wally i missed you!!!!

Consider: The Season 1 team making a training playlist

  • The Team is tired of training in silence 
  • I mean constant grunting and heavy breathing must get weird, even for superheroes???
  • So Black Canary says sure, they can definitely pick some music
  • They each agree to choose one song to add to a playlist
  • M’gann chooses some happy, upbeat, pedantic tune, not entirely unlike her bumblebee squad cheers
  • Conner’s choice is five minutes of static
  • The rest of them wonder why they expected anything else
  • Kaldur chooses whale noises
  • “Kaldur what”
  • “Wally, the cries of the humpback whale are quite popular in Atlantis. Many great dj’s got their start by remixing the mating calls of nubile young-”
  • “You know what, nevermind”
  • Artemis picks a screamo song
  • Nobody can understand the words
  • They’re all too scared to ask
  • Wally goes with a classic - Eye of the Tiger
  • “Nice, man”
  • “Thanks, Rob”
  • But Robin
  • oh god
  • Wally’s eyes widen in horror as the drums begin to play
  • “You dIDN’T”
  • “He didn’t what, Wally?”
  • by the time the strings come in it’s too late 
  • Robin is wearing the biggest shit-eating grin as the voice of Danny Osmond blasts from the speakers
  • LET’S 
  • Wally screams
  • They all scream

edit: i am a fool. M’gann would totally choose Get'cha Head In The Game from HSM and i don’t know why i thought any differently

Bewitched [Conner Kent x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Hello may I request a connor kent /superboy ?( It can be a fanfic or a Headcanon it’s up to you ) where his s/o has the same powers as piper halliwell from charmed so his s/o is basically a witch who can blow things up and freeze time and things , thank youu! !😊😊“

A/N: I hope you like this! Sorry it took a little while. I looked up the powers piper halliwell has on charmed and also saw she could speed up molecules, you’ll see some of that in here too.


You were currently just getting home from your job. Looking forward to the comfort of your bed and the book you were halfway through. Maybe even Conner would be home from the team tonight. He’d been crashing at the cave a lot more recently, since everything that happened with Kaldur.

Checking your phone to see if there were any messages from him. Seeing nothing but a few texts from your mom and dad asking for you to come to dinner at some point during the week and to bring Conner with you. They were dying to meet him already. Complaining that you were living with a man they had yet to meet.

Tucking your phone away to open the main doors to your apartment building. Clicking the button of the elevator a few times like it would make the car move faster. Eventually the doors opened and you headed down the hall to your apartment.

Opening the door to see a light on, making a smile crawl on your face. Walking in and scanning for the dark haired man. But then feeling a pair of arms wrap around you from behind. “Hey handsome” you greeted playfully.

Hearing his deep chuckle from behind you, “Hello, love” breathing in your ear. He then scooped you into his arms, his super strength making it feel like you were a sheet of paper, yelping in the process.

Wrapping your arms around his neck and smiling at him. “I missed you” kissing his nose.

“I’m sorry, you should come with me to the cave next time. The team misses you and your freshly baked cookies, especially Garfield and Bart.”

“Maybe, but you know I don’t like to be there with my powers. Being around all those heroes I can’t help but feel like one of them will figure out about them.” Speaking calmly, you didn’t want anyone to know about your powers. You wanted a normal life, well as normal a life you could have with a hero boyfriend.

He frowned, “They don’t suspect anything. Come on it can be fun, they all miss you, especially Wolf” giving you his best puppy dog eyes. Something Wally had probably taught him.

“Fine, but only because I miss Wolf!” you gave in, wincing at the adorable face he was making. He smiled and kissed you, before carrying you into the bedroom and dropping you on the bed. Grabbing your book he handed it over before climbing and cuddling up next to you, reading the pages over your shoulder. Sometimes you wonder if this was the same defensive, anger management needing man you first met. But you were definitely a good influence on him, bringing out his touchy feely side. 

The next day was a Sunday meaning no work for you and a perfect time for Conner to make you follow up on your promise.

Taking you to the cave, setting the zeta tube to include a guest. The computer spoke his hero name and number as you both went through. The team lit up upon seeing you accompanying him.

“Hey [F/n]!” Bart cheered, super speeding over to you and seeing the container of promised cookies in your hands. “Oo, are those for me?” he grinned.

“Not all of them but I’ll trust you to take them to the kitchen” handing the container to him. He saluted before speeding off to the kitchen. Jamie following to make sure the speedster didn’t devour the treats.

The rest of the team came to greet you. “What brings you by?” Batgirl asked being one of the first ones over. “I was told I was missed” you laughed. “How could we not miss you” M’Gann hugged you. Of which you returned.

“But don’t let me be a distraction, do your superheroing pretend I’m not here” you said before looking at Nightwing who nodded before calling the team back to the computer. You knew they had important business to do. So you went off wandering for a certain furry companion of your boyfriend.

