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Régis Bossu, Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and East German President Erich Honecker kiss on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the German Democratic Republics, 1979
Francesco Hayez, Il bacio. Episodio della giovinezza. Costumi del secolo XIV, 1859

*Requested - Reader tells Rocket that he is their hero because of everything he has been through. Sorry for the lack of posts lately!! 💚*

“What is your goal here?” Peter’s asks in frustration. “To get everybody to hate you?”
You flinch at his words from your seat on the floor next to Rocket. You feel Rocket tense up beside you before stopping his work on the broken ship and fixing his gaze onto Quill.
“Because it’s working…” With his parting words to Rocket, and a thankful nod to you, he turns and heads towards his father’s ship.
You study Rocket’s face and notice his brows furrow as he returns to his repairing duties. You’ve known him long enough to see the sadness he is trying to hide at Peter’s words. You had to admit, Rocket could be an a pain in the arse but Quill went too far this time. Everyone on the Milano (no one more than you) knew Rocket didn’t have the best self image. You all knew he had a hard time letting people close and to tell him that the only people in the world he considered friends hated him was just plain viciousness. Peter really had to learn to hold his tounge when talking to Rocket; especially around you. For a while you sat there in silence watching him.

“Rocket…” You place your hand on his shoulder. With a growl he shrugs it off and keeps his eyes fixed on the crumpled wall of the Milano. You fiddle with the tools in your hand. “Rocket he doesn’t mean what he said. He’s just met his dad for the first time in his life, he has a lot going through his head right now… You can’t take what he said to heart.” You try placing your hand back on his shoulder. He snaps his teeth at your hand with another threatening growl.
“You know what Rocket, that tough guy crap may work on the other but it sure as shit doesn’t work on me; so you can drop it right now.”
Rocket looks you in the eyes for the first time since Peter left.
“You think I freaking care what he thinks?! You think I care what anyone freaking thinks of me on this crappy ship?! Pft, I don’t even want to be here - I’m only here for the units! So you and everyone else can leave me alone! You understand what I’m saying to you?! Leave! Me! Alone!” He’s out of breath by the time he is finished shouting at you. His ears were glat to his head and his fur was on edge. You sat there maintaining eye contact. He didn’t scare you.

“I am Groot…” Baby Groot said with a quivering lip from across the room. This captures your’s and Rocket’s attention. Groot looks like he wants to cry. He hated seeing his friends fighting, especially when the two friends were Rocket and yourself. Immediate regret clouds Rocket’s expression and he shakes his head focusing, yet again, on the task at hand.

“He’s right…” You hear Rocket mumble under his breath. “I make everyone hate me.”

“Rocket, no one hates you.” You say trying yet again to place your hand on his shoulder. He let’s you this time, in fact he seems to lean into the touch. “I’m pretty sure Groot thinks you’re his dad.” You whisper so Groot can’t hear. Rocket’s ears perk up at the statement and you see the beginning of a smile tugging at the edges of his lips. He loved that little tree, more than he cared to admit.
“And the stuff you’ve gone through Rocket - you’re a survivor. A hero… My hero.” He looks up at you.

“I ain’t no hero (f/n). Why’re you lying?” His ears droop again and the smile fades.
“You are to me. What they did to you,” You fingers gently graze over the cold metal sticking out from his collarbone. You feel Rocket tense up again. “I could never have survived that.” You continue. “I know you hate it, what they made you into. I know you struggle to see yourself the way I see you but without all of the cybernetics we wouldn’t have known each other and we would be having this conversation right now. I love that part of you Rocket because it makes you who you are and I love every part of you. It’s selfish, I know, and I’m in no way saying I’m glad you had to go through all of the experiments but I can’t imagine my life without you in it. For surviving all of that you really are my hero Rocket. I can’t help but admire your strength…”

Rocket sniffs to try and control the flood of tears threatening to fall. No one had ever said something like that to him. You loved him? He was your hero? He can’t believe it yet when he looks in your eyes he sees nothing but truth.
Slowly you lean in and place a kiss to his cheek. Rocket drops the tool he is using as his hands go limp by his side. When you pull away Rocket closes his eyes and holds his hands to the fur on his cheek. You smile at him and run hand over his head and scratch behind his ear gently. He leans into it and smirks.

“Come here.” You laugh removing your hand from his head and opening your arms. He quickly runs into them and wraps his around your neck. He sighs and rests his head on your shoulder.
Groot jumps down from his seat and runs towards the pair of you. He grows vines up your arm and join in with the hug with a happy “I am Groot!”. Both you and Rocket laugh and pull apart a little bit to let Groot in. Rocket looks down at the little tree with a smirk.
“Cover your eyes kid.” Rocket chuckles looking down at Groot.
Groot does as he’s told, lifting his little hands to cover his large brown eyes.

