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Emiko to Damian: Here you are, talking up this team of all teams, and yet…you’re totally alone.

Teen Titans #13 - where the team current roster is being discussed. There are two subplots running here. One is focusing on Damian as he tries to recruit Emiko Queen to the team. It’s very competently done - we’re shown how Emi manages to impress Damian in action so anyone unfamiliar with Green Arrow series will understand why he would want her on the team. But when she turns the offer down, she does that in a way that I feel was some taking down a point that Damian needed - I like the book is at least acknowledging he’s been acting like a jerk, even for his standards.

The second plotline is about Kid Flash and how his experience with Deathstroke and Defiance have affected him and whenever he feels like he should come back, even when other teammates want him to. 

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Teen Titans back together in Teen Titans #14.

That was a great issue, not gonna lie. Wally’s return to the team and the awesome teamwork between everyone to save the city from a tidal wave were amazing. The moment when Wally and Damian reconcile was probably the most touching in the series so far. And for a bonus we had pretty cool Emiko, on whom Damian might have a crush, some sad/ominous(?) tease with Tim Drake….and Onomatopeia. A villain who picks up machine gun and shoots while it makes “budda budda budda” noises, while he calmly says “budda budda budda”.

This issue really makes it that much more poignant to me this book should be bi-weekly - that way we would have gotten this much earlier before the book started to be as polarizing as it is now. I just hope it didn’t lose all the fans goodwill in order to play this longer arc.

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