Entering the lounge to see Wolf asleep on the couch. You kneeled down and patted his head, which woke him up. When he saw who it was he immediately pounced on you and began to lick your face. “No Wolf! Off, ah you’re so slobbery!” laughing, closing your eyes to keep him from getting you there.

You heard a familiar laugh and opened your eyes to see Conner standing over you, the giant animal on top of you. “Okay Wolf I think you’ve made your point” he said and the animal reluctantly climbed off.

Helping you up Conner wiped some of the slobber of your face. “It’s like he tries to get it all over me” you whined before wiping your own face. A pout on your face. He chuckled before pecking your forehead.

Though within seconds the moment was ruined by sirens blaring. You jumped while Conner just looked around confused. “What happening?” You yelled clutching his arm. “The cave’s going into lock down come on!” he grabbed your hand and ran to where you’d find the team. 

Finding a few team members, the others were out on missions. Only finding Nightwing, Impulse, Robin, Wonder Girl, and Bumblebee. “What’s happening?” Conner ran to Nightwing’s side as he typed on the computer. “I don’t know, someone hacked the system and put the cave into lock down. I’m trying my overrides but they’re not working.”

You were looking around, the room illuminated by the flashing red lights. Most of the team was looking over Nightwing’s shoulder but Robin was trying to help through his tech. He was typing on the screen on his wrist.

But you saw something move in the corner of your eyes. Looking that way, you saw what looked like a canon of some sort. Before you could say anything it fired. “Robin look out!” You yelled before acting on instinct and holding your hand out, freezing what turned out to be a missile in mid air. The boy wonder stared shocked at the object only a foot away from him.

But then looked at you who had stopped it. Conner saw what was going on and saw the shadow of a person. Super jumping over, grabbing the man and throwing him into the center of the room. Nightwing then proceeded to knock him out using a escrima stick. Examining the man he spoke, “A spy, probably of the Light! Kadlur must’ve sent him”

You then used another power of yours and sped up the molecules of the item, making it heat up to the point of melting. When it wasn’t a threat any longer, you lowered your hand allowing a breath you hadn’t realized you were holding to release.

Conner ran over to you, gripping your arms in concern. “Are you okay?” worry in his tone. You nodded panting, “Yeah, just tired now.” Not using your powers often took it out of you. You know using your powers more would build up an endurance but you only used them in emergencies.

Though the other team members stared at you shocked. Tim came over first, “Thank you [F/n], you saved my life.” You smiled and nodded in acknowledgement.

“How’d you do that?” Cassie asked next. You looked over to the team, “When I was young I was cursed. I’ve had these powers for a long time but keep them hidden.” explaining, feeling tired.

“Can we go home, I’m really tired.” Looking over to Conner who agreed. As the cave was now out of lockdown. “You go rest, but I’d like to debrief you in the morning” Nightwing asked calmly. You nodded before Conner helped you to the zeta tube.

When you got back to the apartment you both sat on the couch. Laying with your head on his lap as him running his hand through your hair. Clicking on the TV in the process.

“What am I gonna do now?” Turning to look up at him. He looked down at you, cupping your face in his hand as you leaned into it. “Will they make me join the team? Perform experiments?”

Shaking his head answering, “No, they may ask you to join the team but they won’t make you. It’s entirely your decision.” rubbing his thumb over your cheek bone. You smiled before turning back to where you had been as he resumed with your hair.

Falling asleep while thinking about what joining the team may be like and fighting alongside your boyfriend. Thinking about seeing him helping people and taking down bad guys. Feeling a smile tug at the corners of your mouth, maybe that wouldn’t be too bad.

Her hand

Back with another request! Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love writing Wally x Batsis!! Hopefully, this is alright for you! Thank you so much for sending this prompt in and I really do hope you enjoy this! Trying to go through requests still so posting might be slow! (Also I am trying to see if I can complete at least two-three requests per day so I can go through the requests nicely!)

Wally wrings his hands as he tries his hardest not to bolt out of the room. He never really thought this day would come, sort of. Actually, Wally also never thought he would last this long with you – his relationship with you had been a rocky one but Wally has never been one to give up on who he loves and you being the stubborn person that you are has managed to wedge yourself completely deep in his heart and Wally knows he is never going to be able to let you go – at least not anymore.

“Is there a reason you ask for this meeting?” Bruce stares at Wally and Wally almost lets out a curse – deep down inside, he knows Bruce knows why he is here – he probably already knew about this meeting even before Wally decided to come see him. When Bruce shifts, Wally tenses slightly before clearing his throat.

“Well – yeah – uh, Sir.” Wally used to be able to talk easily (read: run his mouth off) with Bruce before but now that he had come to the manor with a very important mission and he really does not want to ruin any chances. “I think you already know why I am here,” Wally averts his gaze from Bruce’s all-knowing ones and catches sight of a new family photo – it brings a smile to his face when he sees just how happy you are, surrounded by your father and your brothers.

