wally though

One of my absolute favorite things about Young Justice is the mind link. Seriously, just imagine all of the crazy stuff the team can do when they can actually read each other’s minds during a mission:  

- Infinite Rickrolls 
- Wally making an obvious effort to not call Robin “Dick” when they’re linked and getting really frustrated   
- Being spoiled about Christmas presents and surprise parties 
- When one member gets hurt everyone feels it 
- Dick and Wally trying to see how loud they can scream in their minds until Kaldur starts yelling at them  
- Something blows up and everyone simultaneously goes “same" 
- Everyone cringing when Conner and M'gann have really loud dirty thoughts about each other 
- Hearing Kaldur mentally sigh at least fifteen times a mission 
- When one person has a song stuck in their head, everyone gets the song in their head  
- This of course leads to the entire team becoming a silent choir as they all mentally belt out Let It Go together while beating up bad guys 
- When Raquel first joined, they learned that ”??????“ makes an actual sound in ones head 
- Zatanna thinking backwards and giving everyone a headache 
- They even linked up Wolf once just to see what it was like and they heard weird stuff like “Boy? Boy is bird?? He is puppy??? Need cuddles??? Must protect!!!” “Superboy!💗💗💗💗 Human! Best human! Best human in whole world!” “I good boy?? Treats????” “BANE BAD. KILL BANE. HE HURT BABIES?!?!?! BITE. BITE. BITE!!! I TREATS??? I DID GOOD??????” It was definitely a learning experience about how dogs work, and they also learned about how Wolf sees Robin as a small puppy in need of protection, so that was fun to tease him about.  
- Conner screams even in his mind 
- There is no privacy whatsoever, so that’s how the team learned things about each other that they will definitely regret knowing 
- Artemis and Wally flirting all the time just to make everyone uncomfortable
- Falling asleep on stakeouts leads to seeing each other’s dreams and even interacting in them
- Once Wally had a nightmare about his father and everyone saw it, though Wally had no idea and was confused when they spent the rest of the week being really nice to him
- On really traumatic missions, sometimes one member will get flashbacks and all of them see it too  
- Dick singing Bohemian Rhapsody for five hours straight 
- The team learning that M'gann curses like a sailor in her head  
- Kaldur mentally goes “WTF” so many times they lost count 
- Silently judging everyone together 

I just really love the mind link concept okay? 

The return of Performing Dean

So, the family is out having breakfast. Remind me again, how long has it been since we’ve seen Dean flirt with a waitress? Yes I know, 12x11, but @mittensmorgul has written a fantastic meta HERE addressing that. 

What’s different this time? 


Wally - Red blooded American hunter. Wally, who sneers at namby pamby nancy boys with soft white hands. Wally, with his beard and his jacket who reminds me a lot of John. And Dean’s performing for him, being daddy’s little hunter boy. 

So Dean tries to flirt with Mandy, using the hammiest possible approach and it fails. And he’s okay with it. Until she shows interest in Cas. Look at the reactions, Sam immediately look at Cas with an uh-oh face. And Dean is just pissed, complete with eye rolling and lips pursing.

Dean’s jealous, and Sam knows it. I say this because some people are already trying to paint Dean getting pissed as him being angry about getting rejected. That is highly OOC for Dean (Jo shot him down and he simply breezed past it) He’s gotten rejected plenty of times with no issue. Dean’s also got rejected by girls who then hit on Sam. He’s always been okay with that. 

But Cas, Cas is different, isn’t he?

Wally is still there though. So Dean can’t pull the possessive jealous husband routine he pulled in 12x10. So what does Dean do? What every insecure person does. 

Lalala I don’t care at all that someone’s flirting with you. I’m going to be magnanimous about it and show how much I don’t care at all hahaha because I don’t care. Not at all. 

Wally nods in approval when Dean mentions Mandy is ‘into’ Cas. Mary shoots the topic down, and Dean tries to play both sides - the macho posturing side that Wally approves of, but Mary clearly doesn’t like it. So he backtracks there (”I’m not objectifying her Mom, this is a teachable moment)

And he’s trying to wink and act like everything’s cool… But it’s not. Dean doesn’t look happy, he looks positively pained. Contrast this to when he took Cas to the brothel. Another teachable moment. Look at how different he looked. 

