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I grew up with pokemon, played almost every single game, and yet Pokemon Sun left a huge impact with it’s characters that the other games haven’t. 
I mean, I have loved characters before, but this feels like the first time I care about the characters, and where they’re going, and what’s in store for them, and ahhhh I hope they show up in future titles! 
I finished the game but I don’t want to say goodbye!

Newsflash in The Flash #12

The Iris bits were so delicious this week that I’m tempted to just post the whole damn comic. But for now, read on at your own risk and if you enjoy then you should totally buy the issue here and tweet some love to @williamson_josh:

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Kiss Art Challenge | 6 & 9 - Kiss on the lips(cute) & neck

Surprise kiss from the bf! (∗˘ ³˘)
Thank you very much for dropping a number in!!

Flashwave Week - Single Parents

Another one that should’ve been longer - but I still laughed while writing it, so there.

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They meet online.

It‘s a forum for parents about dealing with picky eaters, tips about sneaking vegetables into food, training kids into trying new things.

Barry’s there –


Barry’s actually there for work. He’s a CSI, not a detective, but they think the serial killer who’s been stalking single parents has been going through this forum.

So Barry pretends that his brand new step-brother, Wally, was his kid, even though Wally is sixteen and way too old for this shit. He just uses his name, yanks a few pictures from the family album they were able to recover before Wally and Iris’ mom died, and ta-da! Perfect cover.

He’s not expecting to meet Mick.

Mick’s a single dad, dealing with a picky eater – “He wants boxed mac and cheese for every meal,” Mick tells him. “Every one. Even breakfast.” – and he’s funny. Smart. Charming.

He’s awesome.

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So here’s a little update on TT: Judas Contract! We finally have the Bluray cover art and the release date which is slated for 4/18/17~

Another thing, in my previous post about the sneak peak, I spoke about the identy of Kid Flash. Well, if the voice actors are anything to go by, it is most likely Wally (just with more blondish hair??). The voice cast for TT: JC includes Crispin Freeman as Speedy; who played Speedy in the Young Justice cartoon, and Jason Spisak as Kid Flash; who also voiced KF (Wally, not Bart) in Young Justice. So that’s just my speculation. :)

Source for the voice cast: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.comicbookmovie.com/amp/teen_titans/teen-titans-the-judas-contract-release-date-blu-ray-cover-art-and-a148989


“My name is Wally West. I’m the Flash. And when Linda’s in my arms, I’m the luckiest man alive.”


ok so little rant here, i like city living but i dont like my sims living in apartments??? idk it just seems kinda closed in and isolated for me so i really cant wait until maggie gets older so she can move into a house..but!! remember thats just my opinion i just really like nature cuz i live in a rlly small farm town lol 

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Soooooo I just realized this would be Artemis' fist Valentine's without Wally. Amd then I though anout her visiting his grave and being sad and myself really sad.... But I was wondering do you think Dick would do sometging to try and cheer Artemis up. I mean Wally was his best friend and Artemis is his friend too I feel like Dick (or the whole original) would do domething to make it a little better for Artemis. Wow I babbled I'm so sorry.

Omg this is so sad, like I’m tearing up at just the thought of Artemis sitting by Wally’s grave and crying because she can’t enjoy Valentine’s day with him :( And I imagine that Dick and Wally used to always try to hook each other up with dates on Valentine’s Day as a joke and be each other’s wingman, but Dick would now find Valentine’s Day too sad because his best friend isn’t there to spend it with him. 

And yes, I think Dick would make sure to stop by their apartment with chocolates and cheesy romance movies to comfort Artemis, even though there’s not much he can do to make her happy after her boyfriend died. But still, they would sit on her couch and make fun of the corny movies, if only to take their mind off their missing speedster. They would just take comfort in each other because they both miss him so much, and it’s nice for Artemis to have a friend to spend time with so she can forget about her overwhelming grief, even if only for a while. They would also go to Wally’s memorial together, Artemis bringing him flowers and candy hearts because he used to love them so much. And Dick would bring Wally a crappy card because when they were teenagers they always wrote each other stupid notes and stuff on Valentine’s day, (Dick mostly wrote dumb comments about Wally’s hair). So Dick and Artemis just sit together and tell stories about Wally on past Valentine’s Days and all the stuff he used to do, just leaning on each other in the midst of their sadness.    

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I don't know if this has been discussed already, but I feel like Wally getting his speed from Savitar/Alchemy is gonna come back and bite Team Flash in the ass somehow. The alcolyte did tell Killer Frosty that Savitar had plans for everyone he gave powers to, so Wally is likely the one to betray when the chips are down. Maybe Savitar flips a metaphorical psychic switch (like in Star Wars Attack of the Clones) where everyone he converted will turn on the good guys to destroy them. Thoughts?

This is concerning, but likely. 😰 I’m sure Wally will power through, though, because no way will Kid Flash be done after less than a season.


I see you fuckers in the DC fandom out here celebrating the “return” of Wally West now that there’s a new-old white Wally showing up in Rebirth.

Meanwhile, a lot of you were so quick to drop the character as your fave when he was racebent and reintroduced in the DCU and on the TV show… That was a return y'all flipped chairs over and shit but now that he’s white again (even though Black Wally still apparently exists…), y'all are all like “oh I missed the real/old Wally”

Y'all aren’t hiding your racism very well…


NAME OF YOUR MUSE: Wallace Rudolph West



crap I’m bad at these.

1. Well, even though Wally can  speak spanish and french I want to say he’s got a terrible accent. Like, native speakers will cringe terrible
2.  Except for dogs, Wally just doesn’t care too much for animals. Yeah there are some he considers cool, but it’s more of a ‘meh’ subject for him


1. Reading
2. Working on experiments in his parents garage
3. playing video games


1. His mom
2. Aunt Iris
3. Barry
4. Dick Grayson ( @justwhellmed)
5. Klarion Bleak ( @orderisoutofstyle )
6. Lian Harper ( @licn)
7. Conner Kent ( @sonxfel)


1. Opening his big mouth during Episode seven “Denial” he feels like all the trouble they went through in that magic tower could have been avoided, but he still hasn’t learned to shut it so xD
2. Sometimes, just sometimes when he’s super insecure, he regrets replicating the speed formula


1. That he’s always going to be second best
2. That his hypermetabolism will perpetually give him that ‘empty feeling’ no matter how much he eats

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Introducing the character studies of Slappy and Wally Wood the living dummies! 

Have a few headcannons introduced that’ll be in the fanfic;

1. Whenever the characters of Goosebumps (or just any character that was given life by the magic ink) depending on their author, their eye color changes color whenever they experience extreme emotions, typically anger. Since Goosebumps’ trademark color was green; that’s the color we’ll go for for the R.L. Stine characters!

2. Slappy has a knack for playing pool! (That doesn’t stop him from cheating, though!) 

3. Wally and Slappy both have ‘scars’ (wears and tears in their paint) due to their numerous defeats; they may have been seperated and hate each other but that doesn’t stop those two troublemakers’ hunt for slaves!

MINOR SPOILERS FOR THE FANFIC AHEAD; Nothing to ruin the plot but just in case you want to be surprised entirely!

@dontyoufourcheddarboutme <– Credit to this gal for the design of Wally Wood!

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