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Nursery decor 101

Fluff + Domestic  // As you prepare for the new addition in your lives, you and Minseok go nursery decorating but Minseok’s decor suggestions seem to be a problem. 

You stared up at Minseok, silent as can be, as you wondered what force had motivated him to pick that particular wallpaper out. 

 “That’s not going on the wall,” you said.

“Oh come on! It looks nice,” he said. Holding the wallpaper sample higher.

It was one of those generic baby boy wallpapers, meaning that it was a putrid mix of blue, green and yellow and littered with car drawings. Looking at it made your heart shiver.

You shook your head, “No it doesn’t. I want the room to be nice and that isn’t nice.”

Minseok’s decoration abilities have been questionable since the moment you met him. You’d learnt to work with it, but you did most of the decor for the new house. The only time he helped was when you’d given him a choice between two things, it quenched his need for involvement. But now with the extra room being redone into a nursery, he was back to his old ways. You thought you could sneak off to the furniture store by yourself but being the ever cautious soon-to-be-father he insisted on coming. In case something happened that is.

“It’s not like he’s going to see it,” he said. “They can’t even see till they’re like…wait..what did that book say again?”

“Three or something months,” you said. “But before that, I’ll have to see it all the time. Honey, that’s going to be taxing on me. Just think about it.”

He sulked. “You never let me do anything in the house.”

“Um, did you not fit the shelves in the other day? I personally think you do a lot for the house. Maybe you just don’t see it,” you said.

“You know what I mean. It’s only been you that’s been decorating the nursery, I want to join too. I’m going to be a parent too.”

Minseok had a knack of tugging at the heart string, how he’d mastered it you didn’t know, but the man could guilt trip the coldest people. It was talent. It was hard for you to admit that he actually did play a part in this…..

“Ok then, what do you want to do? Anything but the wallpaper,” you said. “We already decided on paint.”

He scrunched his face up. “How about a feature wall? Only one wall will have the wallpaper and the rest will have the paint.”

The would mean the three walls and a small section would have paint, and only one wallpaper covered wall. Although the thought of having to see the wallpaper killed you inside, you had to be reasonable. It was only one wall at the end of the day. Plus, Minseok would be happy.

You breathed deeply. “Ok, put it in.”

His face was instantly lit with a grin and his eyes had turned into small half moons. Even you couldn’t help but smile at his joy.

“Yes!” he said as he placed the wallpaper roll inside the cart. “Do we the wallpaper paste?”

You nodded, “Yeah, I think we still have some left over from last time. “

“Perfect. Ok, so what’s next?” he asked.

“Ornaments, just something cute,” you said as you began pushing the cart. “I want it to be minimalistic but still have some comforting touches.”


“It’s the new thing,” you said. “Plus it looks super clean too and chic.”

“He won’t even see it,” Minseok said. “We can place whatever into the room, he won’t mind. All he’ll care about is drinking milk and pooping.”

You rolled your eyes and pushed the cart faster, “You’re going to send me into early labour.”


Just a small Minseok scenario, my page needed some Minseok so here it is! I’ll be doing a series of domestic prompts and what not cause that shit is cute.


She [Undyne] had an interest in fashion and singing for a really long period of development, too. - Toby Fox’s comment on Undyne, excerpt from Undertale Art Book.

I doubt Undyne would be the type of person wear this kind of dress (if she is into dresses at all!). But she does look gorgeous in it. The inspiration is heavily based from Underkeep Undyne by @rotodisk​.

The mermaid dress is actually composed of two parts, a bodice and a skirt. The bodice of the dress came from a piece of scrap cloth [which I think was actually a fabric wallpaper sample] that I had been holding onto for years; the pattern reminded me of red goldfish scales, which is what prompted me to use it in this project. The skirt is made of stretchy red fabric, with a thin patterned fabric for the bottom “fins”. The shawl in the second pic is some peach-colored sheer fabric I had lying around.

The bracelets she has on were just some findings I had from jewelry-making. I was tempted to add earrings, but couldn’t find anything in my jewelry-making kit that would work.

Oh, and here’s Undyne without the dress.

