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to pull our earth back round again | young justice

sum: this mess that they’re in right now is a fight for their lives; a figurative one, but real, nonetheless. [post-invasion.]
a/n: this is me throwing all of my feelings about the crock fam at you before they fall into greg’s hands again. cry your heart out (pls) !!

It’s a Thursday afternoon, and the sun beats its rays from overhead onto her small square of uncovered space on the front porch. An oversized suitcase stands on her right side while Brucely—panting, the poor guy—sits on her left, and with her back turned to a door she isn’t sure she’ll ever open again, Artemis dares to wonder if this can be called the end of  “stable”.

The path of her orbit has consistently run cross country and back for the past three years. Artemis has always had the space and time of day to set ties where they matter, and the rough patches aside, having Wally at her side has always given her time to breathe.

So to have Palo Alto suddenly robbed of its only, and alternatively, greatest, relevance is nothing if not suffocating. In the space of a few hours on an exhausting and subsequently heartbreaking Monday, Artemis finds herself once again sequestered to a neat little triangle in the country’s east side—

—and all without the company of that greatest relevance to survive the small space with her.

to read more of chapter one, go to [ff.net] or [ao3]!

So listen up and gather around the pretty picture I posted above as a way grab your attention- because I want to talk to y’all about my girl Artemis Crock.

First of all, let me put in a quick warning that this is going to be a long post. I’m going over Artemis’s character arc throughout both Season’s One and Two, and there’s a lot to cover.

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Young Justice Fancast by me (spoilerbatbrat) and ofloveandpowerrings

Aqualad: Tequan Richmond
Artemis: Anne Solenne Hatte
Kid Flash: Jeremy Irvine
Cheshire: Kelly Hu
Miss Martian: Lindsey Morgan
Nightwing: Noal Kahn
Red Arrow: Keegan Allen
Zatanna: Annie J C (ofloveandpowerrings)
Rocket: Aja Naomi King
Superboy: Robbie Amell

Invasion team coming soon.