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Covers to upcoming Teen Titans #17 by Dan Mora and Champions #18 by Humberto Ramos.

Seeing what is the most discussed this week so far, let me talk a bit about Teen Titans and Champions.

In a way these series are each other’s equivalent at their respective companies. They launched around the same time and have a similar number of issues (Champions - 16 + Monsters Unleashed special, Teen Titans - 15 + Rebirth issue + Annual) and are flagship teen superhero team books of the respective companies and they both have been sources of various discussions and criticisms over their run so far.

In a way, they are also each other’s opposite. Champions is a line-up we haven’t seen before and characters in it either come from finished books (All-New All-Different Avengers, The Vision) and/or are holding their own solo series (Cyclops being kind of an exception). Teen Titans is a new installment in a long-running classic franchise and it strikes to have team resembling the most well-recognized version of the team, the one used in both cartoons, as much as possible, the only difference being Kid Flash instead of Cyborg (in itself not unlike what Justice League vs Teen Titans and Teen Titans: the Judas Contract did, replacing Cyborg with Jaime Reyes) and their latter addition, Aqualad, is now visually resembling his beloved counterpart from Young Justice cartoon more than ever before. Out of the members, two had their own solo series canceled some time before this book launched and aside of Raven’s miniseries the only one to be really featured frequently in other books was Kid Flash - as a supporting character in Flash and Deathstroke.

(Hell, when I think about it, both teams had one member be also on another team, that one featuring one grown-ass grade a jackass - Kamala on Secret Warriors with Karnak and Kid Flash on Defiance with Deathstroke).

Both teams are diverse, with only one white male member (Cyclops and Beast Boy and the latter is green) yet only Champions was attacked by bigots for “forced diversity” or other shit. Ironically Champions kinda quietly went to reveal one of their members, Viv, is LGBTQ and didn’t specify whenever she is gay or asexual just that she has no attraction to boys, while Teen Titans was very upfront and proud of reintroducing Jackson Hyde to DC Universe - now as openly gay kid.

Champions is being handled by a team of industry veterans, Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos, who worked previously on Impulse, but this book is much different in tone and topics, openly tackling serious real-life issues, but they keep the same creators on writing and art every month. Teen Titans was initially handled to rising stars in writer Benjamin Percy, most known for his novels, not comics and artist Jonboy Meyers, but Meyers dropped off after few issues and was replaced by an industry veteran Khoi Pham. The book also gets frequent changes in cover artists and an occasional fill-in artist (Mirka Andolfo for issue #12), so it doesn’t appear as unified in its aesthetics. Teen Titans is also not that open to tackling serious issues and instead prefers to dwell more in supervillain battles.

Champions was a part of Monsters Unleashed (special issue) and Secret Empire (two issues), Teen Titans of Lazarus Contract (single issue and annual) and Dark Nights: Metal (single issue). Both pretty much ended 2017 with a crossover with a flagship series. Champions crossed over with Mark Waid’s Avengers in Worlds Collide, while Teen Titans was taken over for an issue by Peter Thomasi, who crossed it over with his books Superman and Super Sons for Super Sons of Tomorrow. Both of those crossovers left the teams shaken and in face of serious changes, but when Champions look like they might be expanding or changing the team roster soon, Teen Titans face perspective of completely falling apart.

Which is feel is the perfect moment to ask - if you were to compare, which book do you prefer? Which do you think had made it so far as a better read? Which was more controversial, which was better written? Which, if any, do you think is more in need of a change of creative team (which I’ve heard rumors of for both series, but nothing concrete)?

Personally, I know I started enjoying Teen Titans much more, while Champions I was more critical of. But as the time went on Teen Titans started to lose a lot of goodwill I had for it with the incredibly dragged out plotline how Damian is a bad leader and nobody respect him. Meanwhile, Champions started growing the beard as Waid started having a better grasp on the characters. And his “one and done: structure of issues worked better in a monthly format, even when trying to tell longer stories. On the other hand, Teen Titans was frustrating with having a derail for an event every few months, something that didn’t bother me with Champions and wouldn’t bother if Teen Titans was a bi-weekly series. That Champions has two issues dedicated to events of one of Marvel’s worst big events doesn’t bother me as they’re two standalone stories enjoyable in their own right and if you took them out it wouldn’t affect rest of the book much. But with Teen Titans I look how its second trade contains issues #6-7 but not #8 because that’s Lazarus Contract, #9-11 but not #12 because that’s Gotham Resistance and then issues #13-14, meaning without having trades for those two it will look like disjointed, incomprehensible mess.