Sam distracts, and Dean has the perfect chance to forget about it. But he doesn’t. Because even though Cas has been clueless to everything till now, Dean’s still not feeling secure enough to let it go. He can’t act too irritated in front of Wally, so he takes it out on Sam a little, then immediately goes back to bro-bro manly back slapping. And Wally is watching on, nodding and approving everything Dean’s saying - she’ll smell like food. Really, Dean? Are you talking about a girl who’ll appeal to Cas, or you? Why are you fishing so much?

Cas still doesn’t respond. Mary shuts it down again. And that’s the end of that.   

You know, it is surprising that 12x10 and 12x12 both had promos with Jealous!Insecure husband!Dean. It’s alost like their trying to point to something…  

(gif credits to @timetraveldean, @godshipsit, @storywingstiel)

Incorrect DC Quotes

Flash: *bursting in unannounced to the Wayne library, where Bruce and Diana sit researching a case* You two ARE having sex!!!

Bruce and Diana: *look confused at one another*

Diana: Really? Bruce, why didn’t you tell me? I would have put my book down.

anonymous asked:

I think I have a clear idea about how the cartoons are formed properly. It depends on the desire of the person being used. If Boris is Wally and what we've heard about Wally is true, it would make sense if he were perfect because he would love to be part of the show and be one with a character he loved. Susie on the other hand chose to become Alice out of fear of keeping her role and selfishness, making her imperfect. Sammy was entirely unwilling, resulting in half-formed ink humanoid.

I think Sammy is made of liquid ink and because he was made using the first ink machine instead of the more stable second version, similar to the first Alice was made. The Butcher Gang seem like they’d be examples of what happens when the host is unwilling.

Also, Susie wasn’t wanting to keep her role out of selfishness - she genuinely felt a connection to the character according to the Chapter 2 tape. If anything, I’d wager she would be more eager to be the character she loved and to be on the show than Wally (who we know like the cartoons for being funny, but we can’t confirm anything else about).

SPOILERS ALERT: My thoughts on The Flash (4x01)

  • Wally speaking Japanese 👌
  • Joe’s sad, Iris is sad, I’m sad
  • “since the day he left” 😣
  • Iris “because Barry is gone” 😢
  • Caitlin is working in a bar..
  • You mean to tell me that out of all the metas they fight without Barry, this is the first one who asked for Barry??
  • Don’t do things without Iris!!
  • Wally in that hoodie though 😍
  • “How are we gonna bring Barry back without blowing up the um.. world?”
  • Barry is butt ass naked, LAWD
  • “I’m sorry we?” Omg, Iris, chill.
  • Omg, Cisco chill.
  • Grant Gustin is PRECIOUS
  • Barry is talking that nonsense
  • Omg that’s from the first episode!!
  • “I’m just not sure I’m like you Oliver” 😂😂😂
  • Poker Face 😂😂😂😂 cisco 😂😂😂
  • Grant’s acting!! 👍👍👍
  • “We’re gonna need more diapers” I died!!
  • Iris is crying… imma need a minute
  • “Please come back to me” I’m crying
  • “Expecting someone else?” Caitlin, that was brilliant
  • Wally is the Flash, and I low-key dig it
  • Though my baby does look great in Yellow
  • Cisco, poor baby had to live without his two best friends
  • “This house is bitchin’” 😂😂
  • “I did it because I miss my friend” 😢😢
  • Joe taking care of his baby boy
  • I LIVE for Joe and Iris scenes
  • “And here you two are”
  • Candice is so pretty…
  • Iris.. that’s not what Joe meant
  • He took the new suit!
  • The kiss 😍😍😍😍😍
  • Barry is so fricking precious
  • “We back baby”
  • I wasn’t not expecting Killer Frost
  • The Thinker?

((I’ve yet to sit down and properly think about how the toons take to illness, so I guess its about time I did. Also, no such thing as too many questions! I’m glad you can think up so many of ‘em, keeps the blog active. Headcanons under the cut! :3))

Please don’t tag as kin/me - Please don’t repost to other websites - Ask Before Dubbing - Please don’t remove caption - Reblogs appreciated! <3 ✮

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From Far Across the Yellow Field

Part 1 | Part 2

ao3 | ff.net

Summary: “You wanna talk about it?”

