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Young justice version! Spoiler: Bart’s in Jamie’s room

A Friend's Advice

Request: Can you do one where Wally gives Conner advice for flirting with girls, only to find later out he used that advice to get a date with Wally’s sister?

The moment Conner called Nightwing to ask him what he meant to all these weeks was catastrophic. He didn’t have the time to spell out the whole ‘i need advice on flirting with girls and you seem to be the only one who is actually able to help me’ as Wally bursted into the room and swooned him away. Leaving Dick speechless.

“I’ll teach you how to flirt with girls!” Wally smirked and pointed at himself with his thumbs.
Conner shook his head at the thought and pushed him out of his way.

“Step away. I need actual advice.” He growled.

Wally looked around with a fake offended look. “I’m the best!” He said through pursed lips with several nods. “Just listen to me dude. If you don’t like what I’m about to say then go ask Nightwing.” He added, this time in a much serious tone.

Conner gulped, sighed, rolled his eyes and finally forced an ‘okay’ out of his mouth.
“So… ” Wally awkwardly started “what kind of advice you need?”

“I need to know how to flirt with a girl! I’ve been trying to approach her a long tome now, but I can’t seem to do so.” Conner admitted, a hint of blush staining his cheeks.

“Ah I got this man. So to start off, chicks love it when you tilt your head upwards to greet them.” Wally smirked and demonstrated the small greeting movement.

Conner immediately started mimicking him many more times than he had planned. Wally chuckled and patted his shoulder while he tried to show him the right way to do it.
At his first success Wally clapped his hands and smiled at him, as if Conner was a baby that took his first step ever.

“Okay, next thing you need to do is that you have to initiate a small conversation. You have to flatter her. For example I create puns, but you…” Wally chewed on his lips as the sight of Conner. He seemed serious, nit the kind if guy who’d make fun with puns and stuff.

For the rest if the evening he tried his best to make Conner an expert in flirting girls. He eventually tried to get him familiar with pick up lines and puns, though he advised Conner that they might not work on his first try. Conner would occasionally nod and try to take in most of the things Wally was saying.
For all he knew, he was the twin brother of the girl he wanted to date. He daren’t say a word though. It was the first time he was afraid of the speedster. Mostly because he knew the depths he’d go to protect his twin sister.


Wally’s eyes almost popped out at the sight before him. He couldn’t believe what unraveled before his very eyes.

His dear sister was sitting inside McDonald’s with Conner out of all people, laughing amd blushing while she tried to eat her burger.
He felt anger boiling inside him. The was no doubt Conner was using his advice on his sister.

Wally was ready to burst into the store, dragging a dumbfounded Artemis along with him, but he stopped on his dead trucks when she tugged on his jacket.

“ Wally, baby, they’re obviously enjoying themselves. Dont break it.”

Wally blinked his green eyes into her gray ones with hidden anger. He knew she was sure, and it thats what irritated him the most.
He looked at his sister and Conner again, who seemed to be in the own little world. Artemis was right. He wouldn’t like Jade to spoil his fun with Artemis neither. So why would his sister feel good about it.

Artemis placed a kiss in his cheek and proceeded to share her thoughts.

“You can invite them for a movie night though. So we can see if they’ll work huh?”

Wally smiled back at his blonde angel and shrugged it off. He only care that his sister was happy and that his advice had helped his friend.

Being the youngest girl in Young Justice team would include:

- getting picked up Aqualad in his motorcycle after school so you can get to the cave.

- the kids in your school always wondering who that mysterious guy is. 

- “It can’t be her brother, cos she’s the only child !!”

- always hanging out with Robin because he’s the only guy near your age

- developing a habit of asking Robin to help you with homework, cos he’s just so smart

- Robin practicing the pick-up lines he learnt from Wally on you so he can judge their effectiveness from your expression when you hear them.

- “Hey y/n?” 

“Yes, Robin?” 

“Are you a camera? Cos every time I look at you, I smile.” 


- Wally trying the same ones on you, because he has no idea Robin already did.

- “Hey y/n! Sometimes I wonder if you’re a camera…” 

“Wally, you don’t exactly smile every time you see me, in fact, you frown when I steal your chips.”

- Wally gaping at your response, seriously wondering if you do have psychic powers.

- You and M’gann constantly having sleepovers in each others’ rooms.