Bruce doesn’t even move to follow Wally’s gaze because he knows well enough what Wally is staring at. He chuckles inwardly seeing the love-stricken smile on the young man’s face. Bruce honestly never thought the relationship you shared with Wally could last long – given the nature of the lives Wally and you are living but he is glad. Bruce is glad over the fact that he has seen that look ever since Wally had been a younger teen and whenever it came to you, that look of love and adoration that always cross his face somewhat relieves Bruce – he knows well that Wally is a very good man – one that can keep you grounded and one that made you feel very complete. “I do.” Bruce finally answers.

Wally lets out a sigh of relief before slowly reaching for the black velvet ring box that feels extremely heavy in his pocket. He takes it out from his pocket and places it on the table in front of him – he knows it’s nothing much compared to what Bruce could probably afford but Wally had saved up enough money to buy this ring you have been eyeing for the longest time. “I would like to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage, Sir.” Wally takes a deep breath and looks at Bruce straight in the eyes. It unnerves him a little with how intense Bruce is looking at him but relief washes over him when Bruce slowly nods his head. “Are you serious?” His jaw drops and Wally feels as if he had been smacked in the face – he actually thought Bruce would put up a lot of resistance.

Bruce chuckles at the expression Wally is wearing before nodding his head. “I have seen the both of you grow, Wally and you are a really good man for Y/N. I have never seen Y/N happier and I am afraid, I have to burst your bubble.” Bruce states seriously causing Wally to stare at him in confusion. “If you think I was the one that will be giving you a hard time, you are definitely mistaken – have you considered what the rest will have to say?”

Wally blanches when he finally realizes that he has to talk to the rest of your brothers – Dick had been alright with his plan, in fact his best friend had been in full support ever since the two of them got together and Dick had already given him the ‘talk’ too. Tim might be a little bit alright and Jason might try to shoot him but Damian… Damian is definitely going to give him a lot of hell. “Oh.”

Bruce simply smiles before reaching for the cup of tea Alfred had poured for him earlier. He sips his drink – it’s lukewarm now – and watches the man in front of him. Bruce really cannot wait to see you in your wedding dress.

Asking Tim had gone smoothly. Wally didn’t even know why he had fretted in the first place – actually, he does know. He knows just how much your brothers mean to you and he really wants to do you right by asking all of your brothers for permission. Tim simply smacked him on the back, “took you long enough, Wally! Y/N’s going to be really happy.” Wally had a love-struck smile when Tim brought you up causing the latter to smack his back again. “Okay, gross – I don’t need to see that look on your face whenever you think about my sister!” Tim exclaims and Wally sputters because his thoughts had been innocent enough. Tim laughs at Wally’s expression. “Joking, Wally. Are you going to go look for the rest now?”

Wally nods his head. “Dick already gave me the green light. I just need to find Jason and Damian.” He winces at that thought. Maybe he should have gone to see Damian first because he knows how close Damian is to you. Tim also winces when he heard the last two names.

Chasing Jason down was not as hard as Wally thought it would be. Granted, Dick had to set up the meeting and insisted he is let in on the meeting too. Just in case Jason decides to go after him, that is. Wally rolls his eyes at his friend’s vote of confidence – Wally likes to think that Jason likes him a little bit more than Damian. Just by the tiniest bit.

Jason raises his eyes as he dismantles his gun. Wally eyes the table carefully before taking a seat across of him. “So what did you want to meet up for?” He asks, tilting his head to the side. Wally takes out the black velvet box he had been carrying and simply places it in front of him. Jason’s gaze zeroes in on the box and Wally can feel the tenseness in the air. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Wally reels back at Jason’s words. “No – I got Bruce’s permission already.” He squeaks before clearing his throat and repeating the words again. “I just wanted to tell you that I am planning on asking Y/N’s hand in marriage.” Jason narrows his eyes at Wally. Wally tries his hardest not to notice just how quickly Jason put the gun back together.

“You better not hurt or make Y/N cry or else.” Jason loads the gun and Wally nods his head. “I can think of several different ways to shoot you, Wally and you are going to hurt in places you never thought you would get hurt. Got it?”

Wally gulps and nods his head. “Of course – Dick has also given me the ‘hurt Y/N and I’ll make sure you regret it’ talk and I am pretty sure Damian is going to be harder to convince – but thank you?”

Jason rolls his eyes, scoffing at Wally. “Good luck trying to convince that spawn.” Jason hisses and that’s Wally’s queue to leave him alone. He grabs the ring and slides it in his pocket before rushing to the kitchen where Dick has been raiding Jason’s pantry.


Wally sputters. “What do you mean ‘no’?”

Damian shakes his head. “Tt – and I am supposed to give dearest sister my blessing?” He eyes Wally a few times before shaking his head, clicking his tongue and returning his attention back to the book he had initially been reading right before Wally had disturbed him.