Pre-Con Recon

Sue Vertue: OK, team. So… number one. Lara and Una - you’ve got pleasant answers that affirm Johnlock without confirming Johnlock?

Una: Yup, I’m gonna say John makes Sherlock happy.

Lara: I’m gonna say I got in between the happy couple.

Sue: Excellent. Now, when the issue of fan fiction comes up, what do we say?


Sue: Arwel… what do you bring to the table?

Arwel: Wallpaper samples!

Sue: Do you really think anyone will want to buy wallpaper samples?!

Arwel: Um… you really don’t know your audience, do you?

The house they buy is old, and creaks as they move from room to room, and settles as they lie curled in their bed at night. The kitchen is hideous, but Dean will make changes, small and incremental, until he makes the space his own. Castiel strips back old wallpaper and chooses paint samples that he holds against the walls, Dean leaning gently against his side. They carve devils traps into the front door frame, paint sigils and safety onto the bare walls, before painting over it, fresh and bright. Cas picks out ugly cushions for a hideous couch that Dean snags off the side of the road. They bicker over where to put their furniture. They kiss against the freshly painted door frames. They tangle their legs together at night, asleep under the protection of their house. Their home.

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What do you put in your journals!

anything and everything!! I’ll give you a big ol’ list of stuff thats cropped up in my past 6 journals. Artist inspiration, drawing, painting, pen doodles, pen testing, paper cranes, tickets, leaflets picked up, clothing labels, photographs printed out, quotes, letter stamps, letraset, typewritten things, tape, to do lists, feelings/thoughts, hole punched pages, embroidery, post it notes, photocopies of work, origami dollar shirts, watercolour, magazine cuttings, newspaper cuttings, interior inspiration, wallpaper samples, perfume samples (they make your journals smell nice), achievements, observations, ink stamp fingerprints, photo film negatives, tester sheets from paintings, old photocopied maps, colour testing, artwork planning, paper cutting, stenciled letters etc etc!! 

The Top Ten Softest Net Artists in the Game

Above image via thejogging.tumblr.com   Everybody knows and loves the fake Ghostface Killah blog where the author annually lists the “Top Ten Softest Rappers in the Game.” While the rap game is certainly tough, it pales in comparison to the dark underbelly of the internet art community. When net artists leave the safety of the web, they get drunk, take copious amounts of drugs, get into fights, and fuck each others’ girlfriends and boyfriends like it’s a Bret Easton Ellis novel. So, to pay tribute to whoever writes that brilliant Ghostface blog, and to illuminate some of the politics of the net art world to the general public (who likes paintings and/or ceramics), I present to you:    Top Ten Softest Net Artists in the Game   
External image
  Image via thejogging.tumblr.com    10. Jogging The Jogging’s Tumblr is like some indoor kid’s delusional projection fantasy about what sports probably feel like. Besides that, it’s filled with images of zebras wearing pizzas, Crocs, houseplants, and mirrors. Even its name is like the softest exercise that somebody can do besides a 3K Fun Run/Walk. The people who run it have names that look like the guest list for a screening of The Graduate on Tommy Fucking Hilfiger’s yacht: Artie and Brad and Haley and Jesse and Joshua and Lauren and Norm and Rachel and Spencer.  
External image
  Image via bmruernpnhay.com/   09. Brenna Murphy Murphy’s also in this batshit crazy noise project called MSHR with Birch Cooper, and that shit isn’t soft at all, which is why she’s only at #9. Her weird three-dimensional digital collages and shit are totally psychedelic, but they still feel like a book of my aunt’s wallpaper samples fed through a seapunk filter that I’m checking out while trying to get laid in Second Life. I do like to look at her work because it makes me feel like I’m on drugs, but it’s like I’m on drugs that make me soft (weed, psychedelics) not drugs that make me hard (coke, Beezin’).   
External image
  Image via Andrew Birk’s Facebook account    08. Andrew Birk + Debora Delmar Corp  I don’t even think these two motherfuckers count as net artists because Birk paints and Delmar is a corporation, but it’s like I look at Facebook for about two seconds and suddenly I’m the third in their relationship. Do they live in Mexico City? Paris? Brussels? Nobody fucking knows because it’s just an unending slideshow of travel pics which are 100% the softest kind of pics that exist. The hardest pics are obviously selfies, doge, and that stoner alpaca.  
External image
  Image via Opening Ceremony    07. Jeanette Hayes If there’s anything softer than Anime, it’s art history. In Hayes’ work, these two ostensibly disparate worlds collide and it’s even less brutal than that Powerman 5000 song (I’m saying that they’re not a very tough heavy metal band). Don’t get me wrong, I like Jeanette Hayes personally. But if I were in a burning building on the tenth floor and had to leap out of the window, I’d pray to the heavens that there was a pile of her paintings to land on in the street below (I’m saying that her paintings are soft and I’d be safer if I landed on them). 


