wally to my artemis

November 11, 2016 - Happy Birthday, Wally!

In which Wally reacts to his 22nd birthday exactly the same way I did.

(Also my 22nd birthday was just 6 days ago… we’re so close in age! Just another reason to love him.)

And because I know people are gonna call me out for being unrealistic, here’s an actual picture of how his 22nd birthday goes down, you sadists:

Wally coming back alive and catching up with Dick

- This is the young justice verison
- Artemis is by his side the whole time because he is not leaving her anytime soon.
- They go to the apartment because Dick doesn’t want to throw a lot at him at once.
- Just catching up on old times and where everyone is.
- Dick tried to keep it a secret that Wally came over because the family would be all over him.
- Tim found out cause well it’s Tim.
- He comes running threw the door to hug Wally at a speed so fast Wally was proud. He heard so many stories about him.
- Wally ask question after question about Bart.
- Jason comes crashing through the window and well Wally about had a heart attack.
- Shot I knew i forgot to tell him something.
- Yeah like the whole I am alive thing.

“Sorry, Artemis. I was here first. I’m not going anywhere.”


 I got home a day early from my trip so here’s my (super late I am so sorry) contribution for @yjficexchange Mini Big Bang Event to accoompany @delirious-daydreamer‘s fic!! I hope you like it!


Here are the photos I drew for the Spitfire video I made for YJ Day. I had a lot of fun coming up with scenarios that Wally and Artemis would take pictures in. 

There’s the gratuitous selfie, New Years Eve kiss (Dick tried to take a picture, but Artemis was having none of it), the Mount Justice Halloween party (where they dressed up as each other and Wally ROCKED a crop top), a “date” at an old fashioned cowboy restaurant (Wally did that challenge where you have to eat a huge meal in under thirty minutes… he got a plaque for beating the record), pool party (Wally is sitting on a donut floatie… totally want one of those now… they’re holding hands so they don’t float apart), standard party picture, beach day (Artemis buried Wally in sand… is he asleep or was he okay with this? It’s a mysteryyyyy), graduation picture (they didn’t graduate together but their parents wanted cap and gown pics of them together), and sunset hike (who’s taking the picture!?!?!).