What’s a Soulmate? - A cute, angst fanmix for the ship of Wally and Joshua (Wallosh)+ [LISTEN]

01. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls // 02. Better we break up - Maroon 5 // 03. Over again - One Direction // 04. Life after you - Daughrty // 05. Give your heart a break - Demi Lovato // 06. Save you - Simple Plan // 07. Wanted- Hunter Haynes // 08. Two is better than one - Boys like girls ft Taylor Swift // 09. I’ve got you - Mcfly // 10. Teenage dream - Alex Goot // 11. If these sheets were states - All time low // 12. Blame it on the rain - He is we // 13. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol // 14. All About you - Mcfly // 15. I do (cherish you) - 98 Degrees // 16. Somewhere only we know - Keane // 17. Wake me up- Ed Sheeran // 18. Still into you - Paramore

YOU ALWAYS HAD THE ABILITY TO LOVE: [Listen here] (A fanmix for Wallosh when they were on the emotion swap cruise. I know i’ve always done playlists for them when they are their regular selves, but their swapped personalities are definitely my favorites and it hurts more.)

Ego - The Saturdays ☆ Bubblewrap - Mcfly ☆ Roger Rabbit - Sleeping with sirens ☆ I won’t give up - Jason Mraz ☆ Paint you wings - All time low ☆ Sweetest sin - Jessica Simpson  ☆ How to be a heartbreaker - Marina and the Diamonds ☆ Who owns my heart- Miley Cyrus☆ I knew you were trouble  -Taylor Swift☆ Fall for you - Secondhand Serenade☆Give me love- Ed Sheeran ☆ Don’t wanna think about you - Simple Plan ☆Ever enough - Rocket to the moon ☆ Monster- Paramore☆ Fix a heart - Demi Lovato


Wallace East and Lyle Joshua Beamer- Wallosh- Chandler’s Emotions

-RPG edition-

Backstory/Connection: We know about Lyle. Of course. Wallace, oh man talk about a whirl wind. He suffered a memory loss from an accident years ago. So he barely remembers his past. The two have known each other for ever. When Lyle lost his family, Wallace took him in. When Wallace lost his memory Josh helped him gain it back. The feelings were expected, and these two are a beautiful mess. 

Why i ship them?: Oh man, who doesn’t ship these two? Since playing Josh a lot has happened between the two. has been so emotional for me. They were best freinds and eventually fell in love with each other, only down side, Wallace was taken. But when Josh confessed his feelings, which was hard to do since two girls had already left the lad. It all went down hill from there. Once Lyle started dating Josh it got even worse, to be honest i felt so sorry for Wallace. Damn Joshua. faslhfsa. When they kissed i squealed, when Wallace wrote a long ass paragraph on why he fell and loved Josh, man i lost it. This is just a beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous, friendship and ship. I like that even though it’s a love/hate thing, they're always there for one another. Oh and y'know in the 1x1 they’re getting married. AMEN!

Their song: Look after you- Louis Tomlinson cover.