- Whenever you have friendship problems, you always go to M’gann cause she always know what to say and what to do.

- M’gann asking if she could hang out with you to watch animated films because she feels awkward to ask Artemis.

- Artemis being the coolest big sister ever, playing chaperone whenever you throw a party. She even helps to prepare food, making sure Wally doesn’t steal any.

- Artemis insisting on always being your sparring partner, because the last time Superboy sparred with you… let’s just say you couldn’t go to school for a week because you had a limp.

- Superboy being very sorry because he underestimated his strength.

- Also, who knew Conner was great at playing the stalking overprotective big brother when you go out with a date?

- Secretly shipping all the possible couples in the team. Because the moment Zatanna arrived, you knew you had another ship to start sailing

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- Basically, being spoiled and loved by all members of the team.

(including Batman and Superman worrying over you whenever you go out on any field missions with the others)

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Young Justice Wishes for Season 3

Ok so if we get a season 3, IF, here is what I want to happen in the first scene.

So time jump again it is years later.  3 or something.  And the location is where wally ‘died’.  We see a spark of electricity.  Then boom lightning bolt.  Wally comes crashing out of the bolt.  Laying face down on the ground.  Tries to pick himself up.  And says “Artemis”.  Then collapses.

Young Justice title sequence plays. 

blah blah, green eyes | young justice

sum: you know i talk too much, honey, come put your lips on mine and shut me up
a/n: for @rachelisanerd, as part of the @yjficexchange

“I am so not going on a date with you.”

And she’s not, no matter how long he stands on her porch in that ridiculously lazy but somehow adorable get-up; Artemis never knew she would be so winded by a boy clothed in standard beach garb, but alas, her boyfriend is one of this world’s newest wonders. Wally tilts his head and stares back at her with a defiant and lopsided grin, and her cheeks flush the slightest of fractions.

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Young Justice Batmom: Part 8

AN: It has been forever and a day since I last updated this. I love how it turned out and I’m happy this got voted number one! For those of you who don’t know I held a poll on twitter to decide which series update I should post to day and YJ Batmom won! Make sure to follow me on twitter for more polls, and previews! Click Here to go to my twitter!

This chapter is dedicated to @audreythetealovingcat she’s been working on some super top secret stuff for me, and It’ll be going live soon! Thank you again so much, you continue to astound me!

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    You complete the obstacle course without throwing up, which in your book… is a win. Especially since you’d thrown up the last two times you’d done it. If your father could see you now he’d be screaming.

           Years of physical training had gone down the drain in the years since you’d left your father’s organization and married Bruce. You’d never thought you’d have to fight again, and yet … here you were.

           “You’re getting better.”

           You crack open an eye to stare at your son, he’s balancing on his hands, on top of a ball. For a minute, you consider the possibility of him being part seal. You dismiss this as you heave your upper body into a sitting position. “I’m too old for this stuff.”

           Dick cracks a grin, “You’re in your twenties.”

           You nod, “My point exactly. That, and the fact that my husband is a task master.”

           Your eyes slide over to your husband. He’s standing in the corner writing notes on a clipboard. He glances at you for a second before writing something else down. Then without looking at you he says, “You’re the one who wanted to get back in fighting shape. I told you I wouldn’t go easy on you, and compared to Ra’s, I’m a freaking walk in the park. Now then, let’s go again.”

           You stare at him, “I want a divorce.”

           Dick slumps onto your back, and wraps his arms around your neck, before asking, “I can live with you, right? And Alfred will come with us, right?”

           Bruce smiles at the two of you before dropping the clipboard and rushing both of you. It’s instinct that has you hopping to your feet. Dick’s legs wrap around your waist, and then you’re running.

           You’re at the disadvantage, and you know it. You’re out of shape, and carrying a thirteen-year-old boy on your back. It’s honestly amazing that you last as long as you do. Bruce takes both of you down while taking the brunt of the fall.

           The three of you collapse in a laughing heap and just lay there. Dick is sandwiched in-between the two of you when he laughs, “We should do this more often.”

           You sigh, “Some families do a game night.”

           Bruce and Dick look at each other for a minute before shaking their heads and saying, “Nah.”

           You roll your eyes and hop to your feet, “Well I am going to go take a shower.”

           Bruce sits up, “What are you talking about, you still have laps to do. You didn’t beat your obstacle course time.”

           You glare at him, “You want to go back to being a billionaire playboy, don’t you?”

