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First Halloween - Young Justice Imagine/Wally West x Reader

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Requested by Anon - one where the reader is an alien and has never experienced a Halloween and the team go full out trying to show the the best time. Also if there needs to be a pairing can it be wally?

Author’s Note - Assume this is after season one, so everyone on the team has experience Halloween, except for the reader.

It all started when you were sitting in the kitchen, listening to the other team members talk about their plans for Halloween. They were excited, especially Wally. Wally was almost bouncing off the walls as he rambled on about decorating the cave, trick-or-treating, and haunted houses.

While you knew what Halloween was on a basic level for it was in your lessons with Red Tornado about Earth culture, you didn’t understand what the fuss was about. On your planet, many light years away, you didn’t have a holiday where people would give out free candy and scare one another. The whole idea of it was strange to you, but that didn’t mean you weren’t willing to learn. 

“So (Y/N),” Wally cooed, suddenly appearing beside you with a gust of wind. “What are you going to do for Halloween?”

“Um,” you began, shifting around nervously in your chair when you felt the entire team looking at you. “I don’t really know.”

“Wait, (Y/N),” M’gann said, sitting down on your other side. “This would be your first Halloween on Earth, right?”

“Yes,” you answered honestly. “We don’t have a holiday such as Halloween on my planet.” A silence filled the room as Wally grabbed your hand in both of his. He leaned uncomfortably close to your face, making you back up until you bumped into M’gann. You felt your cheeks burn with embarrassment.

“Don’t worry, Babe,” Wally promised with a seriousness that seemed to borderline ridiculousness. Robin, Zatanna, Rocket, Artemis, and M’gann giggled at the sight while Kaldur just smiled. Conner appeared confused. Wally didn’t react to them at all. “I’ll help you celebrate your first Halloween.”

You blinked at him, not knowing what to say. “Thank you,” you mumbled, the confusion on your face only made the others laugh louder. Wally suddenly dropped your hand, appearing in the center of the room to look at the rest of the team with determination. 

“Guys, cancel your plans. We have to make sure (Y/N) has the greatest Halloween ever,” Wally announced, meeting each of the team’s eyes. 

“Um, how about no?” Robin replied, grinning evilly at Wally when Wally sent him a desperate look. Robin leaned to the side to give you a small smile. “No offense, (Y/N).”

“Oh, none taken. I don’t expect you all to cancel your plans for me,” you reasoned, pursing your lips when Wally started making weird anguished expressions at the team. You really didn’t understand him at times. However, everyone else seemed to understand it, smiling teasingly at him. 

“Rob, you’re not helping here,” Wally growled at Robin before turning to Kaldur. “Kaldur, you see how important this is. After all (Y/N) is our teammate and needs to experience human culture.”

Kaldur simply raised an eyebrow. “I do not believe that would require the presence of the whole team.” Wally frowned at him.

“Well,” Rocket spoke up, deciding to take pity on Wally. “I think it would be a good team building exercise.”

“Yes,” Wally cheered, speeding over to give Rocket a hug. He spun her around until she threatened to hurl. Dropping her quickly, Wally turned his begging eyes over to the rest of the team. You didn’t understand why he was so desperate for the rest of the team to join in, but you did find yourself wanting everyone to join if Wally was going to help you celebrate the holiday. Celebrating was always fun with more people. 

“Okay, only because I didn’t have important plans anyway,” Artemis agreed, reaching over to punch Wally’s arm. Zatanna nodded along with her, having lost the battle with Wally’s puppy dog eyes. 

M’gann put her hands on your shoulders to gain your attention. Wally’s eyes followed her movement as M’gann looked over at Conner. “Conner and I will join in,” she answered before telepathically telling you they were planning to help you celebrate anyway. You didn’t see the point of not saying that right away, but you just decided to smile at her in gratitude.  

Seeing that M’gann and Conner were in, Wally turned to Robin and Kaldur. Kaldur broke right away, simply nodding his consent while Robin continued to stare down Wally.  Robin kept looking at Wally before glancing over at you as if trying to hint at something. You didn’t understand, but Wally must of since his face turned as red as his hair.

“Fine, I’m in,” Robin admitted at last, smirking at Wally’s red face. Wally swallowed hard before turning to give you a bright smile. 

“You’re going to have the best first Halloween ever, (Y/N),” he cried before he sped out of the room. His face was still bright red. Everyone watched him go with amusement while you stayed confused.

“Does he always act like that?” you asked, glancing over at M’gann. You figured she would give you a straight answer, but instead she shrugged. Robin snickered causing you to look at him.

“Yeah, pretty much,” Robin answered, grinning like a mad man. The rest of the team shared a secret glance as if they had some kind of inside joke. You didn’t understand, making a mental note to ask Red Tornado about this conversation afterwards. After all, you had never been so confused in your life.

