walnut creek california


MUSIC - The Story So Far Performs in Toronto by Angel Marchini
Via Flickr:
American pop punk band from Walnut Creek, California performed a sold out show at the Mod Club in Toronto. In picture: PARKER CANNON

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A- age: 16 
B- birthplace: Walnut Creek California 
C- current time: 8:39 PM 
D- drink you had last: Snapple 
E- easiest person to talk to: My friends 
F- favorite song: Tattoo 
G- grossest memory: um well it wasn’t anything to bad, probably like me throwing up or something
H- horror yes or no: no 
I- in love? I like some people but it ain’t love 
J- jealous of people? On certain things yeah 
K- killed someone? nope 
L- love at first sight or walk past again? Mmmmm my idealistic mind says yes but my logical brain says no 
M- middle name: Grace 
N- number of siblings: 1 
O- one wish: Do be able to live comfortably when I’m an adult 
P- person I last called: one of my friends 
Q- question you’re always asked: ummmmmm I don’t really know 
R- reason to smile: Keith John Moon 
S- song you last sang? Going Mobile 
T- time you woke up? 7:00 AM 
U- underwear color: black 
V- vacation: London 
W- worst habit: biting my nails 
X- x-rays? Only one and that was for my chiropractor 
Y- your favorite food: my mom makes this Peruvian dish called Lomo Saltado and omg so good 
Z- zodiac sign: Capricorn

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