wallowing in the breeze

anonymous asked:

Imagine peter go swoosh swoosh web and runs into pretty girl eating ice cream on roof top and accidentally swoosh her ice cream and she gets really mad so she waits until the next day on standby so when he swooshes by she pelts him with ice cubes. HOW DO YOU LIKE DEM APPLES.


Summer in Queens this year was bordering on a heatwave, and with your AC broken, you had to cling to any source of cooling to keep yourself from going crazy. So you had gone out to the store last night and bought an ice cream with the dwindling change you had leftover after paying this months rent. Now, sat on the edge of your window sill, enjoying the ghost of a breeze blowing through the alleyway, you unwrapped the ice cream. 

It seemed almost sinful, the way you were eyeing the treat, wiping the sweat off your brow and mentally preparing yourself for the heaven that you were about to devour. Unfortunately, a certain evil-fighting web slinger had just been advised by Karen that he would reach his destination faster if he cut through the alley to his left.

Peter thanked his AI, swinging through the array of fire escapes, welcoming the way the wind encompassed his body and cooled the sweat that became trapped in his suit. He was just thinking about asking Karen if there was an inbuilt AC in his suit when his eyes caught sight of a pretty girl sitting in a window. In this moment of distraction, Peter misjudged his aim, accidentally shooting a web towards the creamy treat that was about to enter your mouth. He quickly corrected himself, throwing his hand up just in time to keep his momentum as a web attached to a nearby rusty pipe. 

“Hey!” You yelled, frowning as you watched your smashed ice cream melt on the pavement below you.

“S-sorry!” Peter called back, continuing on his path. “I feel really bad about that Karen, should I go talk to her?” He huffed, turning to catch a glimpse of you before he turned the corner.

“If you can manage to talk to her and intercept those thieves in 27.8 seconds.” Karen replied in her usual calm manner.

“Damn it.” Peter grumbled, continuing on his way. You stayed by your window, whining internally and wallowing in your own self pity as the remnants of the breeze settled into a disgusting humidity. 

Peter stopped on a nearby rooftop, peering down to see the same pretty girl who had distracted him the other day. Oddly, she was perched by her window, her eyes narrowed and vigilant as a bead of sweat ran down her face. Peter shrugged to himself, swinging down with one hand as his other was occupied. 

As soon as you spotted the flash of red and blue your plan sprung into action, and you began pelting the poor boy with melting ice cubes. 

“Take that, Ice Cream Murderer!” You chuckled. Who knew throwing semi-hard objects at a man in a suit would be so satisfying? 

“Woah woah hey!” Peter covered his face, cradling the thing he held in his hand behind his back. 

“Should I initiate instant kill mode?” Karen chimed. 

“No!” Peter groaned. He shivered as the ice cubes melted, leaving a cold chill up his spine. He watched as you stood at the window, huffing from the exertion with your eyes wide as you had run out of things to throw. “Are you uh,” Peter cleared his throat. “finished, Ma’am?”

You wiped your sweaty face on the back of your sleeve. “Yes, I think I am, Mister Spider.”

“It’s Spider-Man.” Peter said softly yet firmly, crawling closer to your window. “I brought you something.” He held out his hand, where it was revealed he was holding a new ice cream. 

“Oh.” You blinked. “Um… thank you.” You smiled a guilty smile, and it made his heart flutter. Peter teetered on the edge of your window’s fire escape as you curiously eyed him. “Sorry for pelting you with ice cubes.”

“Eh,” he dismissively waved his hand, “it was a nice way to cool down.”

You ended up chatting for a while, and Peter was captivated. Following this encounter, you’d always find an ice cream by your window with a little note from Spider-Man. And when you were lucky, sometimes the masked boy would even come visit, requesting an ice cube shower.