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"John!" Sherlock shouted at the bottom of the stairs,"come help me with these bags." "I'll be right down," John replied. When he got to the bottom of the stairs he found Sherlock had dozens of bags. "What's all this?" John questioned. "Paint samples for the baby's room," Sherlock said proudly, "Mycroft is getting the wallpaper samples and the furniture catalogues so we can pick a crib and everything else we'll need for Hamish's room." "You're going to be an amazing dad, Sherlock."

awwwwww :3

Soundtrack Series - Midnight Memories - Something Great

Harry: “You know I can see you looking at those?” Sydney inquires. She’s been watching you from the side of the couch for the last fifteen minutes or so. “To be honest, I don’t really care if you can or not. It’s not like I could hide anything from you, even if I tried.” A proud smile forms on her face as she moves from her side of the couch to come and join you. You had been scrolling through concert pictures for the last half hour. And lucky for you, you had landed on someone with an unhealthy obsession for Harry so most of the pictures she had were of him. “That’s a good one,” Sydney comments, pointing at the screen. You turn to her, but she only smiles. She’s been doing everything she knows to do these last few weeks to help you, and you have to admit you’ve taken it all for granted. If it weren’t for her you would be going through all of this alone. You owe her so much more than you credit her for. “That’s one of my favorite shirts of his,” you admit as you turn back to the screen. “I can see why; the colors are great.” It falls silent between you once more, and you continue to scroll. Every picture brings back a different memory, one more hurtful than the last. “He’s going to come back. He’s not going to say all of that and not make sure you know he means it. You’ve told me of at least ten occasions where he’s gone out of his way to prove himself. This time won’t be any different.” She seems so sure of her words. But here you sit in doubt, of not only Harry but now Sydney as well. She was just dropped into this situation, how can she even pretend to be certain of what he will do? “I mean it obviously isn’t going to happen soon because he’s on tour, but you can’t sit here and tell me you don’t think something is coming.” “I can do that though-“ “No, listen. The two of you are better off together, not like this. He knows that. Give him time.” Time? How much time does he need to make something like this better? To be fair though, it was royally screwed up and would take a lot of attention to get back to normal. “I know you don’t want to give him anymore time, but the guy is on a world tour. He can’t just leave, even though I’m sure he would if he knew exactly what you were going through. Don’t think I don’t know that you haven’t told him everything. That boy would have been on our doorstep weeks ago if you had.” That was probably the truth. “So if you aren’t going to tell him everything then you can’t blame him for not calling or not fixing it as fast as you think he should. You’re leaving him out.” “He doesn’t need to know everything I’m feeling,” you counter defensively. “Yes, he does. It’s not too much to ask to be truthful and open with him. I know I can’t ask that from you, and I’m doing my best to work with that. But this kid has been your best friend for years. And I know you’ve said it’s like he’s forgotten about you, but it kind of works both ways. You’ve forgotten about the friendship too. You refusing to call and tell him how all of this is truly making your feel is not how friendship works.” You don’t know where all of this is coming from, but you would rather not hear it. You close the laptop and sit it on the ottoman, before getting up and leaving Sydney on the couch alone. “Running is what got you in this shit in the first place,” she says as you walk away. “You know nothing about the situation between me and Harry.” She sarcastically laughs off your comment, she knows enough to know you are miserable without him.

