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why did facebook not tell me it was your birthday? ruuuuuuuude. happy birthday! so... remember when you spent 4 hours at Walmart and we were convinced you were lost or kidnapped? to the point that we had them page you over the store intercom? so... apparently most ppl only do that for lost children and dude asked us how old you were and was very confused and amusing that we were paging an adult because you were legitimately lost...

1. because i somehow set my birthday setting so that only blood relatives, who need no reminding, could tell.  #fixedit

2. it was THREE hours & you & mel are not “most people”.  #blankets #dab #unslicedpizza

3.  i was not lost.  i was trapped.  well…i was kind of lost.  what the hell kind of set up is that?!  it’s been two months & i’m still dizzy just thinking about it.  #dislike

I saw this at Walmart and it made me really happy. When I was a kid, superhero stickers were always Batman, Spider-man, Superman, and etc. 

I wish these stickers were around when I was a kid, just glad my niece can grow up with stickers, shows, movies, etc like this. 

  • So my friend and I are walking through wal-mart, and he’s just following me as I look for stuff to buy.
  • Me: I’m sorry for taking so long I feel bad.
  • Him: Nah, it’s okay. For tonight I’ll be like your pikachu in the yellow version. Everytime you look back I’ll just smile or make faces haha. Take your time, it’s fine.
  • Me (in my mind): fuck that was smooth LOL.

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Where did you get your pool? I want one, it looks cool

Target! It’s an Intex pool, you can also get it from Amazon and probably Walmart. The bench is awesome for parents and the size is perfect for kiddos to play in.


In my inbox I just came across multiple questions regarding my gear, so here’s a rundown of what I have, and use for touring (shout out to my iPhone for being able to give pink two different shades)

Lens Pen ($5 at Walmart and it’s awesome to clean your glass)
Sunpak Card Reader ($5 at Walmart & this too is awesome to read any kind of card, CF/SD/Micro etc.)
Two Chargers (one for each battery in the battery grip)
Instax Mini 90 (I’m a fan of Polaroids)
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 II (great for everything except portraits)
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 II (great for portraits and pretty much nothing else)
Canon BG-E11 Battery Grip (always nice to have plenty of battery)
The Lens Flipper by GoWing (this helps me carry and swap between lenses with no problem. Way better than carrying an extra body around)
Tripod Mount (I always have this on the Polaroid and use a carabiner to clip it to my pants. Camera is very light and it does not bother to have it on my side at all times)
Phottix Shutter Remote (this helps me take photos when I place the camera on a tripod, run time lapse and a ton of other stuff. Highly recommend it)

Aside from everything here (and a monopod/tripod) I don’t own any other camera gear, nor do I feel that I need any. I honesty can do everything and anything I need with what is pictured here, and I encourage you all to stay as compact as possible. Photography is an expensive hoppy, and there’s no need to spend money on a lens or gear you catch yourself using only on rare occasions.

Anyway, I hope this helped those of you who were asking about gear. Best of luck on your photography!

Given I am a study oriented blog, I feel this post is necessary. It’s almost August (yay new semester!), and I have just about gathered all of the supplies I plan to use this semester. Also, I’ll give you the low down on prices because we are all on a budget.

First things first: I’m a junior taking 18 hours - Classes include: British Literature II, Shakespeare’s Comedies, Advanced Spanish Grammar, Honors Political Science, Linguistics, and World Civilizations. My point is I am completely humanities oriented. You won’t find much math and science help here, sadly.

Notebooks: I use five star notebooks because they are my favorite. I know they are more expensive, but they are awesome quality. I prefer notebooks to binders because I just find it easier to have a notebook on my desk that I can quickly flip through. Binders are bulky, and I typically end up taking out looseleaf to take my notes and putting them back, etc. It’s a pain in my ass. I have a graph paper notebook for history because it is easier to take notes, for me. I use the Cornell method for history type classes, and the graph paper gives me a lot more working room. The others are either 1 or 3 subject college ruled notebook. Some notebooks share 2 classes. All together, I have 4. I’d estimate I spent about $20.00 on notebooks.

1" Binder: I have a 1 inch binder to keep my powerpoint printouts, syllabi, and handouts in. It’s small and can keep all loose papers together. I also use the binder to keep the study guides I make in. The binder is what I go to before an exam, project, etc. I know this seems complicated, but it has always worked for me. I keep flashcards and study aids in there as well. The notebooks are for the pieces, and the binder is for the sum. You can find 1 inch binders everywhere, and for little money - I believe I got mine at Office Depot for about $4.00.

Sharpie Gel Highlighters: Again, these are are pricier than most highlighters, BUT they are my absolute favorite.They last forever and look so neat in your notes. I got the big pack with all the colors they have. They also came in a cute little pouch to keep up with them in. The big pack was $15.00 at Office Depot; however, they have small packs with the basic colors for about $6.00.

Papermate Flair: I use papermate flair pens, mainly. I typically use these for book notes/study guides/ and for my planner. They are felt tip, and I love how bold they are. Great for color coding. I buy a pack of all of the colors, then a four pack of the black ones. For both, it’s about $20.00.  Like the highlighters though, you can get smaller packs. For basic colors and a two pack of black, you can get away for about $12.00. My obsession runs deep with these pens. For lecture notes, I use regular BIC stick pens. They are super cheap. My lecture notes are usually messy with a lot of info. No point in wasting my flair ink on them. TIP: Sam’s Club sells a pack of BIC stick pens in blue, black, and red, with 2 highlighters, a permanent marker, and mechanical pencils for $5.00.They are awesome.

Index cards, Post Its, Tabs: Things like these I tend to stockpile. I use them for everything. When it comes to these things, DO NOT GO TO AN OFFICE SUPPLY STORE. They are a rip off. Target and Walmart have awesome school supply sales this time of year. You can get a single pad of post its for a dollar in almost any color right now at target. I use them in textbooks, my planner, novels, EVERYTHING. Not a penny wasted. They are great for organizing. 

I’m not picky about index cards. They’re all the same. I buy mine in the 300 packs and they are about $2.50, depending on where you get them. Mist places are the same. I get white and usually some colored ones. The colored ones may be a dime more. It’s not a huge difference whatsoever. I use index cards for vocab in history and spanish, and I also use them for major themes in my literature classes. 

Erin Condren Planner: My Baby. My Pride and Joy. I LOVE my planner. I got it in April when they were deeply discounted because it was only 9 months. It spans from April 2014 - December 2014. I did this so I wouldn’t be throwing away so much money in case I didn’t like it. I fell in love. You can customize the cover with your own colors and name and ahhhh, its amazing. I keep so much in here: to do lists, my actual planning (assignments, appointments, work hours, etc), lists of books and movies, goals, and in the back I’ve even created a space for assignment and exam logs. It is in my bag at ALL times. Recently, Erin Condren has released the new planner for 2014-2015. She has new designs and has made some awesome changes from the 2013-2014. You can get 18 months for $55.00. I know it sounds steep, but that is a year and a half of use. They are sturdy and hold up amazingly. I know Lilly Pulitzer ones run around $40.00, but these are so much better. FiloFax is also rather pricey, but I have a secret love for those. MY POINT IS, a good planner is important. If you happen to cross over to EC though, I have a $10.00 off referral code I’d be happy to give you. Soon, I hope to do a post about how I’ve organized my planner.

I hope you guys have enjoyed my supply rant, haha. I just get so excited and you guys share my joy. Good luck this year! There’s not much that can stop you.

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