“B – oh, come on, Damian.” Wally frowns as he tries once again. He knew Damian was going to be the hardest one to convince – he also knows just how close the both of you are too so he somewhat understands Damian’s reservations even if he is starting to feel annoyed. “Everyone else has given me their permissions and blessings and are you really not going to give me your blessings?” Wally presses.

Damian simply ignores him in favour of reading the very action-packed part of the book. He has always admired your wonderful tastes in books! He can’t wait to have a discussion with you regarding this book – out of all of his siblings, having discussions about literature with you is always the best.

Just as Wally is about to start pulling his own hair out, a voice catches the both of them by surprise.

“Wally, Damian – my two favourite men in one room.” You greet them happily. You haven’t seen your boyfriend for the past few days because you had been trying to catch deadlines and finish up all of your assignments and you have missed him terribly. Talking to him on the phone had quelled some of the feelings you had but seeing him in the flesh is much better. The grin on your face widens when Wally turns to look at you with a smile that could blind you.

“Babe,” Wally pockets the box and stands up to wrap his arms around you. You giggle as you snuggle closer, wrapping your own arms around Wally. He kisses your temple. “How was your day – did you finish your assignments? Have you eaten?” Wally throws questions at you – if he had been paying attention, he would have seen Damian looking at the both of you with a serious look on his face.

You shrug your shoulders, pressing your nose against his collarbone. “Day started off quite badly – forgot my umbrella in the car, it poured when I was walking across the campus and the deadlines I had been trying to catch turned out to be postponed to next week and overall, it just sucks.” You told him, suddenly feeling very tired at how your day had turned out to be. “I am really happy I get to see you – I missed you, Wally.” Wally pulls you closer, showering you with kisses causing you to giggle a few times.

Damian pretends to gag causing the two of you to turn to him. He has his bookmarker at the page he had been reading and he stands up. “The least the both of you could do was to wait until I was out of the room, Tt.” Damian deadpans causing you to laugh. He closes his book and heads toward the door. “Sister, I will see you during dinner later – I will tell Pennyworth to make your favourites for tonight, to make up for your horrendous day.” Damian informs you and you could not help but reach over to ruffle his hair, causing Damian to hiss and pout at your actions. Damian is about to head out of the room when he pauses by the door to stare directly at Wally.

Wally raises one of his eyebrows.

“I suppose you have mine.” Damian mutters, confusing you but that had been enough for Wally because the grin on his face widens and he begins to try and talk your ears off by talking about what he had been doing at work (in an attempt to make sure you don’t catch on to what Damian had said) and Damian resists the urge to roll his eyes because it is really unbecoming so he settles for crossing his arms. “Tt.”

fic: better when we’re together

Title: better when we’re together
Characters: Wally West/Artemis Crock
Word Count: 4,025
Rating: M / Teen And Up Audiences
Summary: Separation anxiety doesn’t need a cause, or a trigger, or a reason. When you miss someone, you miss someone, and it only gets better once you see them again with your own eyes, feel their skin with the fingertips of your own hands, and fill their lungs with the scent of your own, real love. AKA: Artemis returns from spending spring break in Vietnam. Established Wally/Artemis.
Disclaimer: [whitney voice] i have nothing, noTHING
Dedication: My hilariously late submission for the @yjficexchange Valentine’s Day Event. Surprise, surprise, my assignment is @jostenneil. Sorry for lying to your face multiple times to make sure you wouldn’t figure out it was me but I do hope you enjoy this.
Notes: I’d also like to dedicate this story to my wonderful friend @mrssmocz. Every time I was close to giving up on writing for the night she brought me back up and I cannot wait to see you again this summer. Also special mention/thanks to @sankontesu for checking it over for me when I wasn’t sure how to rate this baby lol. Special shoutout to @icanhearyouglaring for setting up this exchange! You’re a gift to us all. (Title is from Jack Johnson’s song Better Together.)
More Notes: Last thing! My babes are in sophomore year in this. I double – no, triple checked these dates. 2015 is their sophomore year in university and 2016 is their junior year, seriously, I went back multiple times to make sure but it only upset me because this also means that WALLY WEST HAD JUST ONE MORE YEAR BEFORE GETTING HIS BACHELOR’S IN PHYSICS! I’M WRECKED!


better when we’re together

Wally wakes up to the smell of burning waffles.

Actually, they could’ve been pancakes, but his nose is well-trained from twenty-odd years of being spoilt by his mother’s spectacular cooking so he can actually differentiate between the two breakfast meals. They were definitely waffles.

It makes him kind of sad.