“The first thing we need to do is make Jack-o’-lanterns,” Wally announced, stumbling in with a mountain of mini pumpkins in his arms. You took one of them out of his arms, holding up to inspect it.

“They’re adorable,” you murmured with a sparkle in your eye. Wally got a goofy smile on his face as he watched you admiring the pumpkin. He set the rest of the pumpkins on the table. 

“Aren’t they a little small?” Artemis asked, raising an eyebrow at Wally. Wally frowned before flicking her in the nose. She smacked his hand.

“It’s what I could do on short notice,” Wally growled at her before turning back to you.

You were still staring at the little pumpkin in wonder. Feeling everyone’s eyes on you, you quickly set the pumpkin down with the rest. You looked at the ground, biting your lip for a moment before glancing back up at Wally. “What do we do to make Jack-lanterns?”

“It’s Jack-o’-lanterns, and it’s very simple…” Wally instructed. Soon, everyone was cutting their own little pumpkin. 

However as you craved a little smile into your pumpkin, a question entered your mind. “Wally?” you asked since he was sitting at your side to help you with your pumpkin. He hummed, absorbed in watching you work on your pumpkin instead of working on his own. “What do we do with the Jack-o’-lanterns when Halloween is over?”

“Oh, we usually just throw them out,” Wally answered calmly, freezing when he saw the horror on your face. 

“You mean we waste them?” you gasped in horror, gazing at the pumpkin with sorrowful eyes. Wally looked at the rest of the team for help, panicked. However, the rest of the team was too amused to offer him any assistance. 

“We…um…I…um,” Wally stammered, not knowing what to say. His cheeks were blushing again, redder than ever. 

“We don’t have to throw them out, (Y/N). We could cut them up afterwards to make pumpkin pie,” M’gann suggested, taking pity on Wally. You and Wally both breathed a sigh of relief, but for different reasons. 

“So, I pick one?” you asked uncertainly as Wally pointed at the aisle filled to the brink with Halloween costumes. You were at the costume store with Wally. The others remained at the cave. Wally had insisted you both go alone after Robin whispered to him about something. You didn’t understand, but you were finding you didn’t understand a lot about these people. 

“Yep, anyone you like,” Wally answered, giving you a charming smile. He blushed, leading you into the aisle. 

You followed, looking at the costumes, frowning when you didn’t recognize most of them. Perhaps you should focus on learning more about Earth culture, you wondered as Wally stopped to see what you were staring at.  

“Um (Y/N), why don’t we look down here?” Wally insisted, pulling you down the aisle. His face was red again. You looked at him confused.

“But Wally, why does the female cop costume consist of barely any clothing?” you asked as Wally choked. 

“I don’t know (Y/N),” Wally stuttered, not meeting your eye. He pulled you towards costumes that would fit your size. You still didn’t recognize any of them until your eyes landed on one you finally knew.

“Robin Hood,” you cried, pulling down the costume. “Can I be Robin Hood, Wally?”

Wally looked at the costume before swallowing hard. “Sure, you can be Robin Hood,” he answered, holding back his comment about how the costume closely resembled Green Arrow. Wally figured if you wanted to be Robin Hood, you could be Robin Hood. Suddenly, an idea popped into his head as he noticed a Little John costume.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Wally began as you studied the Robin Hood costume with fascination. Wally lost his breath for a second when you looked at him with bright eyes. “…do you think I should be Little John?”

You blinked at him. “Then we would be matching?” 

“Yeah,” Wally said cheerily, his face falling slightly when you didn’t react. “People do that on Halloween, (Y/N). People who want other people to know they’re ‘friends’ dress up in costumes that match. It’s called couple’s costumes.” Your face brightened as you absorbed his words.

“Oh, I understand now,” you remarked, grinning at Wally. Wally started blushing again as you continued. “You can be Little John, Wally. Everyone will know we are friends.”

Wally grinned with a hint of something else hidden in his smile. “Yeah, everyone will know.”

Suddenly, before you knew it, you found yourself in your Robin Hood costume walking around Happy Harbor collecting candy from all the houses. Everyone else was dressed up too. Wally was in his Little John costume. The rest of the team kept smirking at him when he appeared in his costume. You thought they were being mean, but Robin insisted it was for a different reason entirely.

Despite your confusion with the actions of the team, you found yourself with a giant canvas bag filled to the brink with candy. It was so heavy, Conner had to carry it for you. Wally didn’t seem too happy about that, insisting you drop off your candy at the cave before everyone went on to the next activity. You agreed, simply because you would find yourself eating too much candy if it stayed with you. 

After trick or treating, Wally dragged you all to a Halloween carnival complete with haunted houses, amusement rides, and games. You all went to the haunted houses first. 

