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My theory: Savitar is a warped version of Barry, either corrupted by a force greater than himself, or else from another earth/timeline in which he never had Joe & Iris or otherwise lost them. He wants to strip our Barry of everything he feels he “deserves” before killing him and taking his place. 

Alternately, he is a rando who strongly feels like Barry doesn’t deserve what he has and - again - wants to strip him of it and replace him.

Reasons why from 3.15:

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One Dance

Based on this headcanon I wrote about Barry’s Bachelor Party.

“We’re doing this, Bear. And that’s the final word.”

“Excuse me: since when does anyone other than the groom that you’re supposedly celebrating have the final word on anything?”

“Since you asked me to be your Best Man, Genius,” Cisco retorts. “If you don’t like it, think twice before putting that much power in my hands, power that only these Vibe hands could harness,” he taunts, wiggling his fingers.

“It’s not too late to change that decision,” Barry retaliates, still surveying Cisco haughtily as he turns towards his future brother-in-law. “Wally?”

“Yeah, I’d rethink that move,” Wally smirks. “Because if you’re under the impression that I’d turn down an opportunity to see you out of your element at your own Bachelor Party, you don’t know me at all, Bro.” He elbows him for added measure. “And do you REALLY deserve to marry my sister if that’s the case?”

“Come on Wally,” Barry pleads. “I can’t even get drunk. You can’t even get drunk!”

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“High to the fucking five dude!” Wally throws his hand out towards you and you actually had to step back to avoid being hit in the face and you narrow your eyes at your cousin.

“Seriously, Wally? You almost hit my face!” You smacked his hand with a lot of force, causing him to yelp.

“That was unnecessary!” Wally whines before looking at you. He steps closer and you stare up at him – curse your short height! – eyeing him skeptically. “Hey, Y/N.”

You raise one of your eyebrows. “What?” You take a step back and Wally squints his eyes before letting out a gasp, looking at you as if you have just eaten the last of his sandwiches. “You are starting to creep me out – how are we related.”

Wally grabs on to your shoulder, pulling you closer to him and he lets out a gasp again. “Oh my God – you have a freaking hickey!” Wally all but yells, causing you to blush when passerby turn to look at the two of you.

“Nothing to see here!” You wave the curious gazes away before glaring at your cousin. “Wally, you may be the freaking speedster but I swear to God, if you say any one word, I am going to end you.” You threaten though it would have been more effective if you had not been blushing furiously.

Wally cackles before throwing his arm on your shoulder, pulling you towards him. “So long as you’re happy with him you can do whatever you want, Y/N but I call dibs on being the God-father.”

You elbow Wally hard. “We have only just started dating, Wally!” You hiss at your cousin.

Comatose/Part Two/ Barry Allen!Flash X Meta!Reader

* I don’t think this is very good but oh well… I now write for a few other things now, wait and see what they are… Please leave feedback!!


A white light. So bright, I had to close my eyes again to attempt to get used to it. The memories begin to flood back, the pain coming back. Gasping for air, I sit up from the bed. The IV beeps rapidly, my heart rate was peculiarly fast. I couldn’t breathe. My memories of my encounter with Zoom come back, making my breaths shorter and faster. In the blink of an eye, Barry is right beside me, holding me down.

“[Y/N]! Cisco get Caitlin. She’s awake!” Barry yells. Cisco runs and shouts for Caitlin. Gripping his firm arm, I pull myself up. Giving up, Barry allows me to sit up. “Are you okay? How are you feeling?” Barry repeatedly asked me those two questions for the next two hours, while Caitlin tested me for anything humanly possible that could be wrong with me.

“Barry!” I interrupt him as he is asking me how I was feeling. His green eyes staring cautiously into mine as if I would spontaneously shatter. “I am okay. For the 100th time. Barry, I really am.” I knew I wasn’t, I felt strange. Different.

“Cisco, Caitlin, can you guys give us a minute?” They nod in response to Barry’s request and leave the cortex. Barry turns to watch them as they leave. We both watch as our friends walk out, his eyes don’t leave them until they are out of sight. I am suddenly overcome with the feeling of hunger and tiredness.

I wonder why he wanted to speak to me, alone. I know he couldn’t have feelings for me. Barry is in love with Iris. Is he? “Barry, what’s up?” I ask quietly, weakly standing up. My head becomes heavy and all I want to do is rest. I never had a tendency to faint before all this happened.  Then everything goes black.