Rocket leans in quickly and steals a kiss from you. You close your eyes and sigh quietly against his lips. Rocket’s hand comes up to stroke your cheek gently. He is extra careful not to scratch your face. Time seems to slow down and it is as if you and Rocket are the only two people in the galaxy. Rocket can’t remember a time he has felt as happy and as loved as he does now. Screw what Quill says, what does that stupid Star Munch know anyway? Only people Rocket ever needed was you and Groot. It had always been the three of you.

The pair of you are snapped out of your little moment by a giggling baby Groot who is looking between his parted fingers with a cheeky smile.
“I am Groot!” He giggles and hugs Rocket’s fur on his neck.
“I know buddy…” Rocket mumbles with a small smile. “We love you too kid.”

Words Change Everything

Paring: Peter Quill/Reader

Tags: female reader, established relationship, HYDRA, outer space, Peter is a little shit, fluff and angst, BAMF reader, set after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, some spoilers but I don’t name names or anything

Summary: He just wants to keep you (HYDRA-test subject, seasoned warrior, new hero) safe from battle. You just want to redeem yourself from the blood on your hands.

Word Count: 1,912

Current Date: 2017-08-21

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*Requested - Reader hears Rocket talking in his sleep about how fond he is of you. Enjoy! 💙🚀💚*

It was so quiet you almost didn’t hear it.
“Bomb… moon…” Rocket muttered ears twitching as he did so.

He had fallen asleep on your lap after a long day of bounty hunting and you couldn’t bring yourself to move him. The other Guardians watched as you gently pet him and giggled at the way Rocket seemed to smile in his sleep.

“Oh I’m so going to tease him about this.” Peter whispered excitedly. “About time that little weasel got a taste of his own medicine.”

As if on queue, Rocket growled and cursed Peter’s name. His face seemed to contort into a grimace the same way it would if he were awake. All of the Guardians laughed quietly at this and Peter rolled his eyes.
Rocket had never talked in his sleep before now and you had to admit it was rather funny.

Suddenly the grimace disappeared from Rocket’s face and was replaced with a large goofy grin that showed off his sharp teeth. You had never seen him look so genuinely happy.

“Let me guess more bombs?” Peter said, boredom clinging to his tone.

“(F/n)…” Rocket clutched at the material of your jumpsuit. “Stay safe… cant lose you” He giggled adorably and buried his face into your leg. “Too pretty to lose.”

Your hand stopped in mid air and you felt the heat in your cheeks rise. Surely he wasn’t talking about you, was he?
“We should get a drink sometime…” Rocket turned back over leaving a trail of drool across your leg. “…‘f you want. Shh. Don’t tell Star Munch. Can’t have him knowing I like you.”

You glanced over to the Guardians. Drax has his fist in his mouth and was bitong down on it trying his hardest not to laugh. Gamora looked at you and raised her eyebrow, the amusement was evident in the small smile she was trying to hide. Groot smiled down at his small furry friend. Groot already knew how fond Rocket was of you. Rocket would always talk to him about you and get embarrassed whenever Groot asked why. Peter, of course, was the first to laugh. His laughter ricochet off the walls of the Milano.

Rocket jumped up with a start.
“Huh?!” The fur on his face was spiked up at strange angles and the look of confusion on his face was priceless. “Wha- Was I asleep?”

“Yeah man, having a good dream?” Peter chuckled.

“The hell are you on about Quill?” Rocket was too tired to deal with Peter’s games.

Peter grinned and put on a high pitched girly voice. “Ooooooh! (F/n) you’re sooooo pretty! Come drink with me!”

“Huh wha- Oh No…” Rocket whined and covered his face once he pieced it together.
He looked absolutely mortified. Quickly, he coughed and bared his teeth at Quill, trying to be as threatening as possible. “Shut your freaking mouth princess!”

You could tell how angry Rocket was getting. He hated being laughed at. With a quiet giggle you placed your hand on his arm and leant closer to him.
“I’d love to go for a drink with you Rocket.” You whispered in his ear, making sure the others couldn’t.

Rocket looked up at you with a suprised expression.
“Yeah?” He asked unsure if you were winding him up.
“Yes.” You smiled at him before kissing his cheek.

'Maybe I should talk in my sleep more often?’ Rocket thought to himself.