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also wasn't marlon brando bi 👀 i just really want seb to play him

Listen, Marlon Brando was such a character. Yes he was bi, and he was pretty open about it too, once saying “Homosexuality is now so much in fashion it no longer makes news. Like a large number of men, I, too, have had homosexual experiences, and I am not ashamed. I have never paid much attention to what people think about me.”
When he was at school he saw this skinny little kid getting beaten up, he stopped it, helped the kid up, threw his arm around his shoulder and was just like “We’re best friends now” like literally just declared it. That was Wally Cox and they were inseparable from then on. And then when Wally died in 1973, his widow gave the ashes to Brando thinking he’d spread them, but instead he kept them with him until he died in 2004 and told his family to mix their ashes together, and they then spread their ashes together in Death Valley.
He was also thrown out of high school for riding a motorcycle through the hallways. Like he was seen as this sorta bad boy in hollywood, but he was really into social justice and advocated the rights for African Americans and Native Americans. Which was like a big deal during the 40s and 50s. He also learnt French as an adult bc he fell in love with and married Tarita Teri'ipaia who was from French Polynesia and was his co-star in Mutiny on the Bounty. And that was filmed in Tahiti and he loved it there so much he bought a 12 island private atoll and some of his ashes were spread there.
Like he did so much in his life, it was so interesting, but he said that despite everything he achieved both on and off screen, he felt like he’d never found what he was looking for and that his life was unfulfilled. His story is such an interesting one and i would give anything to see Seb play him in a biopic bc they give off such a similar charisma and vibe as actors.

Lakeside Pebbles

     “Wally?” Haruka blinked, peering over the slouched man. “What are you doing?”

     Yelping in surprise, Wally stood up straight, spinning around to face Haruka. His left hand was suspiciously being hidden from behind his back. “N-Nothing. I was just resting.”

     “You sure?” Taking a small step to the side, Haruka tilted her head. “I called you name a few times and you didn’t even flinch.”

     There was no doubt Wally was sweating under the brunette’s piercing gaze. Slowly, he brought his hand to show her a small, yellowish orb in the palm of his hand. Haruka’s eyes traveled up from the small rock up to Wally’s face. His eyes were bright, face soft as he stared down at his possession. Biting back a giggle, Haruka gently took the rock between her fingers, examining it closely.

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