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Drumsticks (HR x Reader)

Warning: Spoilers if you haven’t seen the last episode of season three, hate towards Iris

Summary: Reader gets angry with Team Flash at HR’s funeral.

Cisco set the drumsticks down on the tombstone. The sea in your eyes causing waves of tears to crash onto your red cheeks, pouring out in a new cosmic wave. More tears, you cried more tears than you thought you would. Weeping all your sorrows out on your couch the past week. Missing work, ignoring your friend’s calls, your voicemail was full, you barely ate. You had dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep. You refused to make eye contact with anyone once you arrived at the funeral. You blamed yourself for this. For him dying, if you would have asked him to help you with your work he’d still be here. Or if you were a better girlfriend you would have noticed his weird behavior before he left, or you could have at least said goodbye. He kissed you on the cheek before leaving, said he was goin’ for a coffee run and that he’d be back soon, but he never did.

He is dead. And it was her fault.

You turned away from the coffin bumping into Harry. Locking eyes with him you try to hold back a sob. “It’s okay, Y/N. You can cry.“ He said patting your shoulder. He pulled you into a hug, rare but acceptable right now. Iris spoke up again, “Y/N would you like to speak again?” She spoke softly, sympathetic like she pitted you. Fooling everyone, but you knew the truth. She wanted HR to take her place. She didn’t try hard enough to stop him, she let him die.

You reluctantly let go of Harry. “I don’t need your pity.” You growled. Stepping forward you wiped your tears. Standing at the foot of his coffin wiping away tears you spoke firmly. "HR Wells was the man I loved, the man we all-” You glanced around your eyes landing on Iris being comforted, hugged by Barry. “Tch, that most of us loved.”  Your voice going cynical deep and dark-sickening chuckle coming from your throat.  A twisted smile on your lips. The group of friends and family threw glance between each other concerned and scared.

“I believe that HR is a hero, he might not have been a meta but he saved us, unfortunately, all of us.” You scoffed looking around the group. “He was there for Wally when nobody believed in him. He taught Cisco that sometimes you don’t have to be the smartest guy in the room, you just have to be the most creative.”

A tear rolls down you check. "He showed me hope…” You gulped. “in a world where there is none.” Shaking your head, glaring down at the coffin. “He gave his life for one of us, and he will forever be remembered as a hero. But this…” Pointing at his coffin, shaking your head, fighting the tears, the pain turning to rage. “Was not his destiny!” Voice cracking, along with your heart, hand going limp, resting by your side. “This was not your fight HR! You shouldn’t have been here for this!” You screamed at the shiny black casing.

You trapped Iris under your dark gaze, color gone from your eyes. Nothing but black bottomless pits. She tensed up gripping Barry’s jacket. “But hey,” Chuckling, “Damn the rest as long as Iris gets to live.” “Y/N, you don’t mean tha-” Barry started, reaching for your arm. “It should have been Iris.” He halted his actions. “Look at us, Barry! Really look at us! Soak it all in! Caitlin is gone! Julian is hell bent on finding a cure for her and his broken heart. Cisco is mentally scarred, I’m broken, I’m beyond fixing! HR is dead! And for what? To save a girl that didn’t love you till you told her you were the Flash.” You scuffed.

“That’s not true.” Barry rushed out. “You’re not a god Barry! You shouldn’t be able to choose who lives and who dies. Your no better then Savitar.” “I’m nothing like Savitar!” He argued. Smirking, “Bad choice of words. You are Savitar.” You walked up to the tombstone, grabbing the drumsticks. Cisco glanced at you. “Bye Cisco.” You smiled sadly. “You were a great friend.” Turning to leave you stop next to Harry.

Harry glanced at you, then back to the group. “I’m leaving with you.” You stated. “You’re leaving?” Barry asked looking broken. Good. “Yeah, I am.” Grabbing Harry’s arm you dragged him away from the group. Only once you reached S.T.A.R Labs did Harry speak up. “Am I a replacement?” His voice soft. “For now, but not forever.” You opened the door for him to enter the building.

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(( “…………….how the FUCK did you guys - no, don’t answer that, we’re leaving.” but susie protests and says they’ve already sat down and she makes him deal with it. romantic date half turns into studio outing. rip.))

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