Liam: This last week had been insanely hectic, but Mark had done everything in his power to make it worth it. You have been officially moved in to the new house for a full day. There are no more boxes, no more moving trucks. You aren’t sure you have ever been more thankful for anything. Your body was still aching, even after countless foot and back massages thanks to Mark. You’re in the kitchen now, the gorgeous white kitchen, making dinner before the other half gets home. You hadn’t done this all week because you had just been too exhausted. This move had been covered heavily by the media. You aren’t sure why, a lot of your family didn’t even want to know that much about it. Why did anyone else? Regardless, there had been cameras in and out of your life nonstop for the last week, adding to the chaos of moving house. You are sure the coverage was somehow related to Liam. You hadn’t turned on the entertainment shows to find out though. The lack of video links being sent to you told you the news had hit him. You hadn’t told him about moving at first simply because you were scared to. None of this fits in his plan and you know he isn’t happy with any of it. But when was Liam’s plan ever your plan? The two of you were never together, yet he was the one always making assumptions about how you would be spending your life together. You had called him two days ago, mid move. You knew he would be getting the news sooner or later and even if you weren’t the one to tell him first, you still knew you had to tell him. He hadn’t answered, but you credited that to the tour. Your voicemail was short and simple. You told him that Mark had asked you to move in and that you had agreed. You told him the house had already been purchased and you would be moving in this week. You spared the details you were sure he did not want to hear, and left it at that. You were expecting something in return. Not right way, but you were expecting something, anything. Not a word came from him though. And when he stopped those subtle intros for you, you knew he had gotten the message. You didn’t know what to do. You had thought about calling him back, but thought better of it once you realized he probably wouldn’t answer you. It’s been a harsh reality now that the tables have turned. You want him back in your life, but since it isn’t the way Liam wants to be, he has the slight upper hand. You continue to mull through the kitchen, trying your best to find things that will actually combine to make a decent meal. You moved here for a reason. You love Mark. You want to be with Mark, and you know he wants to be with you. However, you really can’t stand not having Liam in your life. You know what would bring him back, but you are not going to be leaving Mark. Mark has been there for you when Liam was not, even if he was the reason Liam left in the first place. He did not do anything wrong, and the two of you are so happy together. You’ve only been living with him for a week and you can already see that this is the exact step forward your relationship needed. You hear a car door shut outside and turn from the refrigerator to see Mark back from work. A smile stretches across your face, and you focus back in on the selection of food in front of you, even though it was very limited.“I couldn’t have pictured it any better,” Mark says as he walks through the door to see you in the kitchen. “I love coming home to you,” he continues, as he makes his way to you. You smile and give him a kiss once he is in front of you, pushing away everything that had just been running through your mind. 

Niall: “What about this?” You question as you flip to the next wallpaper option. “I’m not a big fan of wallpaper,” Stephen admits and you sigh. “Yes, I know, you’ve said it a thousand times, but you want a more modern look. A modern look means a feature wall, and unless you want someone to come in and hand paint some sort of mural in the master, wallpaper is the best option.” You were really trying here. You want him to make a decision today on wallpaper, but he was being so stubborn, as usual. “Mural?” He inquires, “I’ve never thought about a mural.” “Well there are plenty of artists in the city, but bringing someone in to do that means more money and more time not being able to sleep your bedroom.” “Not like I have been able to do that for nearly two weeks now,” he counters, and you shrug your shoulders with a smile. “You’re so indecisive, this project is going to take a year with you making the decisions.” “That’s why I told you to make all of the choices.” “It’s your flat Stephen, I’m not going to call the shots on absolutely everything.” “Well see, if you were there more often, like permanently, we wouldn’t have this issue, would we?” “That’s not an option, and you know it.” “It could be though.” “We are not doing this here,” you assure him, looking around the design store. “So we can talk about it when we get back home?” “No, we are not talking about it at all.” You aren’t trying to cause a scene right now, or ever. “Fine,” he says with confidence still in his voice. “One day though you will get it.” You turn to look at him. “One day you will see that you enjoy having someone around instead of always halfway across the world. One day.” He believes every word as he walks over towards the area rugs, leaving you to hold the book of wallpaper samples while your mind wanders. How can he act so sure of himself? Yes, you have been having fun with him these last few weeks but this is for work, Stephen is your client. “Steph,” you call out and he turns around, a smile on his face as if he knew his name was coming. “Wallpaper or mural?” You question and he rolls his eyes. “All business, aren’t you?” You nod, a smile like his forming on your face. “I’ll be changing that. You said the mural will take longer?” You immediately see what he is doing here. You sigh and place the sample book back on the shelf. “Do you have any particular artist in mind?” “Whichever one that will take the longest to get here,” he responds and you can’t help but push his arm. “You are impossible,” you scold. “It’s all for you, babe.” “Yeah, I know,” you counter with less annoyance in your voice than you wanted. He wraps his arm around your shoulder and brings you into him as you walk towards the exit. “You’re lucky no one is in this store, or I would be throwing a fit right now.” “No you wouldn’t,” he corrects and you look up at him. “Your self-confidence is suffocating sometimes,” you admit and he laughs as he opens the door for the both of you. “Well I was always told that confidence is the key to getting what you want.” You laugh. You’re sure he had used more than his confidence to get to where he was in life. “What’s so funny?” “How often does the confidence thing actually work for you?” “Most of the time it works, but here lately I’ve had an issue I’ve been struggling with.” “Oh, so now I’m an issue?” You tease. “Did I say it was you? Babe, I’ve got you, you just haven’t realized it yet.”  

