Colin Kaepernick Discusses Super Bowl, and More - WallStreetJournal

Wall Street Journal (Newspaper, USA)

$650 (Assignment work, 2014)

Photo essay, and b-roll clips, with one stand-up.

Website retained publishing rights for 21 days, then relinquished back to the photographer.

1 4x5 small print on cover, two ½ page images in section A, one 2:30 video edited.

All expenses covered by client.

An absolute pleasure to work with.

Invoicing was a bit tricky, they have to invite you to a system.

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A little clip of animation I did from a short for the #WallStreetJournal. I loved the style and simplicity of this thing.

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Arcade Bars: Grab a Beer, Play Some Vintage Pac Man
The arcade lives on in bar form. Here are some of the best places to enjoy a pint and work on your high score


Various Locations

Arguably the place that launched the retro arcade renaissance, Barcade now has five locations in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, with a sixth soon to open in New Haven, Conn. While the games you’ll find here are classics (everything from “Asteroids” to “Zaxxon”), there’s no nostalgia in the assiduously curated beer selection.