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Roy/Jax/Wally headcanons for lospolyamweek Day 5: MMM: 

  • Jax and Wally have been dating for a while now and they ended up meeting Roy when their car broke down. Roy happened to be driving by so he took it to his shop despite their insistence that it’d be okay.
    • Jax was talking and mentioned that they had to call Oliver and Wally said he’d text Barry and Roy’s head SHOT UP and introductions went on from there.  
  • They work so well in the field together once Roy comes back, and they’re honestly so lighthearted - Roy will find himself laughing after catching a bank robber or meta and it’s new to him but he loves it. 
    • They also totally have their own victory dance when they save the day and it annoys Martin to no end because he’s forced to participate since he’s, well, fused, so it’ll be the three in their costumes dancing with a disembodied voice sighing and going “do we have to do this every time?” 
  • Speed racing AU where Wally is the driver, Jax is main engineer of the car, and Roy sells them all the parts. They’re the biggest dream team and Wally wins basically every race he’s in. 
  • Living arrangements: So, at first they lived at Joe’s house, but he eventually sat Wally down and told him that while he loved Wally and Jax and Roy, he could not deal with three guys in the house anymore. 
    • “Wait dad are you kicking me out?” “Think of it as a…..gentle nudge.” 
    • They live in an apartment that Roy found not too far from Barry & Iris’s loft, and they’ve bought a pet fish that they lovingly named Squirtle. 
  • Wally and Roy also join the Legends for a while. The three get very fixated on decorating their room. Wally brings a ton of pictures of them and their families and their selfies, Roy brings posters of their favorite football stars, Jax brings their favorite stuff from home (they have a porcelain pig that they bought at an art fair, the jacket Wally stole from Barry, etc.) and of course, the bowl that Squirtle lives in. 
  • When Jax does go alone on the Waverider though, he’s always emotional but the other two literally don’t mind because to them Jax will be back within a day or two. 
    • “I love you both so much, you know that, right?” Roy, playing video games: “Yep, got it Jax.” Wally, cooking dinner: “See you babe.” 
    • *next day* “I missed you two so much!” “Huh? Oh, yeah, cool, can you do the laundry? There’s a bank robbery that I really gotta get to.” 
He Handle My Family

Part 2 of Deal with My Family

Relationship: Family and Lover

Fandom: DC Comics

Character: Bat Family, Wally West

Walking around in Central City hand in hand with Wally West my current boyfriend. It has been two years since Allen broke up with me after meeting my family. I haven’t had a serious boyfriend since; only a few flings here and there. The press loves me. However, after moving out of Gotham and into Central City to manage a branch of the Wayne Company I met Wally West through Dick of course.

I remember the day clearly; I was working soft music playing in the air of my office. Sure enough, my door gets busted open showing, Dick. Turning off the music Dick states that I am to come with him for lunch since I hadn’t been home and visited. With little argument, I head out with him. What Dick failed to tell me was that he was also meeting up with Wally West for lunch. Throughout the time of knowing my family secret, I didn’t really meet many heroes. Clark and Diane were the only two; however, I did know many of their civilian identities. Lunch with Dick and Wally was fun, I hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time. After that Wally and I seemed to keep running into each other; I’m positive Wally did it on purpose. But we really hit it off and soon started to date.

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Barry Allen x Reader : Safe Pt 2

It’s been 2 months since Barry last visited you. He was so focused on trying to figure out how to get you back and dealing with this new meta that can teleport and it’s honestly frustrating.

Joe always visits you, he never stops. You two would just sit and sing or dance all day until you would force him to go home and get some rest.

You missed everyone dearly sometimes you even think about if you even should’ve sacrificed yourself but you would roll your eyes at the thought. Iris is your sister, you will do anything for her and nothing will change that.

You were currently sitting Indian style just staring at the stone that was taunting you. It’s been so long that you were starting to think there was no way to go home at all and that you were stuck roaming around forever.

The numbers y/bday- May 23 2017 just telling you that you’re never leaving the cemetery. You were cut from your thoughts when you heard footsteps behind you so you turn around and see a tall figure wearing a black hoodie with black ripped jeans. He looked at you with pure disgust.

“Who are you” you asked your voice firm. You wasn’t going to let whoever this was put any fear in you.

“Your worst nightmare sweetie” The figure says but now you know it’s a guy by his voice

“You can’t hurt me” you look into his dark eyes and he smirks.

“Oh doll I’m dead too” he growls as he grabs your arm and teleports away.


Barry makes his way up to your gravestone as he bites his bottom lip. He felt like something was off he just didn’t know what. He sits down and looks at the stone

Y/n Jessica West

West. The name he so desperately wants to make West-Allen but in order to do that he needs to get you back first.

“Y/n” he calls out for you but he gets no response he only hears the trees moving in the wind.

“Y/n?” He tries again but this time it’s silent. The wind stopped and his heart starts racing, something was wrong he just knew it.

“What the hell” he whispers as he picks up a torn pale blue fabric from the ground.

It was from your dress.

“Oh no oh god no” he gets up and runs back to STAR Labs.

