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Wallpaper*  |  Architects Directory 2011
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Studio Octopi   (UK)
LHVH Architekten   (Germany)
FourFourSixSix   (UK)
Hurst Song Architekten   (Switzerland)
GH3   (Canada)
Warren Techentin Architects   (USA)
Sami Arquitectos   (Portugal)
Svendborg Architects   (Denmark)
Bourgeois/Lechasseur   (Canada)
Zon-e Arquitectos   (Spain)
Martin Gomez Arquitectos   (Argentina/Uruguay)
Architecture Republic   (Ireland)
KITE Architecture   (Japan)
TAKA   (Ireland)
Anttinen Oiva Architects   (Finland)
Olaf Gipser Architects   (The Netherlands)
Karawitz Architecture  (France)
Pasel.Künzel Architects   (The Netherlands)
VOIS Architects   (Greece)
Moorhead & Moorhead   (USA)


Manifesto Futura    |    http://mfutura.mx

“Wallpaper* magazine invited us to collaborate in a project that would be exposed during design week in Milan. The task was to create 5 food items that were focused around one particular ingredient, also the branding and packaging. We worked with Alfredo Villanueva, choosing "chili” as our main ingredient, so we could stand out our culture bringing the name of “Mexico” to an international exhibition not only by design but also by it’s gastronomy. In a world where everything screams, everything is flashy, BRUTO remains an outsider, confirming that what is well made can get along with simplicity. What is startling is not necessarily noisy.“

Born in 2008 as an Independent Design Studio, Manifiesto Futrua is a boutique-like workshop that seeks to redefine the Mexican design values, maintaining functionality, wit and charisma. We specialize in resource optimization paying attention to every detail. Nowadays our HQ is based in Mexico, but we have clients all over the world.

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