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the bass drum through the years


I can’t remember which pose I tried first, but wasn’t satisfied with how she held up in the Smash ensemble. Then after I completed the entire second pose I was unsure it was better and kind of liked the first one more. But now I’m not trying to make a poster anymore, so it all doesn’t matter. Both of them turned out well, I think.

Also, where is my playable Ridley.


chanyeol phone wallpapers requested by anon
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30 day bias challenge
Day 19 - your bias in a suit
Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D aka GENIUS
#prince #sexyprince

Aish! I’m freaking out when I see guys in suits.
So… for me Yoongi looks fu**ing good in every single one.

Today is my birthday!!!
I think this day from all over the challenge fits perfectly.

so i got a little bonus cash on my paycheck and i commissioned @lyndraws​ to draw a fancy garbage can


Seventeen (Black Suit - MAMA 2015) Lockscreen (Wednesday Request iyxst) || [©:@taekwoonatica] (Do Not Edit)

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