“Guys something’s wrong” Barry’s voice was filled with panic

“Barr what happened” Iris says as makes her way to him

“Y/n’s missing”

What" Joe whispers

“Barry what the hell are you talking about” That was Wally

“I went to visit y/n but she wasn’t there instead I found this” Barry holds up the torn fabric and Iris puts a hand over her mouth. Joe grabs the fabric and just stares at it as he instantly remembers dancing with you just yesterday and his eyes welled up with tears.

“Where are you baby girl"he whispers

“Barry we have to find her” Iris voice wavers as she tries not to cry

“Alright everyone calm down we’ll find her but first Barry you need to watch this” Cisco says and Barry runs to the computer. He sees the meta that teleports smirking at the Camera.

“Oh flash look at what I got today ” he turns the camera towards you and Barry’s eyes widen, you were tied to a chair in a dark room and your dress was now a mess ( lol something’s wrong with me) it was ripped and barely covering your body.

You looked at the camera as a stray tear slipped down your face “ BARRY” you scream and the meta just grins and faces the camera again

“Looks familiar? as she should” He smirks and licks his lips

“Listen and listen good Flash you got 3 days to fix what you ruined for me or else I’ll introduce her to the devil and you’ll never see her again”

Barry’s nose flares up at this and right before the video ends he hears you scream “LET ME GO”

“Barry what is he talking about” Wally folds his arms against his chest

“You think I know Wally” he snaps and looks at the Brown skinned male

“Well hell you better Know that’s my sister he captured you know the one we spent 2 months on trying to bring her back in case you forgot” Wally glares at him. He really wanted you to come home he missed his baby sister terribly.

“Wally” Joe scolds

“I know that Wally I know okay-

“Do you though Barry”

“YES I KNOW, y/n means everything to me of course I know” Barry rubs a hand through his hair and closes his eyes

“Well how come you don’t know what he’s talking about then since you know everything” Wally challenged and Barry looks at him darkly

“I didn’t ruin anything for him I honestly have no idea what the hell he’s talking about” Barry growls and Iris walks between the two

“Okay guys stop arguing isn’t going to bring y/n back just relax so we can actually figure out whatever this teleporting meta is talking about” her eyes flicker to Wally who just rolls his eyes and storms out the cortex.

“I’ll go talk to him” Joe says and walks right after Wally

“It has to be something with the past” Harry walks up to the clear board and grabs a marker.

“What…how” Barry asks and Cisco snaps his fingers as a light bulb went off in his head

“Maybe it’s about 2017” He looks at Barry and realization washes over Barry’s face

“The year y/n died” Barry whispers and Iris looks at the floor. She felt so alone now that you’re gone every time she pushed your death to the back of her mind it worked temporarily but it all comes back as she goes to call you and no one answers and she hears your voice through the voicemail and she would throw her phone across the room and hot tears would become best friends with her face once again. You were her sister, her other half you two did everything together.

You were the one she would talk to about anything because you understood her like no other, when she would be crying in the middle of the night over a guy you would wake up and throw an arm around her shoulder until she cried herself to sleep and the next day at school you would walk up to her with your hand on the back of the shirt of the guy who broke her heart and you would force him to apologize.

Even though Iris was older you protected her and she loved you for it but she wished you haven’t saved her life that was one thing she didn’t love. Iris was brought back to reality when she felt Barry’s hand on her shoulder and she looked up at him.

“You okay?” He looks at her sympathetically

“I’m fine” she gives him a weak smile and nods her head

“Okay Harry explain” Barry turns his attention from Iris to Harry who nodded and starts his explanation

“We all know y/n wasn’t the one who was supposed to die maybe when Savitar stabbed her it affected the teleporting meta and ruined whatever he was talking about”

“But why would he have have a problem now its been 5 years”

“Think about it in 2022 y/n turned 25 and that’s when she told you she was still here roaming around right well I did my research and in 2017 the teleporting meta died”

“But why is he still here”

“Cause and effect my guess is they’re connected in some way”

“Well how are we supposed to find him”

“If they’re connected then it shouldn’t be hard, where would y/n go if she was feeling down”

Barry’s mouth opens but nothing comes out and his eyes fill with realization

“Oh my god” he whispers


“Wally stop right there where the hell you think you’re going” Joe pulls him back and he sees the tears in Wally’s eyes

“I have to get out of here” Wally goes to leave again but Joe pulls him in for a hug

“It’s okay Wally I miss her too but you can’t just run away she needs us now more than ever”

“Dad I know I-I just really want her here with us I miss my sister I miss teasing her, playing video games with her, watching movies with her…everything dad I just miss y/n she made everything better” Wally whispers

“If y/n could see you right now she would punch you in the shoulder and tell you to stop crying then hug you afterwards” Wally laughs a little at this

“Wally y/n loves you she wouldn’t want you crying right now I know how you feel son trust me when Barry walked in with her lifeless body in his arms…it felt like everything paused and my world was slowly crashing down and I knew in that moment y/n was definitely with us we just couldn’t see her… as I took her in my arms and held her I felt cold on my shoulder and I just knew it was y/n…she was reassuring me that everything was gonna be okay and right now that’s what I’m doing to you son we all got to stick together for y/n I promise you everything will be okay”

At this point both men had fresh tears rolling down their face as they just stayed in each others arms.

