Quiet Dreams (Part 2)

Summary: After Barry changes the timeline and saves his mother, he discovers a huge aspect of his life has changed, maybe for the better. (Set after the finale of Season 2) 

Universe: The Flash

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Part 1

A/N: Ah thank you guys so much for the love again!!! It motivated me to write the next chapter (and I will always try to update as soon as possible anyway!) I’m sure all of you saw the Season 3 trailer last night, so I do now have a more solid basis on what to do, although some things are different because I already established them before I saw the trailer (like how Barry lost his speed in the fic.) And yes, I totally stole Iris’ Season 2 Finale lines. Anyway, enjoy!!


“Some people are just meant to be in our lives.” Barry Allen, The Flash Season 3 Trailer.


Barry ran his fingers through your hair, heavily concerned with what he had done. It was a Saturday night, rain pouring down. You and Barry had decided to snuggle up and watch movies during the storm, as long as the power didn’t go out.

So there you two were on the reclined couch, you lying between his legs, upper half pressed into his chest, with your eyes focused on the screen. Barry continued to gently stroke your soft hair as his attention was drawn away from the screen and into his thoughts.

It had been 5 weeks. A bit over one month. He had done quite a good job of playing off his mistakes and trying to figure out things. And some things he did discover, like how Cisco was a billionaire, Iris barely recognized him from high school, Joe hated him, Wally was Kid Flash, and Eobard was locked in a cage.

He didn’t know what to do, really. He thought that his life would be absolutely perfect if he had saved his mother, and for the most part, things were great. There was nothing like seeing his parents laugh and enjoy their lives together, the way they always deserved. There was nothing like coming home to you, the girl he had easily come to adore.

He didn’t know yet if he loved you, but he knew he would eventually. You were so gentle and supportive and kind. You would wake him up with soft kisses and you’d make food together, flipping pancakes and accidentally letting him burn the bacon when you went to get orange juice from the fridge. Barry didn’t understand much about this timeline, but one thing he understood was that when he looked at you, he felt happier than he had in a long while.

Some might find it crazy in his circumstances, living and being engaged to someone he’d only met five weeks ago. Falling into easiness and adoration with someone he barely knew. Barry couldn’t exactly explain it, though. It just felt right, and after his experiences through the past 26 years, he learned to stop questioning things that made him feel sane.

Despite how positive his life had become from his previous one because of you, so much was missing. Too much. His best friends, the people he once knew, the right relationships and friendships. It was so confusing. He never thought that saving one life could have possibly impacted so many. One might ask, how does saving his own mother cause Cisco to become a billionaire? Well, no one really knows. It’s the small differences along the years that lead to huge changes. And despite the fact that Cisco had been positively impacted, more of this world faced negative consequences.

Barry knew that this wasn’t right. This wasn’t his world. This wasn’t his life, and he needed a way back.

With a soft sigh, he pulled you into him a bit tighter. He didn’t feel like worrying about how screwed up this timeline was right now. He just wanted to breathe.

You smile softly and take his hand, keeping your eyes on the screen. You kiss his fingertips, and then lace his fingers with your own.

“You know Barr,” you begin, watching the characters on the television, “I know you. And I know this is your favorite movie, and you’ve barely looked at the screen.” You feel his grip on you loosen. “Something’s wrong, isn’t it?” You look up at him and he frowns at you. “You haven’t been acting like yourself these days.” You crawl out of his lap and beside him instead, keeping your hand in his.

“I’m sorry baby.” He smiles weakly. “I just haven’t really been able to focus.” You kiss his cheek softly and place your head in the crook of his neck.

“Barry, it’s okay. It will be okay, and you can talk to me about anything. You know that. I love you, always.”

Barry felt his emotions spin through a whirlwind. “I love you too, Y/N.” He tugged you back into his lap and sighed into your skin. He felt like his brain was going to explode. He wanted his old life back but he also wanted you, too much. Enough to be willing to stay, stay in this crazed world. Stay in Flashpoint.

You pull back and look him in the eyes, the green ones that were filled with so much stress. You knew him like the back of your hand. You’d met when you were children, he asked you out in high school, and proposed on your anniversary last year, promising that the wedding would be scheduled on your next anniversary because you liked consistency. You knew him. You knew when he was happy or sad or plagued by something. You understood him the way nobody else did, no matter how horrible or crazy the situation was. And you knew that right now, this was more than work or family or friends or anything. Something was eating him alive.

“I know there’s something important you’re not telling me Barry. And that’s okay,” you whisper, looking at his green eyes water. Barry felt like he was going to choke. There was so much that had changed, so much that was wrong and too much chaos. He knew that he had to change it all, that he was the only one who knew what was different and the origin point of what caused all this. It was so selfish to let this world go on in disaster to keep himself happy. But even he knew he wasn’t truly content, not with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Because this time, these were his burdens to carry. It was his fault, no one else’s. He took a shaky breath as you stroked his face. “Barry, honey. You don’t have to tell me anything. You don’t have to explain yourself or make me understand. You just have to take care of it. You do what you have to do, and don’t let anything stop you, okay?” He nods into your head, tears falling, “And when you’re done,” you whisper, “come home to me.”