“Not really,” Dick says, and Wally notices that he hasn’t quite met Wally’s gaze this entire time. Not a good sign, all things considering. “I just don’t want to go home tonight.”

“Well,” Wally says, a small grin pulling his own lips up, “how about we grab that ice cream and then we hit that field. You know, the one we camped in that one time?”

“Yeah.” Dick lets out a soft sigh. “Yeah, let’s do that.”

Wanna get some ice cream?

it’s like 4 am


what ice cream place is gonna b open

There’s no response for a few minutes, and Wally stares at his phone screen. He doesn’t know why Dick’s texting him at the crack of dawn, but he’s not going to leave his best friend hanging. Especially if this is what Wally thinks it is.

Dick has been having a few problems—with Bruce, with Batman, with life, Dick had confided in him. Wally knows that there’s been more than a few arguments, and he hopes that Dick’s just frustrated and needs an outlet. Someone to vent to. A friend to talk to so Dick can get back up on his feet again.

Wally’s phone buzzes.


Wally sighs and texts back, sure but gimme 2 min

30 seconds

Wally rolls his eyes, but he’s ready in the blink of an eye and speeds towards Gotham. He knows where Dick is, too, and he makes to the rooftop of Wayne Industries with 3 seconds left to spare. And of course, there’s Dick.

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I started thinking, ghosts can’t be seen by people right?

Well, what if they couldn’t even see Teth but they definitely saw Billy stepping in front of the attack (probably some levitating weapons or something) and since Teth didn’t want to hurt Billy (the exact opposite really) he made it freeze inches from the ten year old.

The Justice League assumes this kid is telekinetic or something and want to train him because that is a powerful ability and his tendency of talking to himself is really easy to explain away as him having an imaginary friend. After all, it’s not unusual for kids to have imaginary friends.

However, once Zatanna joins the team Billy starts to really open up because while she wasn’t a necromancer like him, she did get magic. She even tells Billy the things the wizard neglected to tell him, because he kept forgetting that Billy was a total amateur because of how instinctual he was, and while she finds it odd that he can summon a hellhound but doesn’t know the very basics of necromancy she doesn’t say anything.

The two wind up forming a magic team and stick up for each other against the non-believer (Wally) and while Kaldur is always welcome to join, it’s usually just the two of them against everyone else.

And even though Wally doesn’t really believe in magic, whenever Billy needs to summon something quickly he does help him draw the pentagrams and Zatanna helps him out as well if he’s low on magical supplies

My new favorite thing from S3 of The Flash was Wally, Iris and Barry. This is OT3 the show needs to explore more. Grant, Candice and Keiynan were fantastic together. They seemed so at ease in their scenes from their comedic timing in Flashpoint to their emotional bond by the finale. Just perfection! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
—  Anonymous

So after seeing these posts by @owldart for @doodledrawsthings‘ Hell’s Studio Au, I realized I needed to write something for it! Because I am a HUGE sucker for body swap stories. This was a lot of fun to write, but it came out… Quite a lot larger than I had anticipated! I hope you enjoy!

Word Count:  8,489

The feeling of ink-covered hair on his own head was a surreal one. To the point where Bendy had a hard time grasping what exactly he was touching. On top of that, his hand felt weird. Why was that? Having gallons of ink dumped on him was something that he didn’t want to admit he was used to, but this time seemed to have messed with his senses something fierce. If Sammy hadn’t turned back into an ink monster, had Bendy gone off model again? Gracious, he hoped not.

“Aw man, what a trip…” he moaned. Was there ink in his ears, or did he sound a little different? He rubbed his hand along his head, shuddering slightly as the stringy texture passed between his fingers, “Hey Sammy, am I meltin’ or just–” he stopped when he reached the top of his head. Where he would have normally found the dip between his horns, he didn’t feel… Well, anything. Just more head.

“Drippin’?” he croaked. At that point he realized that the voice he was using was certainly not his. He couldn’t pin whose it was, but it did sound familiar… His eyes popped open, and he was met with a pale, five-fingered hand.

