wally kurth


“I told her, and it was really hard. I started crying, and she started crying. I told her I’m going to miss her most of all. I’ve known her since DAYS OF OUR LIVES, and she’s a dear friend. I just adore her. I really love working with her.”

~Wally Kurth (Ned) on telling Jane Elliot (Tracy) about his upcoming GH exit


What can I say about my mother-lover? Yeah, whether she’s playing my love interest on DAYS or my overbearing mom on GH, Jane is one of those rare talents that brings out the best in you. Acting is a joint effort, despite the handful of narcissistic exceptions that seem to do just fine acting alone, so working with Jane just makes you a better actor. She has become a dear friend over years and still imparts words of wisdom that I apply to both my art and life. Daytime TV is better because of her.

~Wally Kurth (GH, Ned and DAYS, Justin) on Jane Elliot (GH, Tracy and DAYS, Anjelica)


Tracy: So you must have had quite the New Year’s celebration. Alice tells me that your bed wasn’t slept in.

Ned: Really? You were checking up on me. I’m a little old for a curfew.

Tracy: Well, that’s absolutely true. You are a grown man. You can do whatever you like with whomever you like….I’m curious…Alexis or Olivia?

General Hospital - January 7, 2015