           “If he knows what’s good for him, he won’t even entertain that thought.” Alfred says as he enters the gym. “I worked long and hard to put the idea of lifelong companionship in his mind, and I refuse to go back to bimbos walking around in his dress shirts.”

           You glance at your husband, “When the hell did that happen? We got together when we were twenty. After you’d been training for two years.”

           Bruce winces, “I was sixteen, and he was supposed to be gone for the entire weekend.”

           Alfred rolls his eyes, “Like I was going to be that stupid.”

           You stare at your husband, and he stares back, before he says, “How about I forget about the laps, and we stay married.”

           You smile, “Okay, but only for Alfred’s sake.” You lean down and kiss your husband, when you pull back you whisper in his ear, “And maybe a bit for my own as well.”

           He pulls you back down for another kiss, before whispering, “Do you want some company?”

           You glance over at Dick who’s on the parallel bars, “Well we certainly wouldn’t be missed.”

           You grin at each other when the alarm goes off. He growls and you frown. Dick dismounts and simply says, “Let’s go guys.”

    You and Dick head straight for the Mountain while Bruce changes into his gear. You don’t bother with the mask or changing. At this point, the secret’s out, and you could not care less. You watch your son spar with Kaldur, and you find the Artemis at your side a moment later.

    “Hi Mrs. Wayne.”

    You smile at the girl, “Hello, Artemis.”

    The archer smiles back, “Why do you look like you’ve spent the morning getting your butt kicked.”

    You sigh, “Because I live with bullies, and I am waaay out of practice.”

    Artemis chuckles and takes a seat next to you, “So it’s possible to lose the skills, then?”

    You shrug, “I wish that were the case. Instead it seems to be more along the lines of they’re in hibernation. Then I find myself pinned and they seem to wake up a little at a time, and then my body just moves.”

    “Self preservation wins out.”

    You nod, “It would seem so.”

    There’s a moment of silence before she asks, “So does this mean you’re joining the Team or the League?”

    You snort out a laugh, “Neither. I’m a reserve member. I only go if they need me.”

    “Do you have a costume?”

    Your eye twitches, “I don’t do tights.”

    She laughs as Bruce enters, and you follow the kids to the command center. By the end of the briefing your eye is twitching, and you’re radiating anger. No one seems willing to approach you, with the exception of Bruce, and even he seems hesitant.

    “Y/N,” He says slowly.

    “Don’t you dare try to keep me from going, Bruce Wayne.” He winces at the use of his name.

    He tries again, “Y/N…”

    “I hate that damn clown, I hate him with everything I have. He needs to be put down, and I don’t want my kids near him.” Bruce stares at you, and your eyes narrow, “What?”

    “Two things. One we don’t kill, and two when did we get ‘kids’? Last time I checked we had a kid. Singular, not plural.”

    You roll your eyes, “The minute I became den mother those kids became ours. I’ve already dealt with the Joker hurting Dick once, I refuse to see it happen again.”

    “He knows the risk. We all do.”

    “He’s thirteen Bruce.”

    “And what could you do at thirteen?”

    “That’s a different situation.”


    “I was raised by an immortal psychopath who thought it was fun to pit his children against each other.”

    Bruce hesitates for a minute, “What would you suggest?”

    “Send two of the League with them, and I can help the League.”

    Bruce stares at you, “You’ve only been training for …”

    “My whole life Bruce. I’ve been training for my entire life. I’m rusty, I won’t deny that, but I can help take down some plants.”

    He stares at you in contemplation, before sighing. Then he lifts his finger to his earpiece and says, “There’s been a change of plans, Hell Cat and I are going with the Team.” There’s a moment of silence before he barks back, “Of course I’m sure. I’d be next to useless against giant plants. Batman out.”

    You smile at him before leaning in to kiss him, “I’ll go suit up.”

    Dick is less thrilled than you are by the news. “I can’t believe my parents are going on a mission with me! I’m thirteen, I don’t need a babysitter.

    You scoff from your seat in the bio ship, “Richard Grayson, get your temper tantrum under control now, or you can wait in the ship.”

    His head turns to stare at you with the use of his full name, “MOM!”

    You raise an eyebrow, and stare back before he relents and slumps into his seat, “Let’s get one thing straight. The minute I became den mother you all became my kids. This mission is an active fight against high level villains, and I’ll be damned if I let some stupid clown hurt my kids.”

    The kids turn to face you, a bit surprised by your declaration, but no one protests. There’s several moments of silence before Bruce says, “Looks like your days of being an only child are over kid.” There’s a stunned silence before the ship bursts out in laughter.

    The mission is hard, and by the end you want nothing to do with swamps, bugs, or plants ever again. In fact, you’re even considering sabotaging Alfred’s ficus. But you consider it worth it to see Bruce punch out the clown, especially after he went after your baby with a knife.

    “Wow those mosquitos really did a number on you.” Artemis smirks.

    You try to resist the urge to scratch one of the numerous bites on your skin, “Yeah, I can’t leave the house without being doused in bug spray during the summer. Mosquitoes flock to me.”

    “You need a better suit.”

    “Oh, I have ideas for that!” M’Gann calls from the other side of the room. And before you know it the rest of the kids are all pitching in their ideas, before Kaldur says loudly, “Perhaps we should let our mother have some say.”

    You blink owlishly for a moment before, M’Gann says, “Well, Mom?”

    Artemis nudges you with her elbow, “Aunt Y/N?”

    Wally and Dick grin at you, and then Conner too asks, “Mom?”

    You glance at Bruce over their heads and he smiles at you. Smiling you open your arms and say, “We’ll talk about it later. For now, group hug!”

    Then you’re surrounded by your kids. You glance at Dick who’s hanging off your back, and he simply smiles and says, “I guess we’re one big happy family now.”

    You smile and say, “You’re still my baby.”

    He just groans.

There are only a few things Wally likes more than food. These include; running, Artemis, and his birthday (if only for the cake, which he supposes counts as food, so it really shouldn’t be on the list, except it is and there’s nothing anyone can do about that.)

So when he’s woken by the chilled air against his (quite naked) skin, a chaste kiss flush on the lips, and the scent of pancakes, Wally decides that today might be his favourite birthday, ever. Artemis smiles down at him from her perch at the edge of their rumpled bed, her steely eyes unusually molten and her gold-spun hair pooling in the craters of her collarbone.

“Morning, birthday boy,” she whispers, and he can hardly hear her through the early morning rasp in her throat. He finds it unbelievably sexy when her voice does that, and he tells her so. She laughs, elegant face tipping back, exposing the bruised column of her throat. He feels a twinge of something at seeing those bruises—they’re his bruises, after all. Artemis bites her lip, then, and he’s done for. He leans across the bed and kisses her, morning breath and all, and she kisses back because she loves him and that’s the only birthday gift he’ll ever really want. That and pancakes, of course.

She pulls away after a few too-short minutes, and slings her arms around his neck. “I was thinking breakfast and then ice skating?” she asks, hesitantly, as if unsure whether her birthday plans and his are on the same level.

“That sounds perfect, babe,” he replies, twirling a lock of her hair around his ring finger absently. “Dinner tonight? We could order in,” he waggles his eyebrows, causing her to snort, “Or, if you’re feeling up to it, we could try that Italian place? You could wear that little black dress.”

“Hey, it’s your day. Whatever you want, babe,” she presses another quick kiss to his cheek, then climbs off the bed, stretching one hand out behind her for him. “But first, pancakes. I made a small mountain of them.”

As Wally scrambles to follow his girlfriend to the kitchen—clad in nothing but the Limited Edition Flash boxers she’d got him last year—he can’t help but affirm, in his head and possibly out loud, that this is officially the greatest start to any birthday, ever. Artemis’ lightning-laced laugh echoes down the hallway, confirming his suspicions.

And if he has to take a jog to the nearest Costco to get more syrup when they inevitably run out, he’s not about to complain.

I find it really satisfying when I see someone reblog a post with one of my otp and I go to read their tags and I find something like: #i don’t even watch this show and i ship these two.

Yes, my work has been accomplished. Come with me into this wonderful world of otp and ship feels.

“But what about us?”
“We’ll always have Paris. What we didn’t have, we… we’d lost it until you came [back]. We got it back last night.”
“When I said I would never leave you.”
“And you never will. But I’ve got a job to do, too. And where I’m going, you can’t follow. What I’ve got to do, you can’t be any part of. … Someday you’ll understand that. Now, now… Here’s looking at you, kid.”

Casablanca (1942) (x)

Wally + Artemis - Sound Of Your Heart.