Barry breaks as he pulls you into him, holding you tighter than he ever has. He had wanted to pretend like this was his world, but it wasn’t. He was The Flash, and he always would be. He would always run towards danger, save people and make change. He couldn’t let things fall apart any further. It may have been normal for everyone else, but it tore him up inside because he knew how wrong everything was, not just in his life, but in lives across cities. The people he should’ve met and the lives he had once changed, those actions had been erased, and now everything was wrong. Everything except you. As his breathing settles and his tears fade, he knows inside him that you were who he was always supposed to be with. You were the one he was meant to love, not Linda, not Patty, not even Iris. It was always you.

In this past month, he had discovered that you were everything to whoever he was supposed to once be. And in the back of his mind, he hoped you could still be everything once he got home.

He pulls back and smiles softly, kissing you. And you both stay that way for a while, not necessarily kissing, but just lips touching, breathing each other in. He kept his hands firm on your hips, and you kept yours on his shoulders. You open your eyes and he lets out a soft laugh at how your eyelashes tickle his skin.

Against his lips, you murmur sweetly, “It’s going to be alright.” You finally lean back from his lips and instead curl into his side.

And that’s how you two fall asleep that night. Lights still on, the soft echo of rain, TV playing in the background, the smell of coffee in the air.

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If this is too vague you can ignore this but do you have any headcanons on what it'd be like to be Wally's younger sibling?

☆ he’s the type of big sibling that makes up games to entertain them with the absolute minimum of effort on his part when they were. really young. marco polo with him sitting still

☆ the type of sibling that will never let them see his phone. never. there are three games on there and he doesn’t want them messing up his progress

☆ the type of sibling that will flop down onto his younger sibling and lowkey crush them with his weight. ‘wally you’re heavy’ ‘noooo i’m not :)’

☆ no matter how much they ask he will not run out to mcdonald’s at unreasonable times but he will if he’s hungry (and bring back fries for them - maybe a happy meal as a joke)

There can be only one.

Already all the Ezra Stans are battling with all the Grant Stans over who is the Superior Flash.

Then the DCU Stans start harassing the DCTV Stans over which Flash is the best, and vice versa.

It’s actually pitiful and pathetic, because they’re fighting a war that is long since already won.

Yes, 100% agreed, there is only one Superior True Flash, Greater Than All Other Flashes (and no i’m not talking the Reverse Flash for once, because he is in fact The Reverse)…

No. There really can Be Only One.

And it’s already decided, already confirmed, already known.
No need to be tearing yourselves up and apart any more over it.

Here he is.

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I would be so humbled if you could rant about all your Wally and Linda biases and headcanons. Thanks!

The interest starts on Linda’s part. After the threat of Zoom is gone, Linda returns from Coast City to resettle at home. Iris is thrilled to have her friend back at work with her. They’re catching up at CCPN one afternoon on all that took place in the months they were apart. “You two finally got your shit together, huh?” is Linda’s response to Iris informing her that she and Barry are a couple now. Iris chooses to ignore that and asks if Linda happened to meet anyone in Coast City. Linda rolls her eyes: “The guys in Coast City sucked, wish they had looked like THAT,” she juts her chin out to someone behind Iris. Iris turns around curiously to find Wally waving and walking toward her. Iris is horrified and turns around to Linda, hissing, “That’s my little brother!” Linda blinks. “You have a brother? What the fuck? How much shit went down while I was gone?”

Iris doesn’t think anything of it after that (other than a few shudders at the memory of Linda shamelessly admiring her baby brother), until she walks into work on a random Tuesday a few weeks later to see Linda and Wally talking, or rather, flirting based on the way Linda has her head cocked to the side, playing with a strand of her hair, and Wally has his hands in his pockets. She grits her teeth and makes her way over to them. “Can I ask why you two are crowding around my desk?” she asks, doing her best to sound casual. Wally: “I was just stopping by to give you this paperwork at Dad’s request when I happened to run into…?” he looks to Linda questioningly. Linda stands up straight and sticks out an enthusiastic hand: “Linda. Linda Park.” Wally shakes her hand carefully. Both of them are beaming and neither one seems to want to be the first to let go. Part of Iris wants to throw up, but another part wonders if this could be the start of something new.


Daaaaamn, Kid Flash can sing 🔥


One of Keiynan’s roundtables.

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Dick, despite knowing how to cook (older brother Dick OK?) will make Wally make his own pancakes in the morning because Wally's the one who wanted them and makes them better anyway

This is basically how their morning routine goes.

Because Wally and his speedster metabolism, he of course wakes up first. Dick just lays there for a couple of minutes thinking if he should get up and make breakfast or make Wally do it (we all know the answer)

Some times Wally will try to make Dickie do it. But Dick makes excuses why he can’t (“I have two cracked ribs” “I haven’t slept since Tuesday.” Etc.)

This is how Wally got stuck making breakfast for the both of them for two years and going.


One of Keiynan’s roundtable interviews.

The Flash season 3 [spoilers]

I saw trailer for The Flash season 3. Looks like Barry is villain here, and Wally - speedster at light side. But his costume seems to be Kid Flash’s, so where’s Flash?

I’d like to see Wally West from DC Rebirth, though rather they going to slowly make Barry one real Flash again, now also with Kid Flash as his sidekick.

It’s sad, other Flash would be interesting idea, and fans of real Wally West (like me) would be really satisfied.