I look down at my fidgeting hands, not taking my eyes off them. “There’s something I want to- “. When I turn back to [Y/N], she’s on the ground her face pale. I speed down to her and shout for Cisco, Caitlin and Wally. They run in extremely quick, almost too quick. They had been listening, but there was nothing to listen to except for my shouts for help. [Y/N] lays still, electricity running through her? It was pulsating off of her, I could feel it. Sending me into a more panicky and nervous state. I carry her over to the medical table, Caitlin is readying supplies and Cisco is swiping everything off the table.

“She’s not waking up. What do we do?!” Cisco yells, but I am speechless because I have no idea. “Caitlin?!” Cisco shouts again. Caitlin is just standing staring, assessing the situation. What is happening?

“I, I… don’t know.” Caitlin adds confusingly. [Y/N] starts to tremour, her body shaking. “I’m going to try something, so Cisco get me a syringe. Barry! Wally! Hold her still!” Wally and I run taking one side of her. We look at each other in confusion, sensing the electricity from her bones. Caitlin injects the sedative into [Y/N]’s neck, slowly calming her body down. How is this possible? Could Zoom have done this? Could [Y/N] be a speedster?

“Caitlin? What happened to her?” I ask loudly and questioningly. Determined for an answer. I let out a large sigh. I look over and see Cisco and Caitlin are clearly freaked out. Wally is just looking to me for answers, like I know.

“I went over the samples from her blood and, [Y/N]’s DNA has changed since before her coma. [Y/N]’s glucose levels were very low, I guess that’s why she fainted. Her cells have regenerated and her heart rate is alarmingly fast. I think [Y/N] is a speedster” Caitlin breaks the silence. I try to deny what was just stated but my fear is quickly overcome with the need to help [Y/N].

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That was an amazing read and I have no words except for thank you (and also I now have the though of what if Wally and Mick had been Involved at least once or twice before everything goes down and the quiet "I know him, he's nice we may have fucked before.")

Whoops I fic-ed.

“Haven’t you only met Heatwave once?” Joe asks, in the car on the way home from their latest teamup with the Legends. “You two seemed awfully chummy.”

Iris makes a soft noise that indicates both that she’s interested in this topic and that she will contribute to the interrogation, and turns in her seat to study

Wally, in the back seat, has never felt more like a youngest child.

“I knew him before.” says Wally. “He and Len would keep the gangbangers and the dealers away from the high school.”

Joe makes a satisfied little noise, obviously content with the answer. He shouldn’t be.

It’s a lie. A believable one, but a lie.

Iris knows. She makes ‘you better tell me the truth later’ face and then turns around with a satisfied humph.

The thing is, Wally knows Mick - rather more intimately than he’s willing to tell his father. You know Queer As Folk? Yeah. Wally’s Justin. Mick’s Brian. Complete with Mick picking Wally up under a lamppost in Keystone Boystown on Wally’s first ever night out and then blowing his mind in bed before finding out Wally was still in his Senior year of high school.

Hasn’t stopped them from fucking a few more times since then. A few, very memorable, exceedingly pleasurable times since then. Len, who was honestly more like Debbie Novotny than anyone would willingly tell him to his face, had walked in to the apartment while Wally was eating breakfast after the third time he and Mick had hooked up, and sighed.

“Alright, so you’re staying.” he said, and then took the seat opposite Wally and did the Parental Grilling™ and started talking grad schools and college payment and Wally moving in if his mom got worse. Which, of course, didn’t happen, because Wally found out about his Dad and Mick and Len got on a timeship, thereby ending the relationship as far as Wally had known.

The very pleasant fuck in an empty lab while no one was paying attention to them had certainly disabused him of that notion, as had the communications plug-in for his phone Mick had given him. The two hours between when they get home and when Barry gets back from drinks with Oliver gives Wally ample time to think about something.

He asks Barry where Len is almost as soon as he walks in the door.

“Apparently Cold and Heatwave used to White Knight around the high school.” says Joe, off Barry’s confused look. Well, Len used to pick him up from school, sometimes, and he’d helped with loans and made Wally study snacks, so that totally counted, right?

And then Barry tells Wally Len’s dead.

“I’m sorry, I have to leave immediately.” says Wally. “Have the Legends left yet?”