Sammy was quickly catching on himself. He had kept his eyes closed for a while now, a surge of dread washing over him like a devastating tidal wave. He didn’t feel like himself; he felt cold and unnatural. Defined in shape, but able to melt and sink into the surrounding ink at any moment–and he knew that only meant one thing: he was an ink monster yet again. He grit his teeth and dared himself to open his eyes as Bendy spoke, though… Wait a moment. That was his voice that he was hearing. Why was he hearing his own voice, and with Bendy’s accent of all things?

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Fast Healer

Can you write an imagine for being Wally’s sister (not superpowered) and dating either Jason or Dick. Thanks ❤

Relationship: Jason Todd x Reader

A/N: I’m assuming you mean wally west and if not oh well. this is really just a Drabble but I hope you enjoy nonetheless

Warnings: fluff

“Dude she’s my sister.” Your older brother said to your boyfriend. “How can you find that attractive?”

“I find her very attractive, you just can’t see that cause she’s your sister.” Your boyfriend Jason laughed as he grabbed the large bowl of popcorn and brought it out to the living room.

“Isn’t that against guy code though?” Wally asked. He wasn’t happy about yours and Jason’s relationship at all.

“I believe it’s only against guy code if your friends Wally.” You say pushing your brother to the door of your apartment. “Now scram speedy, I got a movie to watch and a boyfriend to cuddle with.”

“That was quite the burn doll.” Jason said laughing at you as you rolled your eyes.

“He’ll heal fast.” You say shrugging popping a handful of popcorn into your mouth and sitting next to Jason. “Now are we going to play this movie or not.”

‘Legion’ Premiere: The 9 Moments That Make It a Masterpiece
The mind-blowing debut of “Legion” demands further discussion. Here’s what you may have missed on first viewing, and why it deserves a second look (at least).
By Ben Travers

In terms of plot, the “Legion” premiere isn’t hard to summarize. David Haller (Dan Stevens) is committed to a mental institution after trying to kill himself. There, he falls in love with Syd Barrett (Rachel Keller), a woman who believes David’s “sickness” is what makes him special. But David might not actually be sick. He may have telekinetic and telepathic powers, and when Syd is allowed to leave and he isn’t, David uses those powers to get back to her.

Of course, the presentation of the plot — the story driving “Legion” — is much more complex. David is a damaged, untrusting young man seeking a connection to reality that his mind refuses to provide. Syd represents that connection and may be looking for a forbidden connection herself. The couple, joined by a group of similarly alienated individuals, rebel against their oppressors to find happiness within and among themselves…via mutant superpowers.

But what’s truly marvelous about this Marvel adaptation is how creator, director, and writer Noah Hawley (“Fargo”) corrals all of the above into a thrilling, gorgeous, and all-around remarkable 67 minutes of television. There’s a lot to be admired from a lot of levels, so we thought we’d break down nine telling moments in order to better appreciate their creators’ artistic efforts as well as what they might mean for the future of “Legion.” Take a look below, and be sure to tell us your favorite parts of the episode in the comments section.

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Legion” Season 1, “Chapter 1.”]

1. The Opening Sequence

Let’s start from the beginning: Noah Hawley’s introduction of David Haller was told in a dialogue-free, decade-spanning montage all set to the beat of The Who’s “Happy Jack.” We watched as a cute little baby morphed into a happy young soccer player and scientist, who then slowly let the voices in his head turn him to trouble. Happy David wasn’t so happy anymore, and drinking led to an arrest which led to medication, depression, and an attempt at suicide.

The song faded along with David’s smile — first an innocent grin, then a drunken smirk, and finally a medicated straight face — explaining without a diegetic sound how this man ended up in a mental hospital. Considering how long the episode ran, it’s important to note that Hawley didn’t let his freedoms run wild. He remained efficient with his time, getting right into the story without sacrificing key background information. And he was just getting started…

2. The Hidden Message Right in Front of You

Fun fact: The costume department went above and beyond the call of duty in “Legion.” For a superhero show firmly grounded in reality, subtle alterations to classic looks provide an anomalous vibe without feeling cartoonish. David’s white button-down worn while under interrogation lacks a collar. Lenny’s headphones are big, bulky, and a bit out of date. But the orange uniforms patients sported in the mental hospital actually contained a secret code for the staff to distinguish which inmates were the most dangerous.

