awesome self-written cake on stage at the @congaroom w/ sisters celebrating their own #pisces bdays this wknd @rachellemarrie @kitch38 😘 #thepharcyde great show & #threesup w/hugs for spelling the name right. ;) #albafamily #walnutgirls👌#thirdfloornetwork (at Conga Room - DTLA)