Just cooling off the stumps. #wallymonster #corgi #corgipuppy #whistledogs

Congratulations on being an Editor’s Pick on Pack!

Dog: Wally, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Human: (the awesome person who owns this photo!): Marc D.. See more of this doghttp://packdog.com/post/R7M7l

#Hazel_Bear #WallyMonster working the Kissing Booth! #hazelb takes treats as payment!

This is my entry for @vaikodogs @maisondepaws @hamlet_the_piggy and @odylovesyoda Valentines Day Contest. #vaikoVDcontest2015

We invite @supercorgi_jojo, @maggiemoocorgipoo, @poodles4life, @corginista @roscoepcoltrain_and_cappicorgi, @legooseylu to join the contest to win some sweet prizes!!!