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How upset would Sammy be if he and Susie went on a date at the restuaunt, and at the table next to them Wally and hlaf the studio shows up?

(( “…………….how the FUCK did you guys - no, don’t answer that, we’re leaving.” but susie protests and says they’ve already sat down and she makes him deal with it. romantic date half turns into studio outing. rip.))

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Dick and Wally! (Romantic, preferably! :D) “And that’s how I ended up standing naked on the Brooklyn Bridge on Christmas Eve.”

“And that’s how I ended up admiring the Brooklyn Bridge on Christmas Eve last year,” Wally finished with flourish, smirking at the expressions of his audience. Jason looked downright skeptical, but Roy wasn’t even looking at him, instead focusing something over Wally’s shoulder.
“Gee, tough crowd—” he started to say, but he was interrupted by an amused-sounding voice behind him: “Yeah, Walls, that’s not really how I remember it.”
Oh shit.
“The way I remember it,” Dick said, coming into Wally’s view and shooting a grin in his direction, “is that you couldn’t get a hotel reservation in New York at the hotel you promised, so instead you decided to steal someone’s room key. Right? Is that the night you were talking about?”
“Hey—I did get a reservation,” Wally insisted, “the guy in the lobby just refused to give me the key. I think he was prejudiced against redheads or something.”
“Of course,” Dick agreed with a smirk. “And so you decided to steal a key—”
“—It was rightfully ours—” Wally protested.
“—and, figuring that the room’s occupants would be partying all night long, thought it would be a good idea to try to get me drunk and challenge me to a game of strip poker.”
“Well, I can’t get drunk myself, I live vicariously through you, you know this.”
“But, despite being a little drunk, I soundly beat him.” This time, Dick spoke to Jason and Roy, both watching the conversation with raised eyebrows.
“You cheated,” Wally attempted to argue.
“Did not. Anyway, right after Wally had surrendered his last bit of clothing, the people who had reserved the room walked in!” Dick laughed. “God, his expression was priceless! I wish I’d had a camera! He didn’t even think to grab anything before he ran out of them room!”
Wally–may have been blushing a little. “Fine,” he said a little petulantly, “that’s how I ended up standing naked on the Brooklyn Bridge on Christmas Eve. And it’s all your fault.” He cast an accusing glare at his boyfriend, which slowly melted into a smile matching Dick’s own.
“You’re crazy,” Dick laughed.
“And you love me anyway.”

Written by my lovely pal @gingerrightsactivist


the powerpuff girls: live action

starring amandla stenberg as blossom, quvenzhané wallis as bubbles and willow smith as buttercup
featuring idris elba as their hot nerdy dad the professor

original concept/casting: [x]  


Wally: Merida? Really? This is so embarrassing ///

Bart: Yeah, embarrassing if you’re a coward maybe! I have no clue who’s dress this is but it’s actually pretty comfy!

Wally: It’s Rapunzel’s Bart. The girl from Tangled?

Bart: Never seen it! I think you forget stuff from your time is beyond retro to me my compadre. Plus watchin’ movies isn’t something I usually do. Now if you were to ask us what VIDEO GAME princess’ we’d be - omygosh let’s see, I’d be Princess Daisy and Wals you’d be-


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I'm re-watching Justice League 'A Better World' and I've just got to the part were Lord Batman is talking to the Flash and all I can think is that's the first time in 2 years his been face to face with Wally and talked to him. How much do you think it hurt when Wally said "I don't want to hear it."

this is good stuff!!! yes!!! feed me more!!! imagine the talk after when lord bats decides to help them and he just breaks maybe,,, but flash forgives him and makes up with him!!! oh my gosh!!! i cant put it into words well enough! augh!!

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"Actually, that's mine" Dick Grayson/ Wally West Hella gay :D

Music blared over the speakers that lined the perimeter of the room, the slurred and drunken voices muddied the tuneless bass shaking the bar. For once, Wally wished that his accelerated metabolism wasn’t a thing because he could definitely use a drink. Not that he usually wanted that because to be honest, the drinks here were absolutely disgusting. Dick had gone off a few minutes prior in search of a restroom, leaving Wally at the grimy, crowded bar to fend off the young men and women who tried to flatter him before he crushed the hopes of those who left after rejection or to strike fear into the hearts of those who didn’t understand what “no” meant. God, what the hell is taking Dick so long? Wally sighed as he ran his finger around the rim of the glass he was nursing while he waited when someone sat in the seat next to him. “Hey handsome, why’re you looking so down? Got ditched by a date? Must be an idiot to leave behind someone so… attractive.” Wally groaned internally, wondering why his beautiful genetics had cursed him so, before turning to face the offender in order to tell them that he was happily in a relationship and in no need of “cheering up”. And that they should probably leave before Dick came back because damn that man could be scary when he got jealous protective. “Before you say anything, I know I could make it worth your time.” Wally didn’t even have time to react (which he found kind of ironic because y’know, the whole superspeed thing and whatever) before their arm was snaking towards his waist. At least until a hand harshly slapped it away. “Actually, that’s mine, so if you wouldn’t mind backing the heck off, that’d be great. ‘Kay?” It wasn’t often that Dick sounded like that; he only used the sickeningly sweet voice when he was ready to break someone’s ribs and that would suck right now because Wally actually liked the song that was on right now. “Hey babe, no maiming people okay? We’re trying to NOT get arrested tonight.” “Okay Wal, just for you. But next time…” Dick didn’t even have to finish his sentence before the subject of his rage had bolted from the seat, leaving behind a full drink and an unpaid tab.

In yoga philosophy, the buddhi is impaired in its function by the presence of what are called samskaras, or the subliminal impressions of past experiences. In common Sanskrit usage, a samskara is literally an impression, like a footprint in the sand at the beach. Now, if there is a series of deep footprints and other impressions in the sand, when the tide comes in and the water flows over them, it will flow differently than if the sand were perfectly smooth. In precisely the same way, when the energy of reality flows through your mind, it is affected by the deep impressions of the past experiences that are lodged there, and thereby it flows differently. Thus based on our experience of the past, we formulate projections and make assumptions that too often are misaligned with the reality of the present. Our brains are good at pattern matching—perhaps too good, for even a superficial  resemblance of the current situation to a past situation will cause us to unconsciously assume that the present is like the past in most or all of its details. This act of unconsciously projecting the past onto the present is the primary reason we are unable to be aware of the reality of the current situation as it is, and thereby, make good choices.
—  Christopher D. Wallis, Tantra Ulluminated

Kiss Art Challenge | 6 & 9 - Kiss on the lips(cute) & neck

Surprise kiss from the bf! (∗˘ ³˘)
Thank you very much for dropping a number in!!