A white stripe down the sleeve signified the lowest risk. They were calm, relatively safe individuals — like Syd. Patients with a yellow stripe are somewhere in the middle: a risk, but not a consistent threat. David wore a yellow stripe, but only because the doctors didn’t fully realize his powers (until it was too late). Lenny, however, sported the most dangerous marking: a red stripe. She was just too rambunctious for the staff to ever fully trust. (After David and Syd switch bodies later in the episode, you can hear Lenny trying to calm hospital security who are restraining David by saying, “He’s in the yellow,” meaning, “He’s not violent. Take it easy.”)

But the scene we’re referring to is David and Syd’s romance. Their meet-cute sets up a courtship similar to the opening scene in that it plays out via a montage set to music. This time, after David quickly asks Syd to be his girlfriend in an adolescently sweet (a.k.a. blunt) fashion, the Rolling Stones’ “She’s a Rainbow” kicks in as we watch the two joke about cherry pie and hold a piece of clothing to mime holding hands.

3. The (First) Long Take

The overall production design of “Legion” deserves an article unto itself (hint: that’s on the way), so it’s worth noting when Hawley first fully utilized his detailed and expansive surroundings. After David tries to help Syd imagine being outside the mental hospital, we cut to an interrogation room where David is sitting across from Hamish Linklater’s government official. The interrogator is asking about “the girl who disappeared,” which we (correctly) assume is Syd, even though David didn’t really have anything to do with her escape.

No matter. When David needs a break from discussing his missing girlfriend, the interrogator gets up and walks out of the kookily intimidating room, unveiling a far more frightening operation outside. The camera tracks him walking quickly through the floor of an empty pool being guarded by men wearing black masks and carrying machine guns. One of them opens a door for the interrogator, who heads down a short hallway and takes the stairs up to a command center constructed a good 15 feet off the ground, overlooking what appears to be a high school stage. There, the armed guards are on break, watching TV, but the camera soon swings back to the interrogator who’s checking in with his boss, an older man watching David from a TV in the operation center.

It’s not a particularly long or overly ambitious one-take, but it conveys a lot of important exposition — David’s value, the scope of the situation, what’s going on outside the room — all while establishing pertinent geography for later scenes. That pool soon comes into play, and we needed to understand where it would come from in order to believe we’re in a real place. Visually conveying that we’re in a school makes absorbing that information interesting and saves time in the long run. Plus, long takes are fun. And “Legion” is fun. So there.

4. The Imploding Kitchen

Hinted at in previews and earlier in the episode, our first look at the full scene comes when David is taking a break and — after looking at a small statue of a dog — remembers a major telekinetic breakthrough. Angry at an old girlfriend, he walks into the kitchen screaming, “I don’t want to talk about it” and gripping the sink with both hands. Then he hears a rattling: It’s a bin of bagels shaking on the counter. Suddenly the door pops open. David lets in a small gasp. He looks around the room and we shift into slow motion: the cabinets, drawers, refrigerator, and anything that can open does, forcefully expelling its contents into a tornado of junk swirling around our anguished hero.

It’s important to note that momentarily, he marvels at what he’s done. He seems calm or at least accepting of the chaotic situation. But then a knife flies by his face and cuts him, right before he glances down to see “the devil with the yellow eyes” sitting in the corner. He first used the descriptor for the fat, bald, terrifying being in therapy earlier in the episode, and this glimpse at him during a peak moment of David’s power is telling. Why is the devil there? Where did he come from? And what is he trying to do to David?

We’ll come back to that in future episodes — as well as this visually astounding kitchen scene.

5. That Kiss!

David just couldn’t let Syd leave without sharing their first kiss, and there hasn’t been a more catastrophic smooch since King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson. Though the aftermath requires a lot of piecing together, it’s important to note we could hear Syd telling David to stop without actually hearing her speak. They appeared to be communicating telepathically, but even such a direct connection couldn’t stop David from planting a parting peck.

