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(wallkiss) Mouse leapt up onto his hind paws, dropping his front paws onto Lara's shoulders heavily and shoving her into the wall, pinning her there while he washed her face very intently with the strongest of doggy kisses. - Mouse (dangerouslyfluffy)

Lara harrumphed as the slobber went all over her face and washed off every scrap of make up she had just put on. She desperately tried not to splutter as she would have swallowed doggy slobber. Not the best start to this day. “THOMAS!” she yelled. “Why does you dog sitting for the wizard translate to me playing host to giant slobber machines?”

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Like how he is when he gets protective or jealous 4/4 BC FEELS


ashton: so you guys would be at a meet and greet and one of the girls brothers comes up to you and starts talking and you laugh and giggle because he is hella funny and ashton looks over and sees you blushing because of this boy so he gets really angry but he can’t do anything because you guys are just friends but he’s in love with you anyway when the girl moves on and the brother leaves ashton sees him wink at you so he comes over and is all nonchalant but you hear that his voice is really stern and he’s like ‘have fun with your new friend?’ and you’d just shake your head and kiss little ashy on the cheek and walk away saying ‘he said us two are cute together’ and you’d sway your hips teasingly and ashton would be standing there with his mouth open like holy shit what is my problem but you know he’d giggle because hey a shipper!!

calum: would get really angry if he saw someone staring at you or flirting with you like especially at a party when your hair is done and you’re in a short dress just dancing with your girl friends but then a guy comes over while he’s chatting to ashton and start grinding on you and dancing with you so calum basically just strides over and pulls this guy off of you and yells at him getting in his face like ‘who the fuck do you think you are???’ and you’d be pulling on his arm trying to avoid any fights and he’d go to punch the guy but you’d step in front of him and he’d nearly hit you but then his eyes would like go teary bc wow and you’d pull him away and sit on his lip facing him and just whisper into his ear how much you love him and how you’re the only one for him and he’d cry and apologise and you’d cry and stroke his face and just woW OK I HAVE DREAMS

michael: i imagine mikey as someone who is very insecure even in relationships so you’d have to remind him everyday that you love him and you’d never cheat on him but you guys had an argument one night so you ran to lukes house because you guys were best friends and that’s how you met michael so michael would be comforting you but then michael comes over because he wants to talk to luke about it and he’d have a key so he’d come storming in and see you with your head on lukes lap and just crying oyur heart out with him stroking your hair but michael would scream and yell and start throwing things becaus eno one can show that affection towards his girlfriend and you’d cry even harder and back away into a corner and luke is trying to talk some common sense into him and tell him that you two are just friends and you were upset because you and michael had a fight and then you sort of raise your hair and just whisper ‘it’s only you mikey’ and he’d run over to you and stroke your face and you would spend the rrest of the night in eachothers arms while luke is there like wow awkward because everyone thinks that michael would just fuck u into oblivion if he was jealous but i think that he’d just hold you and need reassurance bc sex doesn’t solve anything 

luke: wouldn’t show his jealousy at all because he’s so shy and innocent so he’d be scared of getting punched in the face or whatever so you’d be tired of his shit and set it up so that during a game of truth and dare you got dared to give michael a lap dance so you’d be doing your thing and luke’s face get’s redder and redder with anger and in the end he stands up and pulls you upstairs by your wrist and slams you into the walll and kisses you so roughly like w o w because he’s just angry that it wasn’t him who got the lap dance and he’d make you do it to him and all the time he’d be saying things like ‘i’m the only one you should do this to ok’ and like ‘michael doesn’t deserve your ass on his dick’ no nope NO I’M SORRY I GOT CARRIED AWAY SXFIabeDOIGBRASFX

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