Louis: “Really?” You question as you walk into the kitchen. Your mother was making breakfast for everyone, but that wasn’t what you are questioning. “I thought you liked this song,” she admits as she turns from the French toast she is cooking on the stove. “I love it,” you tell her as you climb up on the barstool. “Okay, then what is the problem?” “I just didn’t expect you to be listening to it. They aren’t Robbie Williams or Michael Bublé. I wasn’t even sure you knew who they were.” You were teasing but a lot of the time you thought it was true. “Oh, don’t be ridiculous, of course I know them. And I’ve been listening to them a lot lately actually. You wouldn’t know because you never come out of your room. They have a nice sound. And I can see why you latched onto the one you did. I can always pick his voice out, it’s very unique.” You aren’t sure what kind of conversation you are having with her now. “I didn’t latch onto him. That makes me sound like a crazy person.” “Well you did leave us to go travel the world with him after not even being together three months.” “There’s nothing wrong with traveling, and I was already in Cannes, I didn’t leave you.” “It felt like it.” “Oh, hush. I’m here now, aren’t I?” “Doesn’t feel like it. You spend all of your time in your room. No one in this house sees you.” “Well I can’t help it. All of your sad faces and depressing moods bring me down lower than I was before I left for college. I’m not going back to that.” She nods in understanding and gets back to cooking. “So why this song? What do you like about it so much?” “It just reminds me of Louis. Like he’s saying these things about our relationship. It’s comforting, you know? Like even though he isn’t here or I’m not there, I can listen to a song like this and hear his voice and take the words he is singing to heart and that brings me comfort.” You have never talked like this with your mother. You’ve barely talked to her at all as of late. “You really like him, don’t you?” She asks, turning around once more from the stove. You nod slowly, looking her dead in the eye. “Well I’m glad he makes you so happy. Someone around here has to be, I guess.” You can tell the situation here at home is slowly breaking her. She is watching the love of her life slowly fade away every day, and it’s becoming harder for her to remain strong. You have no idea how she is doing it. You don’t even want to think about it. If this were you and Louis in an identical situation there would be no way you would have made it this far. Just the thought of Louis being the one lying in a hospital bed hooked up to IV’s brings a tear from your eye. You quickly wipe it away before your mother can see. There have been plenty of those around this house. “So when do you think we are going to be able to meet him?” She questions with a slight smile, and it’s so foreign to you that it takes a moment to even realize she is trying to smile. “Hopefully soon, I know you are going to love him. But with the tour and Dad it’s just not the right time.” She nods. “Yeah, I understand. I think he could lift some spirits around here if he were ever able to make it, instead of us going out to see him, which I’m sure is what is going to end up happening.” “You would want to go to a show?” You question, surprised that was even an option for her. “Well if that’s the only way we are going to be able to meet him, then we don’t really have a choice now do we?” There’s the smile again. It looks like it’s hurting her face, but she is trying anyways. She needed to smile, even though there wasn’t much to smile about. This entire house needed to smile.