Overall I feel both do at least some good but have their flaws so in both cases they somewhat even out on the similair level. 

But I want to hear your opinion. People who read both and can compare, people who read only one but are strongly opinionated and want to share their grievances - come and share.

- Admin

My Opinion on Pokémon Sun/Moon characters

Protagonist: that’s me but it’s also not me
Professor Kukui: Shirtless dude
Lillie: Precious Cinnamon Roll #1
Hau: Precious Cinnamon Roll #2
Ilima: Fabulousness
Lana: Precious
Mallow: Yes just yes
Kiawe: He’s too serious but I don’t hate him
Sophocles: He doesn’t really care that much
Acerola: Cutest thing ever
Kahuna Hala: Hau’s grandpa
Kahuna Olivia: moar fabulousness
Kahuna Nanu: He needs help
Kahuna Hapu: cute yet serious, I liek it
Gladion: Sinnamon Roll
Plumeria: she needs to change her name
Guzma: hE nEEds To StoP
Lusamine: she exists for one reason and it’s to be hated by me
Wicke: thank you, you are nice
Masked Royal: *see Professor Kukui*
Red: honeymoon w/ blue
Blue: honeymoon w/ red
Mohn: who’s that
Professor Burnet: I like her she’s shirtless guy’s wife
Wally: *yells* DAD CAN I KEEP HIM?!
Cynthia: badass
Molayne: he gives the hints that shirtless guy is the other shirtless guy even tho we kinda already know
Dexio: he was in X & Y w/ john sina he barely even talks


Team Skull Grunts: “…”

@maythehoennsapphire submitted:

Character: Wally

Version: Alpha Sapphire Version!

Bio: You know the basic story. Wally is a sickly boy in Petalburg City who is about to leave to live with his aunt and uncle in Verdanturf Town, goes to Norman to get a Pokemon, May ends up helping him catch a Ralts and they end up becoming rivals, with May beating him in Victory Road.
My May is set roughly 5 years post ORAS, and has retired from the Champion position, with the title being passed to Wally. So this would be Champion Wally! What he’s been up to up to and after he gains the title is totally up to you, but May would most likely still be close to him as friends.

interested in taking up this character for them?
shoot @maythehoennsapphire a message and see if you can make some character magic!

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Colorful Pendulums!

1Q: “hi! was i tyzias, aradia, or nepeta?? 🎨” -Anonymous

A: You were Tyzias!!

2Q: “am i kin or id with anyone from gravity falls?” -Anonymous

A: Youre kin with Stanford Pines!

3Q: “is my kanaya swap a serket, zahhak, or makara?” -Anonymous

A: Its Kanaya Zahhak!!

4Q: “Hello, I would like to ask the pendulum please ^^ Is my Wally from my timeline the current champion, and is anybody at all from either my Steven Universe or Pokemon timeline looking for a Gardevoir or a Rose Quartz?” -Anonymous

A: Wally isnt the current champion, but there are people from both your SU and Pokemon timelines looking for a Gardevoir and a Rose Quartz!

5Q: “Is my Demencia looking for me? -Black Hat” -Anonymous

A: They are!

6Q: “how many kins in total do i have?” -Anonymous

A: 12, but tbh please dont take that as a solid, perfect answer!! You could have more or less

7Q: “was sollux a vantas, maryam, pyrope, nitram, or something else? was he my matesprite?” -Anonymous

A: Sollux was a pyrope and your matesprit!

8Q: “Is the person I’m comparing mems with actually my Remy, or did we just have a similar tl?” -Anonymous

A: Strong yes to them being your Remy!!!!

9Q: “Am I kin with Sollux Captor, Leijon, some other swap, or multiple swaps? thanks!” -Anonymous

A: I got that you arent Sollux Captor, and that you have two swaps: Sollux Vantas, Sollux Leijon, and one swap w a kid, Sollux Harley!

10Q: “was i matesprits with kankri or rufioh in my mituna tl?” -Anonymous

A: You were matesprits with Kankri!

-Mod Erisol kin ♒♊