Barry shakes his head no, and Wally runs until he’s on the Waverider and can hear the discussion going on in the next room.

“Who’s going to make sure Mick doesn’t do anything dumb?” asks Sara, and that means they’re planning a mission and Mick isn’t there, and also What the Actual Fuck Is Happening Here On This Day.

Wally flashes into the room and slaps Sara upside the head as hard as he can, and then flashes out of retaliation distance.

“What the Actual Fuck Is Happening Here On This Day?” Wally demands. “No, seriously, what do you think you’re doing?”

The whole team is staring at him, plainly confused. And that is the last straw.

He’s out of breath and sure he’s red-faced by the time he’s done reaming them all out about Mick’s mental health and missing “brother”, and then he sees Mick standing in the doorway.

“Sunshine-” says Mick.

“I didn’t know - I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!” Wally says. “We’re going there right now and I am going to speed him out of there, and then you are going to smack him for me and we can have a group hug afterwards. Gideon, you can plot us a course, right?”

Gideon does, despite the protestations of Sara and the Professor and Ray and the other white guy who’s name Wally hadn’t bothered to learn.

They land back in Central with Len and go for breakfast at the Motorcar, and Len makes his usual half-joking comment about buying the place, although he sounds more serious about it than usual. They’re halfway through pancakes, Len on one side of the booth and Wally under Mick’s arm on the other, when someone clears their throat next to the table.

Joe’s face is gathering thunderclouds.

“You were lying! I knew you were!” says Iris, gleeful.

“What did you tell them?” asks Mick, obviously amused.

“That you and Len used to kick the gangbangers off campus.” Wally grumbles. Lenny, the asshole, laughs.

“That’s definitely better than the real version, Sunshine.” he says. Wally attempts to stab him with his fork, only for Mick to haul him back over the table and into his lap.

“And what is the real version?”

“We might have fucked a few times.” Wally mumbles.

“Including yesterday in the Labs.” says Mick cheerfully, because he doesn’t know the meaning of shame or self-preservation.

Joe is murderous right up until he realizes neither Barry nor Iris is backing him up. In fact, they both look rather shamefaced.

“What did you do?” Joe sighs.

“Lenny.” says Wally, around a mouthful of pancakes. “Last Christmas.”

Joe flops into the seat next to Len and buries his head in his hands. Lenny pats his arm a few times.

“Shall I tell you how Wally and Mick met?” he asks.

“NO!” yell Wally and Mick, in unison.

Cisco’s lab part one

“ Hey bear what‘s up?” Barry had called iris to ask her about her project she was doing for her new assignment at work.

“ Hey, babe, I miss you”

Iris frowned. “ I miss you too… is everything alright?”

“Yeah, meet me at star labs asap”

Iris was about to ask more question when the phone hung up. Soon she rushed to star labs.


“hey babe!” Barry cheerfully kisses iris as he grinned. 

“What’s going on?” Iris asked. 

Barry smiled, then quickly ran all around star labs, and came back. 

“For once, we have this whole place to our self!” he said. 

“ Oh, that’s wonderful, and what are you saying, Mr. Allen?”

“I have always wanted to do somethings in here with just you, without HR, or cisco, or anyone else interrupting us, you know?”

“Yeah, I know” iris walked closer, to him and placed her arms around him. 

“ And I have always wanted to do some very naughty things to you here” barry said as his hands slid down to her waist. 

“ Oh really?” iris said breathlessly. 

“ Yeah, I wanna make you scream my name so loud iris” barry said as he kissed her neck. 

“ Oh..” iris began to blush. 

“ Iris, I want to do something very hot with you”

Iris smiled, and kissed him. “ what other things are you gonna do?”

“First, I am going to make you shake to your knees” he said, as he began to softly vibrate his length pressing it towards her hips. 

“what else?” iris said, already feeling the effects of Barry Allen. 

“ then, I am gonna take us somewhere dark. and fuck you so good” Barry said as he kissed her neck more deeply. 

“W-what else?”

“Then, I am going to make you cum for me so many times you will forget what it was like to not cum” he said lifting her legs up as he sped them to some random dark corner he found. 

“Shit barry” iris said, as she was surprised how fast he was in her. 

“ How good do you feel iris?”

“ you feel, I feel, oh god”

Barry stopped, as he slowed his pace in her, “ tell me now”.

