walls but not walls

wrapperdragontail  asked:

Did you have the colors of the barrier's crack sort of represent the children's times in the underground on purpose? If so, 👍. If not, happy accident. Also, can you tell us how the 2 not picked endings would have gone?

That is the coolest accident I have ever done. Thank you for telling us! :D

As for the other endings… a lot of people want to know as well!!


Well let’s start with the choices! I decided to be deceptive. Because otherwise people would just pick the “Good” ending, and that would be less fun.

The choices:

Sad = “good” (quotation marks necessary)

Bad = “bad” okay

Broken - “stupid”

If it makes you feel better, if I didn’t hold a poll, the “bad” ending was the planned one.

So the “Good” ending was that the children arrive on the surface and all the kids except Frisk is very confused. Turns out they were all pulled through time and all their friends and families are dead. But hey now the monsters are openly accepted. So it’s a “good” ending.

“Bad” ending is where the kids and monsters arrive on the surface only to be attacked by the humans. This fight eventually results in Chara dying and causing a reset, but somehow the most recent “save” point is now at the breaking point of the barrier. Chara warns everybody of the danger, and so the monsters agree to stay underground until they can safely leave, and the humans that want to leave go outside.

—  i broke all your walls and you let me in
made me stay more than you let a guest
you gave me a sanctuary inside of you
but you were so scared that one day
you would wake up alone in your bed  that
you built me a fortress leaving me all alone
in this bed where the sheets still smell of you
but now it only makes me nauseous 

6 months ago, Loki was one of the least treat motivated dogs I’d ever met, was completely unreliable off leash, and had very little engagement.

Yesterday, she did this for nearly an hour. I’m so proud of this girl it’s crazy.