Next thing you know, a field of televisions with various characters speaking to David appear before we cut back to the moment. A sonic boom knocks both of them off their feet, and the camera flips upside down. David and Syd have switched bodies, but only Syd (in David’s body) is aware of it; screaming at the top of her lungs to “stop.”

At this moment, most audience members don’t know what’s happened yet. And the next thing we know, “David” is staring at the yellow-eyed devil again in a room bathed with red light. “Syd” hears an explosion from the nursing office, and she looks at herself in the mirror, trying to take in the change. Only when she starts to touch her face, neck, and…other things does Hamish Linklater’s government interrogator stop the story to make David tell us what happened: They switched bodies, meaning it was Syd using David’s powers that turned the hospital upside down.

6. The Ping Pong Ball

What started the entire sequence was Syd waiting in her room to say goodbye to David, and the sound of two other patients playing ping pong outside. When David is asked to talk about “the incident,” the first shot of his recollection is of the table from above, and we hear the back-and-forth sound of “ping” and “pong” as a ball bounces between players. It sets a rhythm for the scene, as Syd sits on her bed waiting and well-timed cuts show the players battling.

Each strike leads to a decision: “Ping” — “You could write him a note.” “Pong” — she stands to leave. “Ping” — Syd enters the common room. “Pong” — Lenny stops Syd to talk to her about a candy bar. “Ping” — as she talks, David runs into the room. Then, right before the kiss, the rhythm stops as the ball can be heard dropping to the ground and rolling away…

That’s when the switch happens, but the ball doesn’t complete its journey until Syd and David’s doctor returns to the common room — now empty and filled with red light — and the ball bounces directly to their feet. Something’s coming. A new scene is born. David and Syd’s journey isn’t a game anymore.

7. Lenny’s Return

Aubrey Plaza isn’t an actress you can introduce at the beginning of an episode and kill off by the end. We, as a people, simply cannot stand for such things. Plaza is too fascinating an actress — and too perfect for this world, in particular — to only serve as a surprising death or emotional baggage for the main character. Moreover, Lenny served as a wild burst of energy, filling her scenes with enough added personality that you wouldn’t be blamed for watching her instead of David.

So when we were told she died — implanted in a wall after David and Syd switched bodies and Syd freaked out — we were heartbroken….until she came back. An imaginary friend may be out of place in other shows, but David’s many perceived versions of reality allow for such a character to exist in “Legion.” We’ll see more of Lenny in flashbacks, too, but having her pop up and talk to David in the present is a treat we’re glad not to be denied.

8. The Dance Scene!

Though the joyous, choreographed dance number only took place in David’s mind, that did little to lessen our love for it. Syd led the rest of the patients in a smiling, exuberant sequence set to the tune of Serge Gainsbourg’s “Pauvre Lola” but also to Syd repeating David’s name over and over again. Finally, he wakes up; submerged in a pool meant to entrap him while the government mines him for more answers (and data). It’s very much the opposite vibe of his mental happy place, and I doubt any audience members would’ve minded spending a few more minutes asleep so David could hold onto those good vibes.

9. The Escape

Like so many classic escape plans, it all started with planting a girl inside a memory. When asked where Syd was, David remembered being outside the mental hospital, looking for her. From there, people started following him until suddenly Syd appeared… in the back of a person’s head. Then the rest of her showed up, and she explained that she wasn’t really there. She was inserted into his memory to explain how he was supposed to escape. Such a confounding idea demanded she convey the information as bluntly as possible (she even explained it twice), and then… boom.

David slid out of his chair just before the pool room exploded above him, frying the guards and allowing Syd, Ptonomy (Jeremie Harris) and Kerry (Amber Midthunder) to get in and get him out. And from the second they walk out, it feels as though we’ve stepped out of a television drama and into a big budget Marvel movie. With guns firing and bad guys being tossed around without a hand touching them, David & Co. make their way down the side of the mountain in an ambitious, breathtaking long take. There might have been one masked cut right before an enemy grabbed David by the throat, but otherwise it’s a single shot all the way down.

The lack of cuts wasn’t just for show. It helped “Legion” stay grounded in reality, right when it could’ve drifted into into superhero heights. At the bottom of the mountain (after the one take ends), David demands to know if what he’s going through is real or imagined. After an hour-plus with “Legion,” we were wondering the same thing, and Hawley’s stylistic choice helps us believe just as Syd helps David. It’s a crowning moment of an episode filled with them. We can’t wait to see what comes next.

