walnut grips


Rare Mauser Model 06/08 semi automatic pistol

 from Rock Island Auctions

This is an exceptionally rare early Mauser Model 06-08 semi-automatic pistol. This early design was an attempt by Paul Mauser to improve the original Mauser Model 1896 Broomhandle Pistol. It was a new and unique design with several new revolutionary features. The most notable of these was the detachable magazine. This simple design would allow the pistol to be rapidly reloaded by just the insertion of a detachable box magazine. During firing of the pistol, after the last shot, a hold open device would automatically hold the bolt to the rear of the action, and upon insertion of the magazine, it would automatically released the breechblock, stripped a round from the magazine and chamber the cartridge. Very revolutionary for the 1906 era. The pistol also featured a very unique twin-cramming, locking block mechanism, positioned directly behind the breech bolt. This design was somewhat copied from the Mauser self-loading rifle only in a much small configuration. Although very strong, it was also very complicated and expensive to manufacture and was never used or produced again on any other pistol or rifle. The Model 06-08 was manufactured in very small almost test size quantities, and examples of this evolutionary Mauser Pistol are extremely rare. The pistol has a four-inch part round/octagon barrel, detachable magazine located in front of the trigger guard, fixed rear sight and one-piece, wrap-around, finely checkered, walnut grip. The barrel, receiver and frame have a polished rust blue finish. The small parts are heat blued. The three top barrel flats are marked from rig to left: “WAFFENFABRIK/MAUSER/OBERNDORF A.N.”. The underside of the barrel is marked in a single line with: “8,85. 9,12. 250.3”. All components are stamped with the serial number “49”. The magazine has a steel gray finish and is numbered “30” on the back, and the floorplate is numbered “33”.


May’s Gun of the Month is this Remington 1911. The Remington R1 Commander 1911 in .45acp features a 4.25″ barrel, steel frame, deep black finish, fixed three-dot sights, two (2) 7 round magazines, and walnut grips– although we added these Magpul MOE 1911 grip panels for the photo shoot. Good luck!


Deactivated WWI French Chauchat Light Machine Gun,

From Rock Island Auctions:

This is a solid example of an original WWI 1915 French “Chauchat” dewat machine gun. While called a machine gun by US terms, it is actually called an automatic rifle by the French. It was one of several type of squad level machine guns used by the French throughout WWI and was even purchased by the US Government as the model 1918 which fired the 30-06 round that employed a straight stick type magazine instead of the standard curved French model magazine. It has a very unique operating mechanism in that it has a rotating bolt or bolt head during the locking and unlocking mode similar to a Johnson rifle and can be fired in both the fully automatic and semi-automatic fashion like the Browning BAR. It operates in a direct blow back manner that uses a long-recoil type mechanism, mounted on top and to the rear of the receiver itself and is feed from a large curved type magazine fitted to the bottom of the weapon. Throughout the war it never proved itself as a very reliable machine gun as the side of the magazine, the opening for the operating rod and bolt area were all exposed to dirt and debris from the battlefields, causing it to jam often and making it not a favorite of the US forces. The left side of the receiver is marked “C.S.R.G. /134971 next to a small boxed "SA” proof indicating capture or use by the Finnish Army at some point. It has a walnut stock, pistol grip and forward support handle with a fixed front sight with a fully adjustable rear sight that has been fitted with a anti-aircraft aiming circle.

dreams-set-alight  asked:

"Aren't you a bit short to be a queen? Sort of supposed to be looking very in charge and powerful, and yet when I was told I would find a lady I simply find someone so weak they cannot fight without guns and so short they need special shoes to look normal height. Pathetic."

The Captain smirked, fingers moving over the walnut grips of her pistols. “It’s obvious you’re not from around here if that’s your idea of an insult.” Pacing a half circle to get a better look at the towering woman, she whistled, but continued as though it hadn’t happened. “Height has nothing to do with leadership, and it’s not always brute force that gets the job done. I have many abilities beyond my weapons, and most don’t rely on them at all.”

She exuded confidence, not at all shaken by the gruff approach of the woman standing just about a full foot taller than her. Part of her wanted to reach out and run her hands over those muscles, but there hadn’t been any alcohol involved in this meeting, and she didn’t seem the type to be responsive to coy flirting. Her nails tapped as she gave her yet another once over.

“I’m flattered if you came all this way just to say that to me though.” 

Spectacular Cased Second Model LeMat Percussion Revolver

42 caliber, 6.750" full octagonal barrel, S/N 1432. With LM under a five-pointed star; top  of barrel marked Col Le Mat Ste S.G.D.G. Paris. Rounded trigger guard, checkered walnut grips.  Blue finish with straw colored hammer and trigger. Engraved screw heads. Original English style casing, in a dovetailed mahogany box with compartments with green lining. Rare LeMat brass cavity mold with iron sprue cutter. Maple turned ramrod for the smoothbore. Three very rare LeMat paper cartridges for the smoothbore. Eley tin box for percussion caps. Includes extra conical LeMat lead bullets.

Sold: for $64,400.00 at Cowan’s Auctions