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you’re my emergency contact and i’ve been in an accident so you drop everything to come to the hospital!!!


Bellamy Blake has been Clarke’s emergency contact since before they ever started dating, since back in college when she didn’t want her parents to get called if she got drunk, and he told her she had better not get herself killed. He’s been her emergency contact for so long, she doesn’t even know who else to use.

Which isn’t to say that she shouldn’t have changed it; she absolutely should have. She meant to. It was one of those things on her awful post-relationship to-do list, none of which she really wanted to do. The first, and easiest, was changing her Facebook relationship status to single, and then putting all of his stuff into boxes to leave at his sister’s apartment, which was basically where she fizzled out. She didn’t want to talk to anyone about it, she didn’t want to feel better. She wanted to wallow and be irritable and eat ice cream, not figure out if she’d left anything at his apartment or rebound or drunk-dial him.

And, honestly, who really thinks about updating emergency contacts? It’s not like anyone has ever had to call her emergency contact. It’s foremergencies.

He was never supposed to know.

That’s what she’s thinking as she drifts in and out of consciousness after the accident, as the paramedics load her into the ambulance. She wants to tell them not to call him, wants to tell them–but it is an emergency. And Bellamy’s good in crisis situations. Even if he doesn’t come, he’ll make sure to send someone who can deal with the situation. Raven, probably. He knows better than to call her mother.

He’ll help. Just because they broke up doesn’t mean she doesn’t trust him. There’s no one better.

Still, her last thought before the anesthetic sets in is that she hopes he’ll come himself.

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tsc, i want to see more thor love seriously. ITS THE BIG THREE, NOT TWO, I WANT LOVE FOR ALL OF THEM, and damn, thor is a god, hes out of legends and myths, and hes awesome, how can you not love him man. i feel u.

i just wrote an entire post bitching about how he’s treated in events and killed off and written questionably half the time but then i deleted it because i always feel shitty complaining since he’s still a white male character and will always have an ongoing at least and be on the avengers even though i’ve been super frustrated about all of this lately.