wally foster

I think Wally Foster is a lot more likely to become a serial killer than Willy or Josh. Partially because like, one in ten people in the TV universe is a serial killer, but mostly because “My mom married a guy, then found out he wasn’t safe and got us both away from him” is hard, but “My dad left the family for his serial killer true love” is a lot harder.

I can see him playing cat and mouse with an older male cop. Leaving clues for him, messing with his head. Will this get your attention, dad? Am I interesting now that I make murder art??

Future-Fic Idea

Traumatically abandoned by his stepfather, Wally Foster grows up to flirt with law enforcement through elaborate murder art because he thinks that’s the only way to get attention. Gifted but troubled profiler Abigail Hobbs is not really surprised to learn that this case is somehow Hannibal Lecter’s fault.