The first house was okay, because the theme was aliens. You and M’gann were giggling the whole time since their idea of aliens was so bizarre. However, in the second house, which was supposed to be insane asylum, you freaked out. 

Everything was fine until you all reached a medical examination room with a doctor ripping the skin off of a living person. You were grossed out by it, but you were fine until the lights suddenly flickered and went out. After standing in the dark for a moment or two, the lights came back on only to find the skinless person standing right in front of you. You screamed, bursting into tears as you spun to cling to the person behind you.

They guided you outside of the haunted house through one of the emergency exits and to a bench a distance away from the house. 

“You are outside now, (Y/N),” Kaldur, the one who you grabbed apparently, soothed as you tried to stop your tears. The rest of the team gathered around you, forming a protective circle around you. 

Wally stood off to the side, seething from the idea you grabbed Kaldur instead of him. After all, he was in front of you, you should have grabbed him first, not Kaldur. Artemis and Rocket noticed his sulking, walking over to talk to him. 

You didn’t notice that however as you finally calmed down. “I’m sorry,” you mumbled, wiping your tears on a napkin Robin gave you.

“It’s okay, (Y/N). I was scared like this the first time I went through a haunted house too,” Zatanna comforted. “Trust me, your reaction was normal.”

“Is it okay if I don’t want to go back in there?” you asked timidly, glancing to see Wally’s brooding with Rocket and Artemis scolding him. “I don’t want Wally to be mad at me, since he went to so much trouble to make sure I get a full experience.” 

The rest of the team looked over at Wally before returning their focus onto you. 

“Oh don’t worry about Wally. He’s just healing his bruised ego,” Robin snickered as your brow furrowed in confusion. “There a lot of other things we could do here.”

Wally perked up at Robin’s words, speeding over to appear at your side with a gust of wind. “So much for secret identities,” Conner commented as the team glanced around to see if anyone noticed Wally’s super speed. 

“Yeah, (Y/N), there is a lot we could do,” Wally exclaimed brightly, making you flinch at the volume of his voice. He grabbed your hand, dragging you away from the team and towards a food stand. “Let’s start with eating. I’m starving.”

You glanced back at the team, not understanding when they simply smiled at you both in amusement. “What about the others?” you asked, uncertainly.

“Oh, they’ll catch up, or get lost,” Wally mumbled before pulling you forward to link arms with you. “After all, I need to make sure you have the best Halloween ever, right?”

“Right,” you replied with a tiny smile as Wally went on to explain the different types of foods. 

The night progressed much better after that as Wally introduced you to new food, carnival games, and amusement rides. Wally even won you a giant ghost plushy. 

Finally, just about when the night was over, Wally dragged you over to the Ferris Wheel. 

“This is a special ride,” Wally explained as you waited in line.

“Why?” you asked, hugging your plush ghost to your chest. You gazed up at the tall ride in wonder. Wally watched your face with adoration. 

“You’ll see when we get to the top,” Wally promised, jumping onto the chair once the ride operator opened the gate. You followed him, sitting down gently on the rocking seat. The bar secured you both inside before it started flying upward. 

You laughed in amazement making a goofy smile appear on Wally’s face. Finally, the ride stopped once you reached the top.

“Wow, you can see everything,” you whispered, awed by all the lights of the city below. 

“Yeah,” Wally coughed, his eyes were resting on you. “Hey (Y/N), do you want to know why this ride is so special?”

“You mean it isn’t because of the view?” you wondered, glancing over at Wally to find his face inches from yours. Suddenly, his lips pressed lightly against yours.

You didn’t know what to do, so you pulled back. Your eyes growing wide as you tried to understand what Wally just did. Wally blushed, frowning when you didn’t react.

“(Y/N)? That was okay, right? You’re not offended or anything?” Wally asked uncertainly, studying you as the ride restarted taking you back down to the bottom. You continued to stare at him, gently touching your lips with your hand. Suddenly, his actions finally made sense.

Giving him a big smile, you leaned towards him to press your lips against his. Wally gasped in surprise before returning the kiss. 

“Hey Wally, quit harassing (Y/N) and get off the ride,” Robin’s voice interrupted, making both you and Wally jump apart. Wally quickly grabbed your hand, dragging you off the ride to meet the rest of the team who were waiting at the ride’s exit. You hid your face into your ghost plushy. 

“Why didn’t Wally just do that in the first place? We would have saved so much time,” Conner remarked before M’gann nudged him in the stomach. 

“Are we ready to depart now?” Kaldur asked, giving Wally an amused smile. 

“Yeah, I think we’re good,” Wally commented, sheepish rubbing the back of his head. Red dusted his cheeks as he glanced over at your hidden face. “Do you feel like you got the full Halloween experience, (Y/N)?”

You giggled before nodding your head. Somehow, you felt that you hadn’t just learned about Halloween. You also learned the art of Earthling romance.