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Update: Little Blog Ideas

SO, I know my writing is super spotty, and I’m a tad out of practice, the last time I wrote (before making this blog) was a couple of years ago. And every writer recommends the every day writing challenge which I’ve wanted to do as is.

And another thing that came to mind, a LOT of my works are entirely description based, as a matter of fact if you let me I’ll prattle on for hours and hours, but no matter how fancy I make my words you’ll never fully grasp what I’m trying to describe.

I can’t magically fix that, I can’t draw, but I can at least help people understand how I describe the things I see.

Which is where I came up with a little exercise for me/other writers/just people that read my stuff. It’s called:

The Daily Descriptor.

Now, I call it that, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be every single day. It’s just a little fun for all of us to partake in, and it’s pretty simple too: Every day/few days/week you take an image, doesn’t matter what kind, sci fi, fantasy, horror, an actual photo of something, it can be a background/wallpaper/person/creature, literally anything, now you can either: Put the image at the top of the post before you write something about it, so that the reader can compare what you write to what the image looks like in their head, or you can put the image at the very bottom of the post after you’ve written it, so that the person can compare what they’ve already thought up in their head to what the image actually is.

Buddies can either reblog the post you wrote and describe the same image in their writing fashion, or they can simply make a post of their own and tag friends. And voila! People can better see and understand what you describe in later fics, maybe over time you’ll even like your own writing better than you already do.


-Imagine Dragons
-Mumford and Sons
-Country music
-Lyrics on hipster photos (I use them as wallpapers)
-Beautiful Creatures
-Agents of Shield
-Legend Trilogy
-Mara Dyer
-Cassandra Clare
-Books in general

Ill try to check out everyone who reblogs this!