“I love you dad”

I love you too Wally”


It was 9pm when Barry got home. He walked into his apartment and just took in his surroundings and suddenly got chills. He never told anyone but he had hallucinations of you walking around his apartment and the reason he didn’t tell anyone was… well because he found it comforting.

If you were truly gone and he’d never see you again then he’d rather hallucinate it may sound crazy but then again he’s use to crazy.

He sits on the couch and just stares at the other side. The side where you usually sit and lay your legs on his lap as you two watched Dr.Who. He smiled at the memory ,it was before he dated Iris.

More and more memories resurface in Barry’s mind.

“Hey Barry I bet I can drink water upside down” you smirk at him

“Y/n don’t even try that” Barry groans

Barry just smiles once again at the memory, you had been trying to distract him from studying.

“Hey Barry wanna race” your 13 year old self smiles giddily as you bounce on the heels of your feet.

“Okay but you know I’ll win right” Barry says cockily as he puts both hands on his hips

“Oh please you run like turtle” you laugh and Barry frowns

“Who told you that”

“Dad” you say through your giggles and Barry lightly pushes you

Oh how the tables have turned Barry thought.

You walked in quietly and made your way to the bathroom but right before you opened the door a hand was on your shoulder.

“Y/n why are you here so late” Barry whispers and you put your head down as you try to think of a lie

“Uh I was-

“Y/n don’t lie to me”

You sigh and Barry lifts your head and gasps

“Y/n what happened to your eye” Barry now has both hands on your face as he inspects your black eye

“Danny hit me” you whispered

“What” he whisper yells

“Is he still out there” Barry turns away from you as he walks to the door but you stop him

“Barry he’s gone we just got in an argument because I told him I wasn’t ready to have sex with him please don’t tell my dad” you cried and Barry pulled you in his arms

“I have to tell him y/n that douchebag deserves what Joe will do to him” Barry whispers as he rubs your back

“Fine but um can I lay with you tonight please I’m a little shaken up”

“Yeah come on” Barry walks you to his room

Although it’s been a long time since then Barry still gets mad every time he thinks about your black eye. He hated Danny after that and let’s just say Joe got that ass after Barry told him what happened.

Barry rubs his face and bites his lip as he tries to refrain from crying.

“God I miss you y/n I promise I’ll find you and you will come home”


Request: “Can you write a Wally west x reader about the reader being a normal civilian girl and Wally having a crush on the reader and the reader finding out about Wally being a super hero. When your request are open please”

Pairing: Wally West x Reader

Warnings: None

Originally posted by xfalsesense

You were currently on your way to your house you had came out of school and usually you would be walking with your best friend Wally West but today you told him you could handle yourself and not get into trouble. Wally agreed and make his way home but he knew he would take you home no matter what you said starting again tomorrow.

You both were currently talking on the phone because even though you both had seen each other already and would hang out after you guys got your homework done that was the kind of best friends that you were. Incredibly close nothing could ever separate you.

Wally: “I miss you already”

You: “I miss you too” You giggled.

Wally: “You know I’m thinking what should I eat today noodles or chicken?” Wally asked through the phone.

You didn’t answer you were too busy looking back as you noticed two men following you.

“Wally I need help please call the police or someone two guys are following me.” You said nervously.

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Home with you.

Hi, thank you for sending in this request! As per usual, I really like writing batsis x Wally so thank you so much for this! It’s a little bit shorter than what I normally would write but I hope it’s fluffy enough for you? I like how this turned out, even if the ending seems a tad bit too abrupt! Hope you can enjoy this still!

The sound of the front door opening and the loud jiggling of the keys causes your son to look up from his colouring book. He glances at you with a huge smile on his face before he drops all of the crayons he had been holding and pushes himself off the floor before running towards the front door.

You giggle to yourself before placing the book you had been reading to the side and bent down as best as you can to clear the crayons away. The last time you left it laying around, Liam drew all over the walls and that had been hard to rub off. You are definitely not letting a repeat of that happen.

“Y/N, I’m home!” Wally calls out as he takes off his shoes, setting it aside. He grins when he spies Liam sprinting towards him and Wally is glad he has fast reflexes because just as soon as he makes the move to turn around, he opens his arms wide and Liam jumps in to his arms. “Did you miss me, Liam?” Wally pulls Liam back to give a kiss on his son’s forehead.

Liam giggles before nodding his head. “You have been gone forever!” Liam whines as he tries to wrap his arm around his daddy’s neck. He pouts as he thinks about all the time his daddy could have spent colouring with him and playing heroes. “Did you miss us? Did you miss mummy too?” Liam shoots his questions.

