Thanks to the efforts of the amazing @emilyannriley, I have more Sherlock wallpaper desktop images to share!  She gave me the raw patterns, and I added some shading and filtering in an effort to get them to look as much as possible as they do in the show. 

The first is the bamboo print from 221b’s hallway, which I have coveted for *ages*.  The others are from Sherlock’s bedroom.  I made the one in the middle a pewter grey, because that’s how it looks to me on screen.  But I think @emilyannriley sees it as green?  So ymmv.

Click here to download these and other Sherlock wallpaper desktops.

Some of you may have noticed that I disappeared from tumblr for a few days last week.  If anyone was wondering, this is why - I made a baby!

In this pic, Edna Medora is modeling the latest in Sherlockian fashion – a gorgeous Zoffany Navarre wallpaper bib made by @tiltedsyllogism.  Thank you, Syll!

(Underneath she’s wearing a jackolantern sleepsuit, as she is also in the Halloween fandom…)

clavery111 replied to your post “neverwhere replied to your photoset “New Sherlock means new…”

So…what does choosing Arok mean ???

I have no idea. For me, a single wallpaper pattern doesn’t mean much. The more interesting bit starts when there are more patterns. Meaning grows out of context but here we lack a lot of context, we are not entirely sure where this kitchen is. Based on the style of the pattern it would not be completely out of character as the kitchen in Mycroft’s secret bunker office, yet his behaviour rather looks like a man coming home after a very very long day at work.

Arok is trashy and posh at the same time. It looks a bit like shabby tiling but has gold accents in it. It is certainly an odd choice. Squares are not an odd choice for a kitchen, but the walls also clash with the style of the floor tiles. It is a very odd choice.

Especially since (apart from rooms we’ve seen before) this is the only patterned wallpaper in the entire episode. The dead boy’s house had plain walls, as did Ella’s new office. Something is off.

This fandom seriously has people debating the meaning behind wallpapers. That’s the two year hiatus in work. I just can’t help but be amazed. Mofftiss has no clue how much power they really hold over us. Inverted wallpaper… It’s glorious.