“ fuck barry, you feel amazing”

“ good girl” he said as he went faster. 

“Barry” she moaned. barry took that as a queue to vibrate, causing a quick moan from her. 

“ Oh fuck iris”


Cisco’s ‘  intruder alert’ went OFF THE CHARTs. Since defeating savy, he made sure to add lots of security to star labs. 

“What the hell?” he said. “ there is no one in there, oh shit, invisible man!” 

Cisco called Julian and wally, to help him. Wally tagged joe along just in case. 


“ Ahhhhh!” iris moaned. her o face making him shiver. 

“fuck iris, your a bit of a screamer” barry teased. Iris somehow managed to slap his arm, as they laughed and moaned. 

“ Barry I am so close”

“Me, fuck…too”


“so you said there is a invisible man in your lab cisco?” joe asked.

“Yes, and speedster that is invisible!”

“That sounds like something off the game halo…” wally added. 

“ so what are we gonna do?” Julian asked. 

“Go in!” cisco looked at the door of his lab, and slowly walked in. 

Barry slowly kissed her breast. “ Fuck you are amazing” 

“ oh bear, I…oh shit” Iris slowly looked out the closet door as barry reentered her. 

“ Barry! BARRY!”

“ what? want me to go faster babe?”


“ oh shit”

“ Who the hell is there? and what the fuck is that smell?” Cisco said. 

Cisco’s mind went to the worst thoughts when he said underwear. 

“ ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” he yelled. causing the others to barge in. 

“ Fuck!” iris said. 

Cisco began to freak out as he left the room. “ I am so done, you guys are cleaning your mess, with bleach, what the hell man? you know what? I… damn, I am out of here, I shall make a gun that detects unreal invisible speedsters, bye yall!” 

“ who the hell is there?” 

Barry quickly dressed him and iris up, and opened the door, when he noticed his speed was not working. 

“ shit” the two said. 

“ GUYS I POWERED THE GUN THAT STOPS SPEEDSTERS!-” wally stopped running and  talking as he noticed the scene in front of him. 

“so that’s why I cant speed us out…” Barry said. 

“ Hi.. dad”

“ I think you two need  a long overdue talk” joe said…

"I love you...Goodbye"

A/N: After watching the episode Barry’s attempt at sacrificing himself became more about a lame ‘team’ moment than it was about him actually doing anything. For the sake of this drabble, however, I’m going to pretend as if Guggenheim and Co. spent as half as much effort building the supsense about Barry’s fate as they did making sure they had the spacing right on their big superhero group shot. 

**First few lines of dialogue are lifted from the episode**

“This isn’t up for debate…it’s not even a close call.“ Barry says firmly as he takes in the group standing before him, “turn myself over to the Dominators and the leave the rest of the world alone. It’s simple.”

“No, it’s not simple.” Felicity snaps.

“Barry, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done,” Diggle adds calmly, “you can’t do this.”

Barry smiled slightly before saying, “It’s been an honor to know all of you, to fight along side you. Now it’s up to you to keep our world safe.”

He nodded his head slightly in deference to the band of superhero misfits he helped to gather in a bid to save the world. He gave one last small salute before turning on his heel and marching resolutely towards the doors of the hangar.  His steps only faltered slightly when he heard Oliver yell out, “I’m not going to let you do this Barry!”. He appreciated the sentiment but he had to do what he had to do. He couldn’t stand any more blood on his hands, he already had enough to last him a lifetime.

Once he stepped outside the doors he thought that fresh air would be a relief from the stuffiness of the hangar but instead it felt as an elephant suddenly sat on his chest. His confident stride slowed and the full gravity of what he was about to do hit him like a sledgehammer. Best case scenario he was turning himself over to aliens that would keep him captive millions of miles away from everyone and everything he loved. Worst case scenario they would kill him. No, torture him relentlessly and then kill him. Either way he was screwed and life as he knew it was over, but as terrifying as that was he knew it was the right thing to do. He was saving the world…he was saving her.

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also am i the only one whos like… a lil bit uncomfortable with the idea of white wally and black wally existing at the same time bc for me it just means that dc went like ‘well…. we cant make black wally work bc we’re shit at writing characters… lets just bring back the white one, people love him more anyways, lets just have both of them at the same time i dont fucking care geoff pour the fucking vodka’