Wally carefully moves Liam in his arm – Liam snuggles his face in to Wally’s neck. “Of course, I missed you, Liam. I missed you and mummy a whole lot,” Wally grins as he walks over to the living room where he knows you would be chilling at and just as he thought, Wally sees you on the sofa, rubbing your tummy the moment he walks in. Wally sets Liam down and watches as his son runs back to the book he had left and begins to scatter the crayons again.

Wally walks over to where you are and presses his lips on your temple before giving you a kiss on the lips. He pulls away to look at you and you give him a grin as you cup his cheek in your palm. “I miss you, Y/N.” Wally murmurs as he gently caresses your stomach too.

You chuckle. “Wally, you were only gone for a few hours.” You point out and Wally rolls his eyes before moving to press a kiss on your protruding stomach, chuckling when he feels a kick. “That’s been happening a lot today.” You wince when your baby gives another kick.

Wally chuckles. “Hey there little one, can you please stop hurting mummy?” He whispers and this is really one of the things you love about Wally. Even though the baby is not born yet – you still have at least two more months until you give birth – Wally still takes the time to talk to your unborn baby and you always find this very touching and endearing,

“Are you hungry?” You ask Wally as you set your feet on the ground. “I can make something for you.” Wally shakes his head before he lifts your feet back so that you can rest them on the sofa again.

“How about I cook dinner tonight? The least I can do.” Wally tells you as he pulls off his tie and takes off his jacket. He gives them to you and you place it on the sofa. “Liam, do you want to help Daddy make some food? Mummy needs her rest.” Wally asks as he pads over to Liam.

“Yes!” Liam all but exclaims.

“Okay, little guy. Let’s go!”

“Casual” dinner part two

Iris and Barry starred at each other, quickly looking down after noticing how long they were staring. 

“Hey sis, hey bro!” Wally said entering the room. Iris and Barry got up at the same time and stopped. 

‘All I have to do is move closer and we’d be kissing right now’ Barry thought

‘If he moves any closer I swear I will have to kiss him’ Iris thought as well. 

The two awkwardly stood there looking at each other afraid to move. 

“Um… Guys?!” Wally replied hoping to achieve their attention.

“Sorry, um-”

“Yeah, barry you go-”

“No I can just-”




“Iris, no you-”

“Um” the two said together. Wally and Joe looked at each other and looked back at them. 


“Hi wally!” Barry and Iris bothed raced to give wally a hug, which turned into three people hugging. 

“HI GUYS!!! I missed you so much, as much as I would love to sit here and chat, I need some food guys!” wally clapped his hands and walked to make himself a plate.

Barry and iris stood facing their backs to the dining room and looked at each other.



“KIDS” joe called. “I take it you need a min, why don’t you two go outside and get my phone out the car, hopefully by then you two can act like adults”

Iris and barry hurried to the door and went quickly behind joes car. 

“Fuck” Barry said sitting on the ground. 

“what? whats wrong”

“Everything iris, it’s all wrong. I feel like we are doing a horrible job hiding that were dating, I really want to have sex with you right now, but I cant because 1. it’s disrespectful to joe to do it in his house, and 2. because IF HE SEES US WE ARE MORE DEAD THEN A TURKEY ON THANKSGIVING”

“Barry, calm the hell down”

“you know how is doing the thinkin right now iris?” Barry quickly asked. Iris moved her head back. 

“THERE” he pointed as his length. 

“OH hell no” Iris looked up to see if her dad was near. “Barry what is going on with you?!”

Barry took a deep breath and moved to kiss her. her hands slowly wrapped around his neck as he pushed her into the ground. 


“I need to be in you”


“KIDS?” joe called. the two snapped up and shot up. 

“DAD” they shouted.



Welcome Back Madam Secretary! (x) (y)


Minority Report!Leverage AU


Loving him was red

Title: Loving him was red.
Author: Naty.
Rating: PG-13.
Fandom: Young Justice.
Category: DC Marriage Week: proposal.Fix-it. Spitfire. 
Genre: Angst. Romance.
Words: 1971.
Summary: Artemis has a good, logical plan to get over the events of Endgame. Except life doesn’t always work out the way you expect.

Read it on AO3. Don’t forget to kudo/bookmark/comment if you feel like it! :)

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Brother, Sister, Lover

Being Nightwing’s twin sister and dating Wally.

Relationship: Family and Lover

Character: Dick, Wally, Tim, Mentions Bruce


Gifs: Found on Google.


I was laid curled up in bed with my boyfriend of seven years, till heard my cell ring, groaning I rolled over and looked at the caller id.
“I’m going to kill him,” I said picking up the phone and answering it.
“It’s too early for shit Dick.” I heard Dick sigh.
“I know I’m sorry.” Ok something was wrong, Dick generally makes a snappy comeback. I threw my covers off and slipped on my slippers.

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