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HI so I've been OBSESSED with your Tumblr these few days ESPECIALLY after the newest 19days chp release and I just wanna ask are there any other great BL/yaoi manhwa/manhuas that you recommend??? ((great job for running this account btw and your handmade lockscreens & wallpapers are to DIE FOR)) 😭❤

(´ ω `♡) ahhhh, this is one of the sweetest compliments I’ve ever been given!!! thank you so, so much!!! I just wanna squeeze you!

I actually created a list a while ago of some of my favorite mangas/manhwas/manhuas. “given” (mafuyama are probs my otp right after zhanyi tbh) and “mods” are definitely in my top five of favorite mangas of all time. anything by kizu natsuki (also known as gusari) and natsume kazuki is pretty much always great. and I know I’ve read a ton of more stuff since I’ve posted that list but I don’t think I’ll be able to remember them all; I’ll try though:

again sorry, there are only a few I can remember.


(Having some weird ANNOYING issues posting this so if it doesn’t have all the photos and stuff know that I’m trying to fix it!)

So back to our regularly scheduled ‘let me shop for you’ posts (had an event and got SUPER busy making arts and stuffs.)

This post is for @rockpaperdoll who requested ‘home decor.’

I seriously might have to buy this Namast’ay in bed decal lol

A beautiful turquoise clock (or more specifically Pantone ‘Hemlock’) made by Rove Studio who has a LOT of fun clocks.

Or this fun turquoise bathroom vanity!

Guys, seriously, this is wallpaper. Huge wallpaper that is REPETITIVE. I repeat - repetitive wallpaper! You could cover an entire room in a gigantic watercolor painting! And DreamyWall has more!

Or this sleek modern chandelier by Daikonic.

Okay guys, this dog house is awesome. It looks beautiful, has steps and on top of that even has a little built in puppy potty pad. So while you should still rush home to your babies you won’t have to worry so much that you’ll accidentally squeeze the pee right out of them when you get home.

If you’re super into geometric/modern pieces check out this coffee table with it’s fancy legs.

Love me some recycled wood so I couldn’t pass up this coffee table. Wouldn’t that just be beautiful in your home?

I think this phases of the moon hanging wall art would be adorable in a kids room (or mine).

Um yea okay. You’d be crazy to pass up this awesome rocking thing.. for your kid/dog/personal life/just put it in your house. Look at it. LOOK AT IT. It makes me giggle every time I see it..