Pop Tart Thief

My first Wally imagine? You betcha!
Also, sorry if you don’t like Pop Tarts. 
Feel free to change that to anything else hahaha

Title: Pop Tart Thief
Pairing: Wally West x reader
Summary: A roast session with Wally gets too real and Wally tries to make it up to you. Along the way, his feelings for you slip out
Word Count: 1,055
Warnings: Food mention

Your name: submit What is this?

            "And that’s how you do it,“ Wally gloats.

           Wally pulls off his cowl as he saunters into the Cortex, Barry close behind him. The older speedster pats him on the back, congratulating him on another successful trial. Wally had been improving steadily, and these training sessions have only boosted his progress.

           "Not bad, Kid Flash,” Barry teases. “Keep training and maybe you’ll get good.”

           Barry’s dig incites ooh’s from the rest of the team. Wally has a look of offense on his face as Barry just grins, proud of his own diss.

           "Is that a challenge?“ Wally retorts, arms crossed.

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Barry has said before that there is no Flash without Iris West. If you ask me, this is just his way of making her feel important even when she’s not. After all, the times he’s said it have often been times when Iris was feeling left out or useless.  And then the WestAllen and Iris stans take this phrase and make it become Iris’s only reason for importance. “Oh, Barry’s admitted that there’s no Flash without her…” But, what has she contributed exactly? Nothing. 

First of all, there is no Flash without Barry Allen. As we can tell from the 4x01 promo and many other instances, that first and foremost, we need Barry Allen to have the Flash. Which makes sense. I mean, Barry’s the man in the suit and in my opinion, he’s the heart of the Team, after all, he’s the one who never gives up even when everyone else wants to, (like with stopping Zoom), keeps everyone together, (like in 3x02), and without him, Team Flash falls apart, (like in 3x19. It was only past Barry’s arrival that brought the Team back together in the future. No one else was able to hold them together). So, yeah, there’s no Flash without Barry Allen. And then we have to ask, who do we have to thank for Barry Allen’s existence other than Nora and Henry. Being the Flash puts Barry in danger a lot and even though he’s a hero, as Caitlin said in 1x12, sometimes Barry needs a little saving, too. 

So, let’s look at Caitlin Snow first. This amazing woman has saved Barry’s life multiple times. She helped stabilize him in his coma and took care of him while he was in it, has patched him up multiple times, (even if Barry would have lived through certain injuries and healed on his own, it helped to have Caitlin set bones, stitch cuts, pull spears out, etc. so he’d heal correctly). She’s also helped out in other ways. Caitlin may have struggled with controlling her powers in season three, but she was able to use them to get Barry out of the mirror and blast Savitar while he was beating Barry up, (though Savitar probably wouldn’t have killed Barry considering that would be killing himself, but she still saved him from more pain). 

Then we have Cisco Ramon. He’s built plenty of inventions to help Barry out in the field. He also has helped on occasion with his vibe powers and he got Barry out of the speed force the first time. Yes, I know, Iris went in and got him, but that’s just the writers trying to force WestAllen down our throats. Cisco could have done it himself seeing as the only reason Barry ran from him the first time was because he still didn’t have his powers back yet, or if they wanted someone really close to Barry to pull him out, they could have had Henry do it, like they were originally planning to before Iris butted in and acted like her connection to Barry was more important than his own father’s. And when you think about it, having Henry pull Barry out instead would have probably been more meaningful to Barry in the long run since he lost his dad shortly after. Cisco is also the only reason Barry and Kara are both alive, because Iris and Mon-El never would have gotten to them if Cisco hadn’t vibed them there.

Next we have Harrison Wells, and I’m talking season one’s Harrison Wells, who was actually Eobard Thawne. Thawne has contributed more useful information, inventions, and has saved Barry’s life more times than Iris ever has and ever could. Thawne made sure the particle accelerator exploded so Barry would become the Flash. He trained him and helped him get faster and save so many people. Yes, this was for his own gain, but that doesn’t change what he did. He taught Barry to phase, saving him from a bomb, he helped the Team invent things to fight metas and gave them information about metas that they didn’t have before. So, yes, even the Reverse Flash, Barry’s arch nemesis, has contributed more to Barry’s existence as the Flash than Iris has.

Then we have Harry Wells. Harry gave Barry his powers back the second time and has contributed plenty of knowledge and inventions to the team to help in their fight against evil metas and criminals.

Then we have Joe West. Joe saved Barry’s life in episode one, he took him in when he had no one and gave him a home and enough love that Barry didn’t become a monster or a criminal as he easily could have after his mother’s death. 

We have Wally, who helped Barry get away from Black Siren in season two and now helps out in the field with his powers. Though, Wally could stand to listen more. I hope he learned from his mistake in 3x15. Still, he contributes more to the show than Iris ever has.

We have Jay Garrick, who gave Barry actual information about time travel, not just theories, helped Barry against Savitar, and took Wally’s place in the speed force so neither Barry nor Wally would have to stay prisoner there.

Then we have H.R. Wells. H.R. contributed plenty of ideas to help them come up with things to create throughout season three and he gave them knowledge of certain metas and inventions on his Earth. He’s also the only reason Iris West is even alive right now, which is why Team Flash does not fall apart in the future. I know a lot of people say H.R. was useless, but he really wasn’t. He was smart in his own way. You don’t have to be into science to be brilliant. There are all kinds of brilliance and H.R.’s helped Team Flash quite a bit even though there was no science involved.

We have Julian Albert, who helped out in season three by giving them knowledge of Savitar, with the science at STAR Labs, and trying to help cure Caitlin, though she ultimately decided to keep her powers.

We have Jesse Quick, who has helped out with her big brain and her newfound speed quite a bit.

Then we have Hunter Zolomon. Yes, even he has contributed more than Iris considering he taught Barry to throw lightning.

So, that leaves Iris. What exactly does she contribute? She blogged about the Flash in season one, even though he asked her not to, she’s had to be saved by the Flash countless times, she’s discouraged Wally from training, she destroys Barry emotionally in episodes like 3x15 and 3x16, she only got her job because she blogged about the Flash. She didn’t name the Flash, even though she probably thinks she did. No, the name came from Oliver telling Barry he could save people in a Flash in 1x01, which Barry later decided would be a good name for his alter ego, and then prompted Iris to change the name by suggesting it when talking to her about the “Streak” after telling her as the Streak that he wanted a different name. Literally the only real thing Iris has done to contribute to the show has been killing Savitar, which is really just twisted and messed up if you think about it. She killed a tortured, broken version of her fiancee right in front of his younger self. It parallels Zoom, the psychopath, killing Earth Two Killer Frost in front of Caitlin to protect her. It’s twisted and messed up and is still murder no matter what you say. After all, in 3x14, Barry was considering killing Grodd to save Central City. And Iris said that he couldn’t kill anyone. And then… she goes and kills him. Isn’t that hypocritical? And then in the future, Team Flash is fallen apart and people say it’s because of Iris’s death, but that’s not true. Yes, seeing Iris die broke Barry, but he’s been broken before. He said he was broken after his father died. He could have healed. The reason he didn’t was because he lost everyone else too. He went after Savitar and by the time he was stopped, Caitlin was full on Killer Frost and in prison, Julian was heartbroken and keeping her there, Cisco had lost his hands, Wally was a vegetable, Joe was broken from losing both his kids, and H.R. had moved on to other things. Barry was alone. That’s why he became depressed in the time vault. He’d lost literally everyone, not just Iris. But when past Barry arrived in the future, he was able to get the team back together. They moved on without Iris. So much for there being no Flash without Iris West. And Iris’s death isn’t truly the thing that created Savitar either. Sure, her death was the first event that led to his creation. But it was like a long train of dominoes that began with her. Iris dies, Barry becomes desperate to defeat Savitar, he creates Time remnants, that time remnant is shunned and deprived of love from everyone who used to love him, he goes crazy, gets trapped in the speed force and goes crazier, and who knows what else contributed to turning Barry Allen, one of the most heroic sweethearts in the world, into a monster. It wasn’t just Iris, though.