wally takes a stand

Bye Kitty!

Prompt - “Yay ok! How about a young justice one, where the reader gets exposed to a beam and is turned into a kid and (whatever character you chose) has to take care of them, while being super angry and waiting for them to go back to normal to talk about it.” - @nightwing-rules


Conner groaned as he looked down at you.

“What the hell happened?!” He demanded an explanation from Kaldur.

“Well…” Wally started on his behalf. “Y/N got hit by some de-aging beam and this is the result.” He motioned to the tiny person watching the television.

You looked up at them with a bored expression, if you wanted to watch the news you would be with your grandparents.

“And what does Nightwing say about this?” Conner asked

“He wants them to keep here while Zatanna looks for a spell. I’m on my way to assist her.” Kaldur finally spoke up. While they talked among themselves you jumped off the couch and ran off.

“And who better than their boyfriend?” Wally nudged Conner who looked back to where you were sitting.

His eyes widened when he couldn’t see you.

“Shit!” He cursed and Wally tutted at him

“Language, there’s a four year old around!”

“Who is now missing!”

“I’m sure nothing will come of it.” Wally shrugged as he headed to the kitchen.

Conner groaned again as he went off to look for you. He was in no mood for this. Tonight was supposed to be the night you two had put aside for date night, for the first time in months. You had even opted in for a day mission instead to get the night off. So here he was spending date night, looking for his de-aged partner. Meanwhile you were exploring you walked into Nightwing’s office where you found him doing paperwork.

“Hey there Y/N “ he smiled

You shyly approached him and climbed onto a chair to see what he was doing.

Nightwing looked around to see if you were accompanied by someone and frowned when he saw you weren’t.

He offered you a small smile and pulled out some colouring pens from his drawer.

“You can stay with me and draw me a picture if you would like to.” He said as he placed down the pens and searched for scrap paper.

When he found some he turned back to you and his face dropped when he saw the you and the colouring pens had disappeared.

Conner searched high and low and of course he couldn’t find you. Your parents were not joking when they said you were a handful. He called your name everywhere and finally resorted to asking for help from the others. Who better than Tim who had constant monitors operating in the cave alone?

He ran over to Tim and he went to wake the sleeping Robin up. As he neared him he could tell you had been here. He could tell by the numerous colourful scribbles on Tim’s face that you had been here. And judging by the tiny figure hiding beneath the desk you were still there.

Wally sped in and went to open his mouth before he broke into laughter, he pulled out his cellphone and snapped a picture as Conner tried to coerce you out.

“I like your artwork.” Conner said quietly as he crouched “If you come out now we could watch a movie.” he smiled at you

You looked hesitant in response.

Wally moved Tims chair out the way and crouched next to his buddy.

“We’ve got gummy bears.” Wally persuaded you.

You grinned in response and grabbed Wally’s hand and pulled him back towards the movie room.

Conner felt a bit sad that you went straight to his friend but smiled when you stopped to look back in his direction.

“Bye kitty.” You finally spoke as you waved to Tim and then looked up at Wally. “Gummy bears please.”

Wally looked at Conner’s bitter face and smiled.

“He’s got them so you’ve got to be extra nice to him okay?”

You nodded and ran up to Conner and grabbed his hand and pulled him over to Wally.

“Let’s go!”

Conner couldn’t keep his eyes open during Snow White, and fell asleep dreaming of you back in your normal age and having the dinner you two had planned to have tonight. He awoke to Wally standing over him taking a picture while trying to keep quiet, while you giggled still next to him. Snatching the phone he looked at the picture to see that like Tim he had also been drawn all over.

There were lines and squiggles of different colours and what looked like a pony on his arm. He looked down to indeed confirm there was a pony on his arm. Or it could have been a dog. He didn’t know but he did know that you and him were due for a long talk when Zatanna found that spell.

I want Wally and Jesse being speedsters together

I want Wally and Jesse training together

I want Wally and Jesse continuing to not take shit

I want Wally and Jesse standing up for each other

I want Wally and Jesse being the ultimate team, both as heroes and scientists

I want more Wally and Jesse!!