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"autumn is like supernatural, everything is dying but you cant stop watching it" Early morning brain isn't really giving me much but felt a need to make some sort of comment about "The Fall" and leaves like angels.

Every time I talk to you something like this happens.
No matter what choices you make, whatever details you alter, we will always end up here.

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Bucky/Darcy prompt : Darcy bets Tony she can make the winter soldier blush 5 times

Darcy makes stupid bets. She thought she could totally make Barnes blush. He might be a little hard about the head and heart, but she usually makes people blush unintentionally. Okay, some of that might be because her mouth tends to get her in trouble and other people are embarrassed for her, but still, making other people blush is a talent.

Barnes will have none of it. She’s tried being cringingly awkward, but Barnes doesn’t even notice. There was the bawdy joke session, which mostly just made him laugh. She did kinda forget that there is nothing new under the sun, and ended up trading dirty jokes until they ran Jane out of the room.

She’s only got a few more tricks up her sleeve. So she turns to being sweet. Darcy works out from Steve what candy he spent spare change on, and tracks down Walnettos and Chocolettos, fills a mason jar and ties a ribbon with his name on it. Bucky doesn’t blush, but tilts his head and smiles, unwrapping a piece and closing his eyes. He might not blush, but he does ask Darcy to take an afternoon off and watch movies with him and Steve.

Darcy’s only got one last chance to try to salvage this bet. Bucky’s got his feet up on the coffee table and over the course of the afternoon, Darcy has sort of leaned against him. And from this angle, she figures out her plan. It’s sudden and brief, her lips pressing into his cheek and settles into the crook of his now outstretched arm.

Bucky’s cheeks redden a little bit, but really, she flushes more and warmer when his arm comes to rest on her shoulder and keeps her against him. So okay, she may have lost the bet